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Evolution is bullshit. Explain to me how my great granddaddy was a fish.

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You're right, something about this theory is a little fishy!

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Explain why you share retroviral insertions with fish.

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The jew fears evolution

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we evolved from lobe-finned fish such as the lungfish. all modern lobe-finned fish species have fully functioning lungs

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This meme needs to evolve.

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Your great danddaddy was an N. sapien

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Evolve this, motherfucker.

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Look at this smug fucker... God damn you grandpa l, why did you do it?! We could be watching fishflix on the mariana's trench right now were not for you!

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intelligent design makes total sense, maybe science is bullshit

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Cuz your great grandma fucked a fish. Don't know what else to say, anon

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Ayy lmaos?

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You are a terrestrial fish

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yeah i was created my jesuscrist god in the sky and he wanted me to suffer for that reason he created me, now i want to destroy it and i will with the help of lucifer thart will turn me into a demi-fiend, leader of an order of demons, to end the multiverse and god once and for all

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why not both?

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Transhumanism is evolution