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Are the units: kg/m^2
acceptable for depicting pressure? I recognize they aren't common, but surely they're fine?

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Not the right dimension, a pressure is a force over a surface, not a mass over a surface. You're missing an acceleration.

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mass over area?

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In the context of calculating hydrostatic pressure?:
metres * kg/m^3 = kg/m^2

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still missing acceleration, i.e. P = rho g h for example. what is this textbook youre referencing

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Human Physiology by Sherwood (see pic related)

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Maybe that's acceptable in the field of medicine...but in phys/chem they are not accepted.

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It's acceptable in the context of medicine. I mean, it's a more visualizable unit for doctors and other retards. It assumes standard g acceleration which is the case 99.999999999999999+% of the time anyway. But I do wonder if it's a forced metric analogy of PSI for that
>>12659465 Canadian Edition. PSI is pounds per square inch. American units don't differentiate between mass and weight (force), they just assume Earth g.

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Reasonably kg/m^2 is an acceptable measurement of pressure.

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They do actually, usually lb_f and lb_m for pounds of force and pounds of mass. At standard g, lb_f = lb_m of course so in most cases it is just up to context of whether to differentiate

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kek, OP is calculating the density of a two-dimensional piece of graphite

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stop being dense. kgf/m^2 IS in fact a quantity of pressure.
nobody uses it because atmospheric pressure would be much less than 1 in these units, making them a shit choice. SI people use kilopascals, bar, millimeters of mercury, while americans use psi and inches of mercury, but all of which assign a reasonable value to 1 atm.

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wrong because what if your kg is on the moon or jupiter?

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F/A isnt that just m

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