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this is not your combinatorics class, anon. This is a simple permutation problem.

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This is actually a simple CS problem.
You create a site, give moderator credentials to someone, and have him assign this ID to his next post.

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>CS niggers tugging the blanket like always
what does this have to do with assigning an ID? This is a probability question, faggot. Compute all possible permutations and then all the ones that produce TESLA. Divide the latter by the former. Didn't have to use arrays, didn't I?

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I failed my Stats for Retards and Engineers class but if I remember right, assuming independence, it should be (1/62)^5

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(1/61)^5 my bad

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link to threaD

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pretty fucking low.

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bros how the fuck did we get completely mogged by fucking /biz/ >>>/biz/29182655 ?
this is so humiliating

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i know a few guys on /biz/ are quant traders
they're very good at probability/statistics interview questions

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Can anyone link this post?

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see >>12730953

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/sci/ are just stuck up pseuds

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are you stupid?

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1:1 if you know I'd are a mod. Retard

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