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wtf happens to sperm cells after a vasectomy? They are still sustained and produced, but what happens when you nut?

They spill in the sack and die? How is that not harmful? Wouldn't it let bacteria and such consume and rot these cells once they die?

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Vasectomies are Jewish tricks. Next question.

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I'm pretty sure the testicles lack any ability to pump the sperm out of themselves.

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Then sperm cells just sit and rot there?

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You impregnate yourself, what sounds kind of gay if you ask me

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Even when you aren't cooming, the sperm cells are in a constant cycle of being created and absorbed by the body.

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Well they won't rot because there are no foreign bacteria floating around in the body - that would constitute a septic infection.
They would be processed by the body and removed, but it's not exactly a desirable situation.
Vasectomy only helps Jew overlords to drive the White reproduction rate even lower, leading to our extinction.

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Sir, this is a Wendy's. Go back to /pol/ please.

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>Sir, this is a Wendy's

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I mean, isn't the same as simply not ejaculating for prolonged period? I'm sure the body has a good way to dispose of sperm that wasn't used. Before they start masturbating, teenage boys probably produce trillions of useless sperm that never get ejaculated.

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Sperm not ejaculated is absorbed back into the body.

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take your meds and

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>take your meds
You'd like that, wouldn't you
Well I'm onto your tricks

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How can you orgasm with a vasectomy? I don't get it... wouldn't it be different? What happens instead? You still "orgasm" in your brain but not in your penis?

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99% of your cum comes from your prostate and seminal vesicles. Sperm cells make up only a very small fraction of your cum
You will still cum, but your cum will have no sperm cells

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So sperm just accumulate until your balls explode?

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the all lock flagellae and sing "cum-bye-aaaah m'lord cum-bye-aaaah" as one final cry before oblivion.

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no you go back to twatter/plebbit/wherever, faggot.
there are few expressions of philosophical "evil" more pure than the notion of sterilizing yourself for the sake of being able to feel more sexual pleasure.

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Fuck off back to plebbit.

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Any attempt to subvert and """trick""" nature is harmful, in ways the soientists are not capable of understanding.

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Nothing, you get permanent blue balls.

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It’s absolutely horrible yes. Also it’s a stupid idea.
>Just cut your balls off and keep them, it’s totally fine dude.

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Unironically this.

I had planned on getting sperm on ice and then getting cut but after reading about PVPS and anti-sperm Ab's I decided against it.

Mother nature doesn't give a fuck, if you cauterize the vas deferens your brain will react to the obstruction, if you go for the open ended vasectomy your risk recanalisation. If you go for the 'made in China' valve fitted in the vas deferens you will still have a risk of swimmers getting through.

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The immune cells find a route to attack them. Testicles have their own blood barrier. Like brains, the mechanism is just different but outcome is same.

One becomes sterile for real. Even doctors are unable to recover it.


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>take your meds /sci/zho, cutting your seed-route is normal

Lol, once you blamed nazis for steriling non-whites, now you blame nazis for not steriling themselves

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One is involuntary, the other is voluntary.

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You can volunteerly gas yourself and cremate afterwards. I can help you build the system: you need only to press the main switch yourself.

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