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slit your wrists

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Sell it to the Chinese

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Chinese would pay premium money for it.

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As a yank, I'm more inclined to approach the NSA, but not sure how I would go about doing that

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You don't approach them, they find you

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Shoot an email to some North-Korean embassy, you won't get paid but it will be pretty funny.

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You poor, disillusioned soul. One of two things will happen if you contact the NSA about it.
1. They'll arrest you and imprison you, foregoing all rights you have, as you're now a national security risk.
2. They'll offer you a job. You have to take it, otherwise you're a security risk and then option 1. occurs. By the way, this job is for life until you retire.
Pick your poison. If you're going to be branded a security risk, your best option is to flee the country, and have some foreign country pay you for it.

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I have a lot more faith in the American intelligence apparatus than you. I doubt they would jail me when I'd be willing to work with them anyways and I have family who have worked in that system. Anyways, this thread has me spooked so I'm considering just deleting it and forgetting about it, but if anyone else wants to attempt the solution involves a sort of stochastic tree search in a hypergraph. Wasn't expecting to find this and was working on something totally different.

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Send the code or send your discord or something.

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>...what do I do?
paste it ITT

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>I trust the US government
>I'm spooked
Sounds like that trust runs puddle deep.

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Decrypt this:

0000000 df45 425c 4d1b a679 5eb0 9325 de64 0a6c
0000010 c3f0 93d1 d494 576a 3c6c 6d0a 8ac5 8735

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OP is a faggot and love cocks.

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close, but not cigar

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kys, delusional mutt, your country has destroyed the western world
literal cancer in county form, made as obnoxiously woke and consumerist as possible while shitting their shitty morality all around while believing they are superior to the "primitives"

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>import random
lol are you even trying OP?

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fake and gay

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Yikes... 8 parameters

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its always funny to see euros pretending that the US is the problem, not their own countries that are cucking themselves twice as hard as the US is cucking itself, and at the same time pretend that half of yuropeen "whites" aren't mutts themselves. If it weren't for the US, there wouldn't be a West anymore.

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Decrypt this 31ZeacJhg6rhi4DSfGKoGT7SZvmHsMAyqw4avVKJOI0=

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Destroy it and forget it ever existed. There is no government on Earth that would not kill you for this and that includes the Vatican.
pic unrelated

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He's... done it.
Fuck. Can't believe it, selling all my shit rn

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>haha we are all mutts right fellow goyim
- Open Society

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orly decrypt this:


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another one for you:


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That wasn't very nice. My parents were married when I was born.

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These 3 posts are retarded. What would happen is that they would kill you and cover up the secret. They've killed people for less, like that dude who invented the whatshisname compression method decades ago. You think that they'd hire you? Just because you invented it you have a right to know it exists? As if. Security clearance can't work that way. They gotta take you off the picture and only let the ones they selected know about it, then use it against enemies. No winning scenario for you.

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what's it say

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You have working proof that P=NP. I recommend that you find a reduction of whatever solution method you're using onto the more general problem of boolean satisfiability, then proceed to use it to do all kinds of impossible things like cracking encryption and protein folding. Also, might I suggest mining unlimited amounts of bitcoin by breaking SHA-256?

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shut up pseud

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>if anyone else wants to attempt the solution involves a sort of stochastic tree search in a hypergraph
>tfw you were unironically working on something similar a year ago but couldn't get it to work right
I am jealous.

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I find it hilarious how many internet users are just paranoid people projecting their 'too important to ignore' fantasies.

Chemical uses of a constructive P=NP proof would be better and actually bring the = symbol into the limelight as something that needs to be taught as a bond association.

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OP here. Not sure who this poser is pretending to crack messages. I realized I had the decrypted messages stored in memory and I was just referencing them at output, so it looked like I had decoded stuff when I actually hadn't. Sorry for leading you guys on.

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No. Even if you generalize the algorithm to arbitrary key sizes, it's not known to be equivalent to P = NP.

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P=NP iff N=1 or P=0
Solved. A little too easy I must say.

Another please.

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it's ok, thanks OP
have a good day

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Can you solve the abc conjecture? I was thinking b because the middle option is usually the best, but maybe it's just a red herring adn the correct is actually a.

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>it's not known to be equivalent to P = NP
Yes it is. You can define AES as a SAT solver problem, and SAT is NP-hard. If you can figure out a way to do the inverse, solving SAT by breaking AES, you can also do all sorts of other things.

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> hurr durr, AES is in NP therefore it is NP-complete

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These threads always go the same way. gayOP claims the impossible. Schizofags claim government will kill your. Retards say sell it. Nevermind whatever it is has unlimited application and should never be sold. Only thing missing is the generic GPL mind virus, give it free!

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Delete your thread OP

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Your first thought, b, is actually the correct one.
The middle option is indeed the best, and by Occam's Razor, we rule out any further complication.
So we can only arrive at b.

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Just because it's linear time, doesn't mean it still can't be longer than is computationally friendly.

Whether OP is joking or not, I actually did find a function that cracks AES in linear time, however it's still computationally unfriendly.

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I would trust me but I use incognito, so I don't think I can...

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Now sit and feel ashamed, so ashamed..!

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you definitely can in incognito
but there is a time limit for deletion, I forget how long it is though

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HAHAHAHAHA> nice one. yea seemed to work on that

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>t. college freshman

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Here's a puzzle: figure out how we could practically verify that he's actually solved it without him giving up his solution.
Of course, he most likely didn't solve it, but still it's fun exercise to think about.

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Why not just the thing people have been pretending to do on the thread, give him encrypted messages to decrypt?

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the average tard never admits mistakes
today OP was okay

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ps. or maybe not pretending, I don't know how long these actually take to decrypt

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Having an algorithm which solves all NP problems in poly time DOESNT MEAN it can practically solve it in feasible time. BRAINLET

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Please reread the thread and call my posts interesting as well. Thanks.

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If it's O(n) as OP claims and you have a big enough compute cluster, yes it does. You're being pedantic.

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Actual OP here. No clue who the fuck this guy is. I've been experimenting more with it and it seems to be working well.

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>If it's O(n) as OP claims and you have a big enough compute cluster, yes it does
No it doesn't. An O(n) algorithm can still need over a million years to compute even for input of size 1. An algorithm being O(g(x)) says absolutely NOTHING in practice, there is no way to verify such a claim empirically apart from checking the proof (if there is one).

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too late I don't believe you

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It's just interested me because of the potential applications to biochem

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Amerimutts are straight delusional

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> t. codemonkey pajeet

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>An O(n) algorithm can still need over a million years to compute even for input of size 1
And how many algorithms do you know of where that is the case? At O(n), you can leverage parallelism and ASIC/FPGA hardware acceleration to run the algorithm for the vast majority of constant overhead factors you would realistically encounter. You're a pedantic retard.

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AES is constant time because it works by chunks on a given key size. Can all the retards in this thread leave, please?

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op doesn't want to be assassinated

>> No.12730490

if he's able to decrypt messages here it clearly has a low computational time irregardless of big-O

>> No.12730495

Too late, there are plenty of people pretending to be OP while he already commited suicide

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>And how many algorithms do you know of where that is the case?
Infinitely many. In fact, it's the vast majority of algorithms in any mathematical sense of "majority" imaginable.

>> No.12730507

OP claimed to have a O(n) algorithm, which is actually easy because it's O(1). Some jewing faggots claimed to be able to compute it effectively, but they need not be the same persons.

>> No.12730550

Release it to the public and cause chaos.

>> No.12730558

Kek can you imagine the sheer amount of devestation?

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Actual OP here. This is the first time I'm replying to this thread after making it. Everyone else is just fooling around. I haven't yet decided what I'll do with the algorithm.

>> No.12730632

OP here, check ETH price and see what I've unleashed

>> No.12730636

OP here.
I decided to just delete it.

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>self.debug = self.debug

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@ all fake OPs
its ok, since none of you are capable of a crypto scam I will let you all gangbang me for free

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OP here. This thread has never existed. James Earl Carter, Jr., a President of the United States of America, once thought that he saw a UFO but it was later proven that he had actually seen Venus.

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this OP, burn it all down
the banks will literally be bled dry for a week before the big countires impose dictatorshisp while they replace all banking systems with post-quantum cryptography.
At the very least you'd cause a couple of wall street (((investors))) to jump off a balcony

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>he doesn't know
enjoy being inefficient

>> No.12730655

big yikes for OP

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You mean Israel

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OP here. I confess. I'm a big fag.

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Doesn't it just mean some M such that M*n is greater than the function, so M could still be whatever, a billion, or gadzillion, or googolplex or whatever.

And the idea that yes it brings down the solve time with "a big enough comp. cluster," still means that cluster might need a quadrillion computers. Or am I not understanding the complexity concept correctly?

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i think practically if you have an O(n) algorithm chances are that the constant out front isn't so massive that its no better than a polynomial time algorithm. if you do a constant number of operations for every element in the input, theres not much you could do in constant time that helps you towards the solution that costs a googleplex of cycles.

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>o(n) time
this is proof that /sci/ doesn't code

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There are plenty of algorithms where the constant multiplier is so large that algorithms of higher complexity classes are more useful in practice. A famous example of this is in matrix multiplication algorithms, where the ones with the smallest time complexity are not actually usable in practice.

For this problem, you could just enumerate all possible strings of length N and encrypt them with AES. That's a constant time-complexity operation. Then, your solution would be to search that database for a given input, and you could say that you have an O(log n) solution for decrypting strings shorter than N.

>> No.12730875

What's wrong with Python? Also, OP said it's O(n), not o(n). That's a very significant distinction.

>> No.12730878

>enumerate all strings with lentgh N and encrypt them all
that is not constant time.

>> No.12730910

Yes it is, when N is constant. Regardless of what string your algorithm tries to decrypt, that constant is always there.

>> No.12730919

post it here faggot

>> No.12730956

So ...
what's the REAL answer, if OP was telling the truth?

And to expand, WHAT do you do when you do find a breakthrough? Who can you trust?

>> No.12730974

if you are a US citizen, you'd be an idiot to show it to anyone besides the US gov. they won't kill you, but they might keep you under arrest for a while, partly for your own safety because just as people make conspiracy theories about how the US will kill you, people will theorize that the chinese or russians will try to kidnap you.

>> No.12731002

If US Govt, exactly WHO and what branch?

>> No.12731009

>what's the REAL answer, if OP was telling the truth?
I'd post it on all boards and see what happens.

>> No.12731150

you're going to want to contact the based department
they usually call you though

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kill yourself retard

>> No.12731163

AES has been obsolete for a while.

>> No.12731236

it was obvious this was bullshit from the beginning, I don't see why this thread is as big as it is kek
Really anons? O(n)? You think you can somehow decrypt an AES message just by checking each one of the characters?
At least pick something more believable kek.

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What did he mean by this?

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O(n) on average due to stochastic search. Not actually checking characters. Doing stochastic tree search on hypergraph before using some basic statistical properties to reorganize the graph so the underlying pattern emerges loosely a la Latent Dirichlet Allocation model

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fucking publish it and crash internet commerce with no survivors.

>> No.12732130

Thinking about this it would be an interesting apocalypse alternative to human history. One lone genius breaks all intelligent security and humans go back to simply manipulating the big stupid muscle to be defense.

>> No.12732206

I posted it on here twice; no one cared. Maybe a handful of people recognized I was telling the truth, but nothing came of it. I've also posted it on other social media a handful of times.
The funny thing is, even when it's staring them in the face, most people can't verify if what your saying is true.
It's out there right now, on no less than 4 websites, sitting there for anyone to find. hehe

I may post it again, along with some other stuff after more revisions to the explanation, but not at the moment.

To be honest too, it's not much better than brute force, the only difference is it's a function, not an algorithm, and instead of needing to brute force check each term, it spits out the answer automatically with 100% accuracy; it's absolute, not probabalistic. So you're not storing and checking values you're running straight calculation. (which of course still requires storing values, just not the comparison part)

Probabilistic techniques are probably still much faster. The only other possible advantage is that someone could improve the function, so it gives people a new starting point to improve upon.

>> No.12732227

OP, do you work for Setec Astronomy?

>> No.12732385

So you've found a (really, really good) heuristic. Not P=NP tier, but very impressive nonetheless. What are the contents of the graph? Cipher combinations?

>> No.12732626

>I found an algorithm
>that cracks AES
dont think so.
>in O(n) time
impossible numerically.
>and can run on my laptop
cherry on top of the bullshit cake.
>what should I do?
kill, self.

>> No.12732638

"Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible."

Lord Kelvin, 1895

>> No.12732642

you're not OP

if you truly are OP and you aren't shitting anyone then do what so many people here told you to do

release it to public and make it well known
it will destroy modern society

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Is it your fault youre a nigger?

>> No.12733316

Birds existed before 1895

>> No.12733437

The context of that video is lost. Namely that I was calling a white man that, and particularly that I was calling a white man that while I was in prison.

>> No.12734513

yeah, not OP.
I hop in threads like this because I studied and practiced some number theory and it's fun to post about related topics. I hopped in this one specifically because the time complexity mention.
Time complexity is not my specialty, and I've tried to apply it to the work I have, but I'm afraid I'm still a bit off in my understanding of it. Still it's of interest, so I was hoping to learn more.

I did crack some things and created new fomulas and understandings when it comes to integer factorization, the prime distribution, the nth prime, primes of any size, prime checks, and some related topics.

However what I have isn't more efficient than things that already exist, it's just more automatic and concise in some ways symbolically, and implicitly, and could open up the avenue to other understandings and techniques. It gives people a new place from which to work.

I read a bunch more about complexity last night, and I'm still not sure what complexity my functions are running in. Part of what i read about the complexity of brute force would suggest to me my functions are not in polynomial time, however what I've read about the concepts of big O notation would suggest they are, so my understanding is incomplete.

So can they factor any number, yes. Can they give you a prime of any size, sure. Are they faster than brute force, or can be made to be, questionable. But they offer a bunch of choices to be tweaked or adapted, as they are based on a criteria of functions,not an absolute function; so anyone who picks functions meeting a base criteria can apply the method, and hence maybe someone can find a base function that then drastically simplifies they whole process. I've come up with at least 6 base functions that work, all of which then end in different complexities.

Either way, they still provide some techniques that didn't exist before, and answer some unanswered questions. I'd love to find some people in person to discuss them with.

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>we are all mutts my bro, don't act like you don't have 45 % nigger blood

>> No.12734595

Set up a dead man switch before any negotiation or public proof that it works.

>> No.12734661

It's a larp. An OP smart enough to find an O(n) solution to AES decryption would likely be smart enough to properly use single-thread tripcodes.

>> No.12734665

slanted detected.

>> No.12734669

Stockholm syndrome

>> No.12734814

Take your meds?

>> No.12734843

> smart enough to properly use single-thread tripcodes
We should all try to figure out whether OP knows how to boil an egg, or pump air into a bicycle tire, because those things are all fucking relevant as well.

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>wrong kind of prism


>> No.12736250

OP is clearly a cs major from /g/

>> No.12736293

Birds are not heavier than air.

>> No.12736301

the absolute state of american higher education

>> No.12736452

Should I sell all my bitcoin

>> No.12736470

>, made as obnoxiously woke and consumerist as possible while shitting their shitty morality all around while believing they are superior

Imagine having to live with those people.

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idk who is glowing who itt.

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Release it publicly or this is a larp.

>> No.12736537

How much does five pounds of birds weigh?

>> No.12736624

Yeah and n is the number of possibilities. You're genuinely delusional. Go hack some shit for money then if you're so smart

>> No.12736704

This is a dumb question because you didn't say mass. The weight of a bird is variable

>> No.12736728

Guys let's get it over with , OP here, the code does work well, I'm able to decipher most of the testing messages I put in, I hope I can make some money off this, cheers and disregard the other posts.

>> No.12736795

OP here again, I'm so sorry for bothering you and making you all lose time with something that is not possible. Don't you feel sleepy? I'm feeling a bit tired. Why don't we all laugh about this mistake and just forget all about it haha? Let's take a quick nap.

>> No.12736982

Make it open source?

>> No.12737240

Five pounds of birds always weighs five pounds.

>> No.12737245

yea make it public and see what happens

>> No.12737283

more than five pounds of air, obviously.

>> No.12737322

But if they're flying the scale won't pick up their weight accurately.

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Birds are heavier than air.

>> No.12737975

fuck it. here you go:


password is: z0bgieGHpn

>> No.12737986

ho lee fuk

>> No.12737992

someone whos not a brainlet verify this plz?

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damn. no idea what the math is doin but I just tested it on a simple string AES128 and it finished running after 2 mins. seems to have worked. going to test if it is really O(n) now, and some different strings

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(((They))) shut it down

>> No.12738023

It's been removed

>> No.12738030

can someone post?

>> No.12738031

Create a new encryption that can't be cracked by your algorithm, release the cracking algorithm under GPLv3 and then sell licences for the new encryption at stupid prices to cybersecurity firms.

>> No.12738053

Releasing an AES cracking algorithm that script kiddies can run on their laptops would negate GPLv3 and cybersecurity firms because it would be functionally equivalent to an ER type CME hitting earth.

>> No.12738057

da fuq you sayin?

>> No.12738064

That's why you create the new encryption first. Anon, you're not paying attention. Do I have yo explain to you how racketeering works? Also what the fuck is a "ER type CME"? Sounds like buzzwords.

>> No.12738069

w-was it real?
If so post it on several PasteBin alternatives, at least one on the the dark web.

>> No.12738071

ER type coronal mass ejection. check the carrington event

>> No.12738088

buckle up lads. looks like 2020 was just a motherfucking test run

>> No.12738092

Nah, it wouldn't. Again, that's why you create the new encryption first. You're not very good at this, anon. Unfortunately, there's some bad people out there that will hack your computer to steal your memecoins but don't worry I will protect you. For a small fee.

>> No.12738101

can someone who downloaded it in time please vdrify and repost

>> No.12738115

OP is a fucking retard if he actually posted it. if you think it happens twice you are the definition of a brainlet.

>> No.12738124

"This paste has been removed for violating our terms and conditions!"


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>> No.12738175

Larp or real? Someone with brain say.

>> No.12738194

checked, sort of. doesn't run in O(n) time though. seems to run O(n^2) as the size of the input message increases so not sure how OP came to that conclusion. is running on a laptop nonetheless. for some reason it is only half working for some strings, in that it will spit out the right message, but with a bit flipped here or there. going to have to do more exhaustive testing but will check in around 8PM PST

>> No.12738250

ffs post it

>> No.12738263

Thanks for posting on sci and not g :)

>> No.12738265


>> No.12738271

Oh boy oh boy a real test
Pleeeeeeese dont be real desu I dont wanna witness whats next if aes is broke

>> No.12738273

You have 10 minutes.

>> No.12738282

yeah nah kys right now

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>> No.12739078


>> No.12739337

Tell us about the data structures and methods pls

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>> No.12739590

stop impersonating me nigger

>> No.12739648

You had it coming namefag

>> No.12739883

Real phd coming through woop woop
Anyone got a link I can see

>> No.12739915

prove it

>> No.12739925

he cant because its just a larp

>> No.12740233

wtf is this shit.
infinity can't be used as a number

>> No.12740257

upload on github

>> No.12740267

kill yourself you stupid cunt
you already have the answer and it still takes O(n) time to find it ?
fucking off self

>> No.12740405

Schizo of /sci/. Hello newfrend

>> No.12740423

Well this was a lie

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If that's how you feel about it, consider sideways eight to be a generalized algebraic symbol with the given properties.

The numbers at the end of the first Cicada puzzle were my DOB and SSN
as well as the viXra ID's from my earlier papers

>> No.12740434
File: 378 KB, 2467x1551, TIMESAND___logoLOGOlogo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fractional Distance: The Topology of the Real Number Line with Applications to the Riemann Hypothesis

>> No.12740457

I can't tell if this is multiple anons LARPing as either OP or as anons who got their hands on the code but if it's out there, someone needs to upload it.

Kill yourself Tooker, the world will be better for it.

>> No.12740462

Dude what do you think about consciousness

What is your ontological model
What are numbers?
What is consciousness?
Why something from nothing?

Open closed or empty? Or something else entirely? (It better fucking be you twit''')

>> No.12740470

Oh and what the FUCK is the deal with fucking god damn uhhhhhhhhhhh

Shit lol


Whats uhhhh, the deal with the real anthropic principal?

Do you uuuuuuuuuuuunderstand?

>> No.12740481

Is tenet real lol

>> No.12740495

Thank you Tooker for saving this shit thread.

>> No.12740498

What the fuck why wont fooker answer me fuck.you you FUCK

>> No.12740522
File: 3.95 MB, 4719x3057, TIMESAND___QG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a good opinion of consciousness. My ontological model was a scheme I came up with doing physics in rigged Hilbert space that had a lot of exciting corollary results. I like the definition of numbers that they are elements of ordered sets. I don't know what consciousness it apart from a quality of being. I don't see what you're saying with the rest of that.

>> No.12740533
File: 310 KB, 1014x908, TIMESAND___7jjjJ988yiy3hojhjHHFftfqtfqtft^^rryf62659kjgdkkknvMNVut77t97fiyfjhgffQQQ771yt1f0000uy1tits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The virus is real.

>> No.12740540

I mean you're kinda fucking disappointing
don't kill yourself just stop posting here please tho, its kinda fucking annoying dude

>> No.12740542

guys what the fuck
I swear I saw tookerposting before which was far better
did he take meds or what
wat fuck man

>> No.12740552

No Tooker, do kill yourself.

>> No.12740554
File: 3.79 MB, 3294x3204, TIMESAND___TAS_(1of2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi, I am Jon Tooker: the inventor of the time circuit...

>> No.12740555
File: 3.81 MB, 3282x3234, TIMESAND___TAS_(2of2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mundane events related to time travel.

>> No.12740557
File: 214 KB, 500x982, jacob-ashton-2-hrs-update-got-suspended-but-in-the-66167048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do we know it's the real tooker?

>> No.12740567
File: 425 KB, 2816x1704, TIMESAND___2occatlnet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

John Titor, the Montauk Project, the e-Cat and Geometric Unity

>> No.12740575


>> No.12740576

look tooker I dont doubt your time travel stuff is real its just I dont care anyways and fuck you

>> No.12741232

The problem is that youve redefined the zeta function from mapping c->c to a mapping from r-hat -> c.

>> No.12741272
File: 24 KB, 892x456, TIMESAND___sevensixtwo7evenSX2wo08ujGRgq7304pfavvmyurHDr1d1dtAWwrewrq14w51r1ww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Equation (6) makes it completely obvious that z_0 is not in R_hat. You are wrong and stupid, and you are especially wrong and stupid because you fail to recognize that R_hat is a subset of C anyways R_hat is a subset of [math]\mathbb{R}\subset\mathbb{C}[/math].

>> No.12741283

I agree, he seemed to be doing better for a few weeks. But that is the nature of being schizo. It’s episodic.

>> No.12741293

Tooker at least consider killing yourself.

>> No.12741304

Ah, I see now. Actually you are completely correct. How did I fail to realize before, your argument is flawless and your reasoning is perfect. Congratulations.

>> No.12741399

my b lol I mean to say that you redefined z:c->c to


where t (for tooker lmao) = {a+bi | a ∈ Rhat and b ∈ R}

Rhat isnt even a subset of C since infinity hat isnt an element of C

>> No.12741426

OP here, people keep pretending to be me, I've not posted any replies. I'm still not sure what to do, I'm pretty sure it's a load of nothing. I'll just delete the thread.

>> No.12741727
File: 3.97 MB, 3984x2928, TIMESAND___Zeta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually a flaw in the one page paper was that I did not demonstrate the absolute convergence of the the Euler product form of zeta in the left complex half plane. This would be required for completion of the problem as defined by Clay. However, I fixed the problem in the other papers with more than one page which do complete the Clay problem in total compliance.

Pic is the paper where I proved that there must exist non-trivial zeros off the critical line in the neighborhood of infinity about a year or two before I computed the exact zeros.

>> No.12742654

Not if they fly to Antarctica they don't. You also didn't specify their speed as a fraction of c.

>> No.12742727

I think there is nothing that would cause more chaos.

>> No.12743090

Can you come with a counterexample in which five pounds of birds does not weigh five pounds?

>> No.12743375

well, the example at mcdonalds

* quarter pounder is PRE-COOKED weight

>> No.12743413

They would only clamp, vaccinate, circumcise, irradiate, and kill you though.

>> No.12743431

Where is OP? Did they kill him already? holy shit. Post the code I will save it on a physical drive.

>> No.12743434

post the code they can't get us all if enough people save it

>> No.12743436

there's not going to be any code posted, they can't even post any decryption of the ciphertext

>> No.12743443

yeah, also I checked the 'removal' message on the pastebin and it looks like a troll

>> No.12743565

it's the navy seal copypasta. It works.

>> No.12743935

Apparently the ciphertext was decrypted here in the thread.

>> No.12744078

Here is cyphertext (128 bit AES)

Here is the SHA-256 hash of the Plaintext.

If you post the correct decryption, then we can all verify it by checking the hash.

>> No.12744109

That's correct, I used https://encode-decode.com/aes128-encrypt-online/ and the password was:
OP is a cock sucking faggot

The password was not very strong, I know, but I did a bit more research into AES in the meantime so here's another that should be shorter and more secure, assuming I did everything right.


>> No.12744802

>there wouldn't be a West anymore
Yeah, that'd be pretty nice.

>> No.12744820

>he trusts the CIA niggers not to abduct him

>> No.12745039

Epic thread

>> No.12745129

woah how'd you get that image under 3mb?

>> No.12745145

the paste is gone, why do people even use this shitty paste site when all the old stuff gets removed

>> No.12745316

I used PDF to JPG, then I copied all the JPGs into one file, and then after I added the context I rescaled it to get it under 4MB.

>> No.12745320

Thanks, I didn't realize pastes expired. Here you go:

>> No.12745350
File: 3.35 MB, 3296x2784, TIMESAND___QS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am the anonymous physicist featured in the black hole article yesterday.


>> No.12745379

Why would you admit that when you got ripped to shreds?

>> No.12745391
File: 3.18 MB, 2192x4192, TIMESAND___MCM32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know what you mean by that.

>> No.12745434

I think person means by that those people on Reddit all hated the truth that I posted. He probably thinks that if you hate the truth enough then it stops being true.

>> No.12746000

Bump for epic thred

>> No.12746310
File: 50 KB, 921x516, TIMESAND___arXivRemoved2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i call it getting ripped to shreds when you post the truth and the people don't believe it

>> No.12746437

How can someone so smart be so stupid

>> No.12746489

Spartacus Optacus

>> No.12746737
File: 1.83 MB, 4032x3024, 3617D3EA-18C8-4FF3-A133-66F5C901E8BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey tooker I saw your equation earlier today. Have a picture.

>> No.12746740
File: 550 KB, 2048x1536, 40944152-3099-401E-B80B-67658CE82F58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, 4chan rotates phone images sometimes. I wonder if this will work.

>> No.12746746
File: 648 KB, 1106x714, 5A8B2EE5-093C-481D-A96B-98F481E89B66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Final try.

>> No.12747082
File: 33 KB, 398x252, TIMESAND___668756187ryxhvkjdnjhvhyuFUFYFjhgite9utdsQQSOGCNBC7688rf3ihf86r862r2pg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe I seem stupid to you because you are stupid.

>> No.12747103
File: 11 KB, 268x188, TIMESAND___6685618hvkjdnjhvhyuFUFYFjhgite9utdsQQSOGCNBC7688rf3ihf86r862r2pg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you see the other one to the left that says, "True Forever?"

>> No.12747144

Hmm, I didn’t really notice it. I was too focused on the equation to pay much attention to the other stuff nearby

>> No.12747178

>open thread
>press end
>tooker posts everywhere
like poetry

>> No.12747318

>If you can figure out a way to do the inverse, solving SAT by breaking AES,
You haven't shown this, so you have not shown that AES is NP-Hard.

A simple system of equations, like schoolchildren solve, can be defined as a SAT problem, but that doesn't mean solving systems of equations are NP-Hard either (they aren't, you fucking retard.)

>> No.12747416

if that's the password you posted at that page, that's not the actual key being used. That form encrypts in ECB mode, and uses a literal text string as the key instead of hashing a longer string down to 128 bits. If you use the alphabet as your key, each letter following the p has no effect on changing the encrypted string

>> No.12747607

>I-I was wrong p-please don't come for me NSA

>> No.12747726

No you didn't. You're a larping schizo loser who needs to get laid. Making up shit for attention, that's so pathetic of a man; it's something I expect from a child.

>> No.12747829
File: 21 KB, 327x274, Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 6.13.54 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in Python
Lmao no

>> No.12747877
File: 114 KB, 600x358, p4VJHkd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12748021


>> No.12748113

delete it you do not want to help contribute to the loss of privacy in the world you will not benefit the way you believe you will.
You will be punished and the information will probably kept secret and you will likely be killed or under forced occupation for the rest of your life.
We were meant to have privacy even it it means 10% of people get away with evil shit.

>> No.12748150

Why wouldn't you post it on github?

>> No.12748163

just crack some bitcoin wallets

>> No.12748205

Spooky stuff guys

>> No.12748219

not really, larp threads are common

>> No.12748222

The internet is no more a venue for privacy than a public road.

>> No.12748278

You didn't. You might think you did, but you probably (like 99% sure) didn't.

>> No.12748413

What do you find spooky? OP larping or Tooker?

>> No.12749056

Pardon me being a troglodyte, but isn't the "trivial" case 0 for >>12731282 >>12740533 >>12746310 >>12746746 just nonsense vs the expected result of -1/2 of the function?
Am I missing something?

>> No.12750128
File: 549 KB, 622x622, TIMESAND__haiku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are definitely missing what may be the important point. You have hardly used a dozen words to pose your question and due to the very small number of words, I cannot see what you were getting at by asking it, shitcunt. If I had used only a dozen words to explain my solution, you would not understand it. I understand that you would not understand it, and I used hundreds of words even the shortest of five or so related papers. However, you seem to lack the scholarly empathy to realize the number of words is a two way street and expect me, somehow, to understand your dozen words although you would probably think it was preposterous if I expected you to try to understand a twenty word solution to RH. Do you see what I mean? It's like I take the time to write enough words so that the meaning of what I have written can be fairly well whittled down to one unique thing but your dozen words are a block of marble that a sculptor's chisel has not yet touched because the block has not even been quarried yet.

>> No.12750170

Has anyone actually got the code for this thing? Did OP ever even post it

>> No.12750398

the first and most important thing you need to do is stop being a retarded faggot

>> No.12750922

This is just plain fucking impossible you cannot do it in O(N) any pattern recognition requires atleast O(N log N) or O(N ackerman)

>> No.12752052

Release it online and make it public knowledge.

>> No.12752618

if your actually serious, I bet a 3 letter agency will be at your door by dinnertime tomorrow.

>> No.12752648

Who said it's pattern recognition?
It's an algorithm.
Are no algorithms O(N)?
I rest my case.

>> No.12752678

I always thought it was interesting that lattice multiplication worked in higher dimensions:
Not only can you use the lattices of a crystal to do multiplication, you can use the lattices of a hypercrystal to do higher orders of multiplication.
However, edges only connect two vertices.
I wonder just what the hell could be done with hyperdimensional lattice multiplication of the hyperedges of hypergraphs.
This might pertain to quantum behavior / quantum computing / natural quantum error correction codes.
A sort of stochastic tree search would be useful in obtaining the solutions to these lattice calculations, especially at vastly increasing orders of complexity.

>> No.12752883

We postulated this very thing on another chan on the /vqc/ board

>> No.12752918

Safety copy and spread it in backups everywhere, now. Burn it to CD and mail those out for safekeeping. Backup, backup, backup.

>> No.12753035

This, plus gve a proof of concept. Make a video of it in action.

>> No.12754005 [DELETED] 


>> No.12755548
File: 60 KB, 964x912, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ITT: OP Fucking Obliterates The Entire Internet

>> No.12755572

Option 3:

>> No.12755600

brainlet here,
what the fuck?

>> No.12755632
File: 43 KB, 486x750, WWTWIINP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon just did the equivalent of blowing up a mountain with a toothpick. Crit Roll.

>> No.12755699

Someone use AI upscaling on the right side of OP's pic.

>> No.12755941

Idiot spotted

>> No.12756362

except he didn't because this thread is mostly samefags and larpers. Its all a ruse, nobody is breaking any of the keys. Its just 4d trolling and most of you faggots are lapping it up

>> No.12756507
File: 80 KB, 575x360, steiner-4point.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found an O(1) solution to the shortest path problem without using a computer.

>> No.12756510
File: 350 KB, 600x601, stiches.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm super skeptical and don't know why this got so much attention. No proof given. No respect earned. Laughing about the code being in python is stupid though. Could it be faster? Yes. Not in terms of complexity obviously. All the science fags I know use R and try to pick up python because they know it's relatively easy. Even the people working on sha1 collisions write simulations. Sure, they eventually use clusters of thousands of GPUs but you have to test something before you dump hundreds of thousands on it. O(n) time? Yeah, prob don't need to make a parallelized cuda program. I think this is BS but don't shit on python. It has it's uses.

>> No.12757230

op here, i've decided to post the code:

>> No.12757265

based chad, I'm trying it out now

>> No.12757430
File: 3.51 MB, 472x360, TIMESAND___762ezgif-5-80ccc7c57cee.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ITT: OP Fucking Obliterates The Entire Internet
Fed Investigating Massive Outage Of Its Interbank Payment System
Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021 - 18:12

>> No.12757437

So you didn’t break shit

>> No.12757453

lol im not op guys, i was just joshin. found some pajeet's repo

>> No.12757867

>Hurr durr
No, u.

Midwit cope.

>> No.12758130

fuck off niggerbrain retard
get the fuck out if you have nothing to contribute, not like that you ever could with your immense pea brain

>> No.12758179

What the hell to the graph nodes represent and how it it related to finding prime numbers?

>> No.12758186

Decrypt this, you lying nigger.

>> No.12758396

>get the fuck out if you have nothing to contribute
Anon, you're the one spouting 100% memes without any content. Don't act like I started here.

>> No.12759718

THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF /sci/ /g/ and programming in general

>> No.12759724

You’re all fucking morons for falling for this bait.

>> No.12759733

>approach the NSA
youd be better off just binning it

>> No.12759737

holy fuck you lack any lateral thinking at all

>> No.12759744


>> No.12759755

release it on clearweb for maxx laffs

>> No.12760006

Real OP here. This is my first time replying to the thread. This was just a larp that got out of hand. Sorry

>> No.12760009

the absolute state of CS majors

>> No.12760010

Go collect Millenium Prize for showing P=NP.

>> No.12760015

Yeah, no wonder BTC is falling

>> No.12760022
File: 38 KB, 542x543, 1609821497627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>brute force algorithm
>implemented in python

>> No.12760033

Send a direct message to Dan Scavino on Twitter and ask him to relay the message to Trump and see if he can hook you up with somebody

>> No.12760035
File: 16 KB, 399x400, 073401df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this the NSA?

>> No.12760044

Think I'll just sit on it for a while

>> No.12760061

OP here. I just got off the phone with the NSA. I have a meeting scheduled for three months from now. All of you cryptofags are fucking dead

>> No.12760072
File: 83 KB, 308x457, pepe apustaja attention youre being monitored heatenings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't worry about it anon

>> No.12760077
File: 20 KB, 600x336, Ep3AElQXYAAAs-f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12760130

LOL BASED RETARD CODER ANON. hahahaha i love you for this. i got excited. this thread was fun. do it again next week but wait longer before revealing how retarded you are.

>> No.12760162

The only right thing to do.

>> No.12760185

Decrypt this, encrypted with gpg in symmetric mode:



sha256sum of cleartext:


>> No.12760198

I don't believe it.


>> No.12760240

You have to include the time necessary to make the graph in the theta notation.
Unless the graph is similar enoguh in each instance that you can just download and share it.

>> No.12760408

Spooky thread, decrypt to plaintext pl0x


>> No.12760451

op doesnt even specify which cipher mode of operation they have supposedly broken, what type of attack it is (linear or differential), etc.

if you think you actually have a novel attack, throw it up on eprint.

this is how crypto works. the great thing about it also, is that it's openly verifiable!

OP, tell me the plaintext of the following b64 ciphertext snippet. It is encrypted with AES in CTR mode, using pycrypto.


>> No.12760458

you have made a grave error

giving the sha256sum of the cleartext reveals information about the cleartext, unless you included strong entropy in the plaintext.

>> No.12760492

actual nsa here btw. funny thread

if you want to learn how to break aes implementations for real, here are some resources:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Padding_oracle_attack - common attack on CBC mode implementations

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Block_cipher_mode_of_operation read here, nonce reuse can result in a variety of confidentiality leakage. in the case of the stream cipher transformation modes (gcm and ctr), reusing a counter for two ciphertexts results in the leakage of information about the plaintext:

since ciphertext in counter mode is computed as AES(k, n) xor p, where k is the key, n is the nonce, p is the plaintext and AES is the aes block function, if you reuse a (k, n) for a two different (p, p') you leak p xor p'. this is known as a two-time pad and it is relatively common.

have fun!

>> No.12760718


>> No.12760721

>Glowing this fucking bright

>> No.12761141

Did they pick the NSA acronym to have the word "anus" in it or was that just a coincidence?

>> No.12761702


>> No.12761955

>unless you included strong entropy in the plaintext.
Indeed, I heavily salted the cleartext.