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knizocytes -edition
previous thread
We discuss research, DO NOT offer advice (just fucking go see your doctor) make fun of premeds and shitpost. Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K out of this thread and start your own because it takes a lot of space.
>>inb4 not science
>>inb4 poor amerimutts wanting medical advice

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I'm tired of typing.

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are penlights a scam?

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Is piloting a plane directly into a mountainside at 400km/hr guaranteed to kill the pilot (ie: destroy the brain to the point that consciousness is gone and unrecoverable) within 5 seconds?
Around 1% of shotgun blasts into the roof of the mouth are survived, so I don't know how much trauma it takes for 100% lethality.

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Failing that, what about lying on a railway line with the upper part of the head directly on the rail?

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Nope. Better than using your phone and looks a bit more professional.

Nice try labrat gf but you won't fool me with that edition.

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W-w-w-wait, it's a fucking finn!!!!

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>tfw cafeteria has only vegan left

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>fuck nursoids

Wish I was fucking a nursoid right now.

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>cafeteria menu choices for the day are either fish or vegan

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Not if you get them from medical companies. The batteries are shit though as always and there's barely any reason to change batteries since they end up breaking before.

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let's do some fat ones

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This looks like my prof from general surgery.

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>mfw on my way from the clinic juniors office to the ER

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>residency anasthesiologist
>Went out with one of the nurses last week
>ended up going to my place
>23yo, blonde
>all the other nurses have been really Nice to me this week, they used to hate me
>she came here again on Friday night
>it is now Sunday and she's still here
>says she doesn't want anything serious
What the fuck does she want?
Why are nurses like this?

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>sticking your dick in nurses
it's like you guys want to catch hepatitis. I'm a doctor, I'd never lower myself to date a non-virgin.

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I think I might have adult undiagnosed ADHD, how do I bring this up with a doctor without sounding like I'm just another drug seeking college freshman

Should I do a walk in at a family medicine clinic and ask? I don't play on lying and I'm sincere, I just feel so guilty for some reason

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Dumb faggot, never fuck in your own department, retard. No wonder an imbecile like yourself chose anesthesiology

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We don't offer advice here

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Where are all these from? Can you post a mega

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Why the homophobia?

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>works in a fem majority profession
>still stoops down to fuck nursoids

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Dude you know what nursoids do with their hands
You know all the shit and piss they deal with
You know how retarded they are but not in a cute way because they think they're the smartest most important people on earth
Why on earth would you ever be with a nursoid

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What if you have low self-esteem. You take what you can get.

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Lift bro
Lift and study
Build your muscle and your brain
You are an amazing person
You've gone through med school
One of the toughest things in the world
Then you've gone through residency
Which is somehow even tougher
Lifting will help your confidence
You can do it
It's nothing compared to what you've gone through
We are all gonna make it bro

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how is this even possible

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>fucks a nurse
Rookie mistake
There are more female doctors than men, find a woman doc and have children who can go into medicine
Why did you fuck that nurse anon? Because it was easy?

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this desu senpai, unacceptable while being a resident.
as the old finnish adage goes:
>a doctor's first wife is a doctor
>a doctor's second wife is a nurse
>a doctor's third wife is a hospital janitor

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here's one hot off the press

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This. Create a tribe of doctors. Make everyone in your family docs and physician scientists
Become a respected family of physicians and own your geographic location's entire medical education, training, and hospital system
That's the dream
Any other finnish wisdom?

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>Mfw the attending says you're no better than a nursoid
You should create some site or upload it to an image sharing repository because these are good

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im tripping on acid right now between shifts and i just wanna concur and say make an image for them

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What specialty and year

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you ought to marry a housewife so she can take care of your kids while you devote your life to medicine, two doctors having kids sounds like a disaster for the children

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This is why you get your mom to raise your kids for you
When the wife retires from med in her 50s or 60s she raises the next generation

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guess it can work but I don't think that would be fair on my mother

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So /med/ what are your takes on abortion?
>inb4 how dark is the baby?

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It's murder after three weeks post-conception when the first nerve cells have begun to develop.
Before that I dunno. Maybe better to err on the side of caution?

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Immoral but it's not the same as murder and therefore may be permitted in the first trimester under exceptional circumstances. If every zygote was a full human person then if splitting of the zygote into twins occurs that would mean that the original zygote somehow consisted of 2 people, or that one twin gave birth to the other, which is absurd.

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Life does begin at conception, arguably maybe at the point of nidation, you can't really draw a line in the development of a human being and say "well at this point he's actually alive!", the biological basis of your being is formed at conception and it's an unbroken line from there until you die. The whole person-hood stuff was just drawn up to obfuscate that. Though practically abortion has it's place in exceptional circumstances

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Fuck white coats

Don't give a shit. More people should be aborted.

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>Though practically abortion has it's place in exceptional circumstances
Under what circumstances is it acceptable to murder another human being?

The only situation I can think of where it's mandated is in an ectopic pregnancy, and even then only because of our limited technology.

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ectopic pregnancy, health risks for the mother, a fetus carrying severe genetic disease/birth-defects. Rape would be another thing that would add some morally grey zones, but that would just go into autistic scenario thinking

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Mandated murder is still murder, anon....

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>health risks for the mother
You'll need to be more specific, because I'm struggling to think of anything where an abortion would be safer for the mother, let alone the child, over inducing birth. I'm not in a field related to ob/gyn though, so this is a good faith question.
>a fetus carrying severe genetic disease/birth-defects
What kind of defects are we talking about here? If it's a defect like Down Syndrome then I don't think you can kill the kid, but if it's something like anencephaly you can argue the kid was never alive to begin with.
>Rape would be another thing that would add some morally grey zones, but that would just go into autistic scenario thinking
In this society we hardly ever execute rapists for their crimes, so it's a bit fucked we think of executing their innocent children instead.
There's no way to save a child of an ectopic pregnancy, but you can at least save the mother.

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How to measure severity? There isn't a severometer on genetic diseases.
You could try to argue in favor of the expected IQ and skills for daily living but that'd then would open the door to genocide half subsaharan africa and 90% of lower class people.

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kill em all

>> No.12594347

waste of cheap workforce

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>just heard a rumor that a group of nursing students was running an escort service a few years ago
>not even surprised

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Deciding between EM, anesthesia, and radiology. What should I go into?

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Do you like people?

>> No.12594478

I like talking to pts, but not sure what I would enjoy when I’m 50 with a family

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How good are you at memorizing? How good are you at managing stress?

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Decent. Want a good fulfilling specialty that allows me to be an entrepreneur.

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Should I become a nurse or radiation therapist, /sci/? rad tech sounds less stressful while making a little bit less but I am mostly interested in dealing with infectious disease.

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Be a male nurse and specialize in anesthesia or surgery. Radiation therapists are all autismo. Male nurse has the added benefit of having a pretty sweet time in education being surrounded by dumb nurses and you will easily get a job afterwards because hospitals want male nurses. Did I mention radiology is for asbergers?

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>life begins at conception
life began with proteinoid microspheres forming on lava billions of years ago, ever since that life has just been changing shapes

>> No.12595716

here's a long shot.
any ophthalmologists on here willing to help me cheat on a remotely administered exam which starts in 75 minutes?

>> No.12595718

doesn't have to be an ophthalmologist actually.
any medfag who can use google quickly and efficiently.

>> No.12595719

eh, in northern europe doctors actually work sane hours (maybe 40ish a week and you can do much less if necessary), so it's really not a problem.

>> No.12595721

rads then

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t.Anesthesiologist in a Norwegian hospital, I work 37.5 hours a week

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I know I should contact doctors and I have but I thought I'd post here incase anyone can give advice - I suffer from schizophrenia and for about 3 years have been off meds completely and stable which has been incredible, however I'm very susceptible to paranoia and conspiracy theories, rationally I know they're mostly bullshit and misinfo but it's very difficult to convince myself of it if that makes sense - at the start of covid (march) my parents said they'd be much more comfortable if I moved back in with them for the time being they're both high risk groups and now the vaccine is being rolled out (in the UK) I've noticed more skepticism about it's safety etc - I want to get the vaccine but conspiracy theories are gradually making me more reluctant to, how do i approach this? I've deleted all social media since it seems very common on social media. Like I said earlier I've reached out to my gp and have an assessment on thursday but I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to maintain my mental state and not fall into conspiracy theories

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just read the OP about no vaccine talk sorry, set this post to delete

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ok guys, help me stay sober. give me reasons to do so.

>> No.12595848

Well why not, what's your reason not to be sober?

>> No.12595855

the feeling and laziness I get from getting high. It also kinda ruined music for me since I would mostly listen to it while high.

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pajeet hands typed this

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it's murder on any term since it is already a determined organism after conception has happened. other than that the decision is up to you depending on your worldview/mental state and factors that were into play during the conception. of course the parent/s alone will have to face the consequences for the rest of their life. not many care about this tho. from what i've seen in life, no one who had part in abortion has been able to live at least relatively happy or content life, now is this because of some divine rules or mental toll on your psyche because your wrongdoing and remorse, or both is up to debate.

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>t.not a doctor

>> No.12595891

Why would it ruin music though and why would you want to be lazy?

>> No.12595897

because I love that couch laziness feeling, to put it simply. I like the way it makes me melt in the couch and it pairs very well with some good music.

It ruined it because I don't feel the same about music now. I had this song I absolutely loved while high but now that I'm listening to it sober, god it's so shit.

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>since it is already a determined organism after conception has happened
So what you're saying is that all women are by definition mass-murderers as most conceptions end by default at the very start because they are deemed unfit by the woman's body.

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It's an uncontrollable natural factor. Nor woman, nor the zygot can influence it. Therefore, no one is at fault.

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>Hi yes is this thing on? I was told this is where I can find out WHERE THE FUCK MY FORESKIN IS

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that isn't done by choice, by your logic infant mortality is also a murder.

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>being american

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Fuck I chose the wrong specialty, should have chosen uro/gyn and charge dumb jewed mutts a fortune for foreskin reconstruction

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How do you discuss ethics bs in an interview?

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>tfw not american
>still had to have a circumcision done in adult age due to phimosis

Fuck you life.

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Just become a hippocratic fundamentalist.

>> No.12596271

I want to not crave things, I don't want to feel miserable anymore. Any cure for this feel?

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>residency anesthesiology
>23yo welder comes in for a tonsillectomy
>easy job, can basically do it with gas alone, even the nurses could probably do it without killing him
>attending wants to observe me ask pre-op questions and weigh him, ask about drugs etc.
>He goes off on a tangent about how it was hard to get his mail order bride here because of covid restrictions
>have you eaten anything today?
>"oh yes I had a burger and a beer, I got the day off"
>look at him like pic
>Didn't you read the pamphlet we sent you?
>attending basically calls him a retard and sends him home
>next patient is an immigrant kid also in for a tonsillectomy, mother bought kid a hotdog because she was hungry
Sometimes I think I chose the wrong specialty

>> No.12596337

That being america and all, why don't you just send them an A4 with just the text 'DO NOT FUCKING EAT ON THE DAY OF THE OPERATION!' in as big a font as you can fit.

>> No.12596358

>That being america and all, why don't you just send them an A4 with just the text 'DO NOT FUCKING EAT ON THE DAY OF THE OPERATION!' in as big a font as you can fit.
Because most Americans are illiterate and you could write it in the sky, and most of them still wouldn't understand. Being American is a mental illness and the few with actual functioning brain cells and aren't mentally ill, have to waste their time dealing with the rest.

>> No.12596454

Try meth.

>> No.12596472

lift and leave humanity behind

>> No.12596480

>Why yes, I forgot my I.D. and got kicked out of my medschool interview, how can you tell?

>> No.12596569

Not going the hobo route

Not going the /fit/ route

>> No.12596603

why are there tens of thousands of mental disorders and so many meds to combat them? I've searched a bit and found a ton of stuff I had no idea existed like impulsive behaviour and intermittent explosive disorder which we didn't cover in psychiatry. I mean, do people really suffer from these disorders in such way their quality of life goes down?

Let's say for example we have an individual with impulsive behaviour, he impulsively buys a thing for his hobby but is left with no money for rent. Does this shit really, really happen?

>> No.12596635

>he impulsively buys a thing for his hobby but is left with no money for rent. Does this shit really, really happen?
Lurk 4chan for a few months and you will see that it is very much a thing. In fact, just find any of the gacha game generals on /vg/ and ask, people will spend every spare penny they have and accrue debt for cute 2D anime girl pixels.

>> No.12596646

I guess it may happen. I've also noticed the fact that as time goes the psychiatric field turns into a cluster of overly specific shit. Things like cross-dressing and homosexuality were classified as mental disorders 50 years ago so there is a clear influence (more like pressure) by society and minorities in order to aggravate and normalize some behaviors.
What would your reaction be if I told you there is an entity named "antagonistic disorder" which basically describes as mentally ill people that don't take shit from strangers or laboral abuse by their employers?
Psychiatry IMO must stay away from anthropology, ethics and sociology in order to remain a science.

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>yes I sold my car for one sweet unusual hat on tf2

>> No.12596698

I find this approach very disingenuous and concerning. I suppose being specific is good to a point but splitting everything up and treating everything like a separate "disorder" feels so stupid that I feel like this done for profit than out of ignorance.

so many mental illnesses are so similar and idk why they're not being evaluated on the whole for what similarities they share

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>> No.12596757

Americans can't read and they can't fast
Telling patients there to go npo is impossible
Legit had someone who was crying because they had to go npo for only 12 hours, 9 of which they slept through

>> No.12596762

Because the brain is complex and any slight change of its structure or neurochemistry leads to fucked up people
Also there's too many kids being raised by trash parents or are in fucking hellish conditions

>> No.12597115

Where the medstudent thread go :(, I don't want to clutter up the doctor talk thread.

>> No.12597174

When kind of treatment will be needed in order to actually treat chronic pain?

>> No.12597183

Something that dulls nociceptive receptors or brain centers in brain but we can't target those specifically yet
Just talk here. We were med students once

>> No.12597198

>Something that dulls nociceptive receptors or brain centers in brain but we can't target those specifically yet
I hope to be alive when this is a reality. I could kill for a cure

>> No.12597215

meant pain centers in brain in somatosensory cortex
I feel it's going to be much more difficult to tackle than cancer, genetic diseases, or infections. With those their are clear targets for therapeutic attack. Chronic pain syndromes are very vague and generalized and our ability to modify neurochemistry and pathways will take some time.
What syndrome do you have?

>> No.12597218

The brain is very complex and it will take at least 20-30 years before there will be real treatments instead of opoids

>> No.12597240

I don't know yet, still doing test.. But the ANA-test was negative. Symtoms started in late october and are similar to Fibromyalgia but I really don't hope that is my diagnosis.
I have muscle/joint pain, crepitus, sometimes spams and tingling. The brain fog is not so bad and I can still work. But the is worrying me since there are no reliable treatments

>> No.12597266

whats your favorite peptide /med/?

>> No.12597401

Your mom's peptide you nerdy twat.

>> No.12597416

Fibromyalgia honestly seems like the likeliest out of the differential based on your symptoms and that test,
Have you been exercising, sleeping well, eating right? Any pain meds?

>> No.12597575

I need someone to tell me technicians are the actual chads because i'll never be a doctor

>> No.12597590

I'm exercising but feeling so much pain, that lasts for 1-3 days. I'm sleeping 5-6 hours maybe but it's hard to find a good position because of the muscle soreness. I'm not taking pain meds. I don't know what to eat yet in order to reduce the pain.

>> No.12597644

technicians are chads only if they do their work on time and know their place
don't let patient care be delayed because of your incompetence

>> No.12597712

that's sounds like a "don't be a dead weight" to me

>> No.12597886
File: 29 KB, 780x438, 201225001713-dr-susan-moore-exlarge-169[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you guys think?

>> No.12597898

>What do you guys think?
looks like the kind of videos that I don't watch

>> No.12597959

how can I get past med school with minimal effort/time invested

>> No.12597975
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be smart

>> No.12597980
File: 147 KB, 757x1017, lääkeapustaja12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

be apu

>> No.12597986

>tfw hospital wants a corona test before I can go intern there
>will only live in a bubble with other people who've also tested negative during the internship
>"nooo anon you must wear the mask to protect the people from the rona"

>> No.12598011

Read my diary and you'll find out.

>> No.12598018

Are you really not interacting with patients at all? Then how are you an intern?
Also are you that retarded or is this shitty bait?

>> No.12598029

knew an attending who refused to wear a mask properly in the hospital
they let him
eventually his son got covid and hospitalized
after that wore n95, a surgical mask, and a face shield all the time in the hospital lmao

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File: 325 KB, 1104x670, cicotards_btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Insulin because it's the most important metabolic hormone.

>> No.12598086

>most important metabolic hormone
*laughs in thyroxine*

>> No.12598134

yeah and my dad works at nintendo
>people under 40 who get rona have a lower total mortality than the general mortality in the same age group

>> No.12598159

You wouldn't mind posting a souce on that bullcrap, right "doctor"?

>> No.12598241

I think you'd die earlier from a total absence of insulin than a total absence of thyroxine

>> No.12598243

Hyaluronidase cuz it sounds cool

>> No.12598247

Offering advice
Feel free to ask for advice if needed

>> No.12598280

sure, when you source your story.

>> No.12598332

I'm not even that guy. But please, feel free to back up your bullshit.

>> No.12598602

Depends on where you live. If you're based in the UK, just do like 50 questions on passmed every day and that covers your writtens. Turn up to placement for when you absolutely have to and fuck off at the first available opportunity.

Steal shit to get your money's worth and to practice clinical skills on friends.

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redpill me on vaxx injuries

>> No.12598664

Why would china call for norway to stop using a vaccine in norway? What?

>> No.12598713

you give water with sugar to 100 000people, some of them will die.

>> No.12598730

Are you an idiot? Thyroxine is essential for cerebration. Wtf is wrong with you

>> No.12598734

His son is over 40 retard
If you’re not /med/ get the fuck out of here

>> No.12598740

So they can buy more vaccines for their own country. It’s a smart strategy. They are really selfish people.

>> No.12598743

you'd still live, meanwhile you'll die from ketoacidosis without a pancreas

>> No.12598747

Then why insulin and not cortisol

>> No.12598755

you said for metabolism not for living
T4 is def THE metabolic hormone

>> No.12598760

how to do physics when calculators utilize pi as a constant instead of an arbitrary label.

On the inside of a particle that is a perfect sphere i.e. all of them except some occasionally the variable numerology/topology is interelated to its physics.

This means you're all 18% wrong on average when using a computer instead of freehand representation of medicine, neurophysics, etc.

Modern medicine is bs. Cognative behavioral is bs.

>> No.12598789

If you're thinking about the fact that adrenal failure is life threatening, it's only life threatening because of the lack of aldosterone and hence the salt wasting. An isolated loss of glucocorticoid activity as seen in secondary hypoadrenalism is not on the same level.
then why the hell would thyroxine being needed for brain function be a refutation? Of course this entire discussion is about the pure physiology of the hormone, in reality disorders relating to insulin is the no. 1 cause of metabolic disease around the world, so in that way it's also the most important.

>> No.12598946

my urine smells weird. says online that a "sweet" or "ammonia" smell could be a number of things, and that a "fruity" smell could be type 2 diabetes. But how do I know if my urine smells "sweet" or "fruity"?
>blah blah get a blood test
I got a blood test a month ago and finally got the results back and for some reason they didn't test any of the important things my doctor marked down (glucose, cholesterol, etc.) so I don't know if I have blood sugar / diabetes problems. Going to book another blood test tomorrow, but in the mean time, anyone have any insight on urine smells?

>> No.12598988

unironically taste it

>> No.12599093

any other resources like this?

>> No.12599094


>> No.12599106


>> No.12599194

What's the funniest thing I can do in my hospital placement this summer?

>> No.12599563
File: 1.39 MB, 1200x1200, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in March, my lecturers dismissed the idea of community mask wearing being effective at preventing virus transmission
>in October, my lecturers insisted we had to wear masks to our exams
What changed? The studies I've seen are mixed at best, yet it seems the years long medical consensus that community mask use doesn't effect viral transmission has been turned on its head overnight.

>> No.12599580

Dude just buy a Chem 8 urine dipstick kit from Amazon.
Don’t even waste your energy

>> No.12599591

immunising everyone with your sick, vulnerable and elderly firstly means you are already measuring groups prone to death. If I passed lollipops out in a hospice and measured how peopled tracked over time, I could infer that lollipops kill people.

>> No.12599616

my theory on it all is that the efficacy of them isn't necessarily in stopping airborne pathogens, but changing horrendous hygiene habits for most of the population. go out into a shopping centre and pay attention to where people put their hands. they'll go from hand rail to escalator rail to shopping cart to mouth. wearing a mask prevents people from doing that over a long period of time and breaks a cycle of transmission that way

>> No.12599617

At the hospital I’m at now the surgeons try really hard to declare their elective cases as emergent when this shit happens.

However, I’m always just happy the patient is truthful with this kind of thing. The ones that lie about their PO intake and then proceed to get an LMA, or the patients that lie about forgetting to hold their opioid antagonists or anti coagulants per guidelines are the ones that make this shit more stressful than it needs to be.

You chose the right specialty if you plan on working in an outpatient ambulatory surgery center....Otherwise it’s nonstop OB/OR/ED calls, consults, and headache.

>> No.12599622
File: 110 KB, 705x661, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>over a long period of time and breaks a cycle of transmission that way
Given how much people touch their masks, I doubt it. There's also conflicting evidence showing their efficacy.

>> No.12599738
File: 978 KB, 2784x2256, coom20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LMA looks like pussy

>> No.12599782

if you aren't willing to do anything then wallow in your hedonistic misery, why even curse thread with your shitty useless presence?

>> No.12599793

people are retarded even your lecturers most of them will do and say what is accepted during that time. i think only thing that changed during that time probably was public opinion/who recommendation.

>> No.12599795



I'd suggest the plane option since you get to see at least nice views before death which can soothe your brains and prepare them for incoming doom

>> No.12599890

>imagine being an american resident
>nurse practitioner interviews you
>makes more money although they don't even have 10% of your knowledge
>AMA does nothing and lets the wanna be docs lobby for themselves

Do amerilards really do this? How in the fuck do you cope with something like this, kek. Nurse practitioner has existed for what, 50 years when our profession is thousand years old and they somehow managed to fuck up the American healthcare system even more.

>inb4 they were created to serve in rural areas
But they don't.

>> No.12599917

It’s gaining traction. CRNAs are being pushed to independent practice and ANPs with online training are replacing MDs.

The data shows similar outcomes for ANPs and MDs in most primary care situations, but there is a stark contrast in outcomes for inpatient issues.

There are mid levels in our hospitalist service, and anecdotally, the costs saved with their utilization is quickly countered by the amount of tests, interventions, consults that are ordered/requested that have zero utility or are unnecessary.

>> No.12599938

What changed is that we thought this is like influenzavirus or rhinovirus both of which don't really stop with mask wearing. It was actually surprising that masks did anything at all and there is no biological or physical explanation given to it yet.

>> No.12599942

>The data shows similar outcomes for ANPs and MDs in most primary care situations, but there is a stark contrast in outcomes for inpatient issues.

Isn't the "data" usually biased towards APRNs? I mean, even in primary care I think they order a ton of useless shit, have no idea what they're doing and then send the patient to someone actually competent (an MD). Doesn't that affect the whole cost-effective thing? it feels like a facade.

>> No.12599980

I agree with you 100%.
It doesn’t add up and many outcomes are cherry picked for comparison

>> No.12600023

>he didn't get steroid-creme and went through a streching exam
>he didn't even get a partial circumcision
Was it really that severe? I had phimosis in adult age, but just googled what I could do, went to a doctor and told him I wouldn't get circed and asked for a creme instead. It's not completely gone, but it's not an issue anymore

>> No.12600037

med student 4th year in Europe
I hate medicine, I hate doctors and med student
they're all retarded and fall for obvious scams like the diet heart meme and statins
I'm switching to engineering fuck this shit
Am I making a mistake?

>> No.12600083

There are retards in every profession my dude. Just remember that sometimes you’re the idiot.

>> No.12600088

I would love to be the idiot, hence why I'm switching. I'm just too lazy for med school and not interested enough.

>> No.12600098
File: 34 KB, 580x548, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chink virus second wave hits
>it's been 4 months since my last 19 year old cutie appendicitis patient
>nothing but a constant stream of fat diabetes boomers in corona ICU
i just want my comfy anesthesias back

>> No.12600100

You made it to the last year. I think most people would regret dropping out at this point.

>> No.12600102

or maybe because they're competing and china wants them to buy their own sinovac vaccine instead, you brainlets

>> No.12600108

ngmi if you have /pol/brain and refusing to wear a simple fucking mask IN the hospital

>> No.12600109

pretty much what >>12600100 said. if you truly feel miserable, then switch, do your thing, but if you're having a bad day now because an attending put you in your place or a colleague made a shitty remark or something like that, I'd let it go and continue studying medicine.

>> No.12600110

>work with all the cool medical tech
>don't work with stinky poopoo patients

>> No.12600112

This is the part when you say "thanks for reading my blogpost". Like nigga gtfo with that whiny ass shit, if you already have a resolution then do it and die in a fire. This ain't no BoomerBook and the living of your anonymous readers won't change a single minuscule bit.
God fuck zoomers and their attentionwhoring culture.

>> No.12600118

I'm practicing in a third world eastern euro shithole, and the opposite is a problem
Surgeons spook the patients so hard with not eating before surgery, that they come in convinced to not eat or drink for a whole day or two before surgery; I then have to deal with them being dehydrated af

>> No.12600123

So, I have a vestibular schwannoma and I'm in my 3rd year of medschool(non-american/egyptian) and becoming deaf in one ear is a very real possibility for me. :(
Is being deaf in one ear going to be a huge impediment for me later when I graduate? My grades are pretty good(top 10%) and I've always wanted to get into a general surgery residency in AmeriKKKa(will program directors there decline me just because I'm deaf in one ear? But btw im also fine with staying in Egypt!)

>> No.12600142

Might as well put some Neo in your fluids ahead of time, save yourself from the incessant alarms after induction

>> No.12600171

Yes it was, I could barely even get part of the tip showing and it was partly already fused with the tip. There was absolutely no way that any stretching would have done any good.

>> No.12600172

>obvious scams like the diet heart meme and statins
So show us your fine research over this matter which proves them wrong. Or can you in any way prove that the current epidemiological research over the matter is all wrong.

>> No.12600187

Food consumption and the actual statistics of cardiovascular
diseases: an epidemiological comparison of 42 European countries
Pavel Grasgruber*, Martin Sebera, Eduard Hrazdira, Sylva Hrebickova and Jan Cacek

just an example

>> No.12600193

Oh I routinely do for major procto surgeries(i.e. colectomies) - which, to be fair, don't really apply to what I said earlier, because they actually DO need the bowels all emptied and prepped for the surgery beforehand
I always have a colloid with a bit of phenylephrine ready, because otherwise after induction and as the epidural gets going at the same time, they drop to like 70/40
But back on the topic, I routinely get minor shit like hysteroscopies in gyno or, say, hernias in surgery and
>ask the patient when they last ate and drunk
>'oh I had a cup of tea yesterday morning'
>'the surgeon told me to!'

>> No.12600217
File: 21 KB, 210x240, 1583781466768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's really a luxury problem anon, I would so much rather have that than routinely have these fat retards who refuse to stop eating or these Imbeciles that feed their kids because the kids complain about being hungry.
>Oh my kid just had a few slices of bread and some rasberry jam, can't you just operate?
The best part is that it's my fault when I tell them I can't allow them surgery and they get angry.

>> No.12600229

adult and pediatric anesthesiology is separated over here; ngl i am glad that i don't have to deal with kids or especially kids' hysterical mommies

>> No.12600270

Technicians are efficiency multipliers, doing a good job there is key, you're not just some codemonkey. The more efficiently the medical personal can work, the better for the patient, keeping the tech shit running is extremely vital work, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

>> No.12600306

So, how do we know that the vaxx we're giving to our patients isn't a mutagen that makes them sterile or uses the new tech to actually insert nanotech chips?

I am worried about giving any vaxx to my patients and advise against giving them anything including MMR (autism) vaxx to their children because of the immunological hyper response caused by mercury and other heavy metals in vaxx.

>> No.12600312


>> No.12600329

Yes, we. Any doctor with a good conscience won't give any vaxx to patients and let them build up stronger natural immunity or proven methods, which vaxx aren't according to science. So if we know vaxx are bad, why are our directors and big pharma trying to push this covid vaxx so hard unless it's for an agenda??

>> No.12600331

>our directors
>pushing this covid vaxx
keep larping

>> No.12600335


i agree with this desu

we know the new vaxx does alter your DNA and repurposes cells.

it works in the same way HIV does in hijacking your cells and then replicating their own viruses until your cells die. this is combined with nanotechnology so that they can, in the future, use more insidious applications such as sterility, mind control, etc.

no good doctor should advise giving the vaxx

>> No.12600338

Not an argument.

There's something going on and it's our duty as doctors to do the best by our patients and hold off giving any vaxx until we know what is really going on.

>> No.12600343

>doesn't know the difference between how a retrovirus and mRNA works
keep larping

>> No.12600345


it's good to see likeminded people here. not enough people in the medical profession are awake to what's really going on or the fact that covid is based on bioweapons tech with integrating lots of different viruses for which there is no cure

we even have glowniggers posting ITT trying to say that vaxxing is safe.


>> No.12600351

I was watching this with a few colleagues recently and it was eye opening


I was going to take the vaxx by pfizer, but now I am not so sure...

>> No.12600366

No it's fine as long as you're not going into ent and doing schwabach tests but even then they don't know how to do tuning fork tests properly and just use audiometry

>> No.12600381

Ignore the chunk premed nigger in this thread who reads Falun Gong propaganda

>> No.12600394


>we know the new vaxx does alter your DNA and repurposes cells


>> No.12600395

>"NO don't take the vaccine whitu pigu communist china has your best interests at heart"
>White people take vaccine because they dislike China for releasing the virus and want it to end
>China reverse psychologys the world into genociding itself and escapes blame for the virus once and for all

>> No.12600397

This. Anyone that thinks that covid is a random virus that chinky propaganda says it is, has myopia. Lots of vaxx companies have interests in China and shouldn't be trusted.

>> No.12600439
File: 113 KB, 384x378, lääkeapustaja100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh great anti-vaxx larpers crawled out of the woodworks again. What part of you don't talk about this shit in here do you not understand.

We are here to talk shit with colleagues from different parts of the worlds.

>> No.12600442

>2 orderlies gave life saving cpr in our maternity ward
>after code blue was called
>and 15 minutes passed
>nurses awol
>resident awol
>investigation opened
>orderlies on leave despite proving (including with witnesses) that they called codes numerous times throughout the night without assistance
>nurses on duty that night not on leave
>resident on duty that night not on leave
>medical assistant that was there was running up and down halls on every floor looking for help, also not on leave

There exists no reaction image for my level of disappointment. They saved her life by the way.

>> No.12600455

What the actual fuck
All those people should be fired

>> No.12600468

based orderlies tbqh
that'd be a huge scandal/lawsuit right there even in my shithole country

>> No.12600476

>We are here to talk shit with colleagues from different parts of the worlds.
And that includes talking shit about vaxx we know don't work away from the mainstream media. We all know we'd lose our jobs if we were openly against vaxx, so we hav eto talk here and discuss ways to stop big pharma schemes and vaxxing

>> No.12600481

>And that includes talking shit about vaxx we know don't work away from the mainstream medi
It literally says in the first post that it does not, and none of us want to hear about it nor care what your opinion about it is.

>> No.12600482

>muh mainstream media
>we'd lose our jobs if we were openly against vaxx
why are /pol/tards so bad at larping as higher-educated specialists? could it be because they're all low iq menial labourers?

>> No.12600500

Most likely nurses and doctors can't be placed on unpaid leave pending investigation due to union regs. Guarantee those orderlies don't have the same protections.

>> No.12600504

also what happened that they needed CPR in maternity ward?

>> No.12600513

how the fuck can you work in anesthesia/ICU and date a local nurse
you KNOW how much piss shit and vomit they interact with

>> No.12600514

Discussing the effectiveness of vaxx is research you nigger larper.

>> No.12600532

>Discussing the effectiveness of vaxx
>globohomo mainstream media pushing (((their))) agenda to inject kike nanovirus mindcontrol chips to rewrite your DNA into making you a sterile tranny
>is research

>> No.12600540

Just ignore the gook. Prob a premed drop out

>> No.12600548

And brought up on charges.

>> No.12600552

There's at least 4 of those shitty vaxx threads in /sci/ go talk there and stop coming here.

>> No.12600558

I don't know but I can't help but feel like I'll be at a disadvantage.

>> No.12600560

>He doesn't induce vaccine hesitancy in his gomers to kill them off and keep some vaccines in reserve for his family

>> No.12600568

It's fine man. Use your story as a good personal statement and get good USMLE scores. Study hard and stop doubting yourself.
You can do it man. Best of luck anon.

>> No.12600581

This. The more /pol/tards, or /pol/tard family members that die off in the next few years, the better.

>> No.12600595

Orderlies are always bros, I do what I can to make them feel appreciated
>cpr in our maternity ward
What the fuck happened in the maternity ward to necessitate that?

>> No.12600600

Exactly. They'll probably have a mandatory staff meeting over it.
Look out for Houston news about it. It'll likely hit the news regardless of lawsuits.
That's bullshit. The entire fucking hospital is one big clique. If you're not in you're treated like shit, both personally and administratively. I've seen nurses put in false reports on other staff members for shit like harassment for being asked to do their jobs and stop bothering them with gossip.
No idea, I assume complications with the pregnancy.

>> No.12600675

>orderlies gave life saving cpr
Do US orderlies get trained for defibrillation? I thought they changed sheets and mopped.

>> No.12600759
File: 564 KB, 1871x1872, 1601970792874.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>medical "professionals"

>> No.12600776


>> No.12600784

yeah, MDs, what's up with that sonny?

>> No.12600789

OMG OMG are you FOR REAL? Youre making mean memes against us which are always true like all memez. Whats wrong with us??

>> No.12600800

This is so bad. That resident and those nursoids should never see a patient again. I’ll look out for the article. Post it here if you find it first. Thanks

>> No.12600809

>oh no not the dying boomer #789
>let us all be somber
lmao nigga when some 80 year old fuck croaks on my shift i'm thinking about what i'm having for lunch later

>> No.12600831
File: 203 KB, 745x960, 1603556315172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.12600839

>Not knowing how vaccines work
Turn your head 720º, cuck

>> No.12600847

tf is this shit,kek

>> No.12600852

a whole lot of cope by seething brainlets is what it is

>> No.12600860

imagine sitting all day on your ass thinking about conspiracy theories and then deluding yourself with them being true. holy fuck, /pol/tards are on a whole new level of retardation.

>> No.12600866

i mean, it must be terrifying to live in a world where jewish nanorobot deathsquads are forcing you to wear a mask while having sex with your dakimakura under threat of being deleted from twitter

>> No.12600873

>jewish nanorobot deathsquads
fucking kek.

>> No.12600875

>tfw the shot only gave me mild swelling and didn’t give me nanobots to become one with the borg (Bill OReilly Gates)

>> No.12600879

Somebody post the rape robot police greentext

>> No.12600880
File: 248 KB, 1080x893, IMG_20210119_181425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can i do this with med school?

>> No.12600893

Sorry I’m phoneposting so here’s a
>Reddit link


>> No.12600903
File: 8 KB, 235x215, frogposter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12601013
File: 48 KB, 710x577, lääkeapustaja42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not being happy that you can get a patient out of your ward

Do you even MD?

>> No.12601068

be honest with me, are you faggots, especially those of you who worked as EMTs, trained to kill off organ donors?

>> No.12601087

I heard of stories where doctors tried to push the family of a patient in coma to "let him go" by demoralizing the family. Some of those people came back btw

>> No.12601402
File: 34 KB, 680x591, patr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come to your ICU shift
>there's a new patient
>it's a 180 kg chonker, intubated and on 2 mcg/kg/min norepinephrine already
>barely drag him alive into the next day
>quickly pass the shift to the next guy
>go home
>the patient dies 2 hours later
>now the next guy has to deal with paperwork and informing the relatives
>and also helping the orderlies offload the whale

>> No.12601534

Europoor hospital?

I’ve never had to help tag and stuff bodies into body bags, most US hospitals have teams or staff that do that.

Sounds lazy on your part for not priming the conversation of imminent demise with family before hand off.

>> No.12601549
File: 2.23 MB, 480x360, 1603129969289.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where the fuck do you have to help move bodies?
That's nurse and orderly work.

>> No.12601556
File: 149 KB, 1280x720, 1587309777310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sometime it hurt here
what it mean

>> No.12601559


>> No.12601573
File: 459 KB, 256x192, 91545784-808F-479D-9FB1-BF452CC74707.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12601583

>now the next guy has to deal with paperwork and informing the relatives
I love it
When you sign off and the patient is coding or does right after your sign out and the next poor bastard has to deal with all that paperwork

>> No.12601588

>go to get bloods done for hormone problem
>phlebotomist takes a glance at the sheet
>ah so checking for testicular cancer eh? dont worry you'll be fine
>she said it out loud
Did they not fucking train her to about confidentiality? I wasn't even the only person in the room and she had a student nurse with her. I'm a bloody first year and I know not to say stuff like that out loud.

>> No.12601591

>gen surg residency for a IMG out of Egypt
I mean, it's good to have dreams but...

>> No.12601592

Go see a doctor. Could be mi, costochronditis, pleurisy, pe, gerd, aortic dissection, esophageal rupture
Just go to your doc
>inb4 amerifat
Then just drink your tub of lard and pray to jeebus

>> No.12601610
File: 122 KB, 871x850, lääkeapustaja61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We all know we'd lose our jobs if we were openly against vaxx
imagine being this cucked

>> No.12601619

Usually no, but we've got 2 orderlies on shift, no way they're moving that body alone(or with the help of the two 20 y/o girl nurses)
but yes it is a euro shithole
>Sounds lazy on your part for not priming the conversation of imminent demise with family before hand off.
memes aside, how exactly do you imagine me calling them up at 8 am and saying something like 'hey umm i'm pretty sure your dad/brother will die in a couple of hours, not sure tho; okay, bye'?

>> No.12601622

usually not, med school scales very poorly

>> No.12601650

no, that's literally not even a medical practitioner and doesn't exist in most countries
but then even actual nurses are dumb as hell about medical ethics

>> No.12601654

Any Italian med school graduates here manage to find a job? And where did you find?

>> No.12601661

>Sounds lazy on your part for not priming the conversation of imminent demise with family before hand of

That's nursoid work.

>> No.12601663

Yeah should be fine now that all the older docs died of covid

>> No.12601670

I’d call at 2am if there was a need to talk about advanced care planning or advanced directives. Not even memeing, families would rather have a heads up to make preparations/flight arrangements

>> No.12601716

I told you it's an eastern euro shithole, we don't routinely do any of that here(and DNR is not a legal option anyway), especially not with those expected to die and when relatives aware of it
We just tell them to come by our morgue the next day with documents ready, and then they sort out the legal shit themselves
In cases when it's a young patient or some issue arises(i.e. malpractice fuck up), our department head usually handles that himself

>> No.12601721

Phlebotomist is purely an American think, Nurses do it here

>> No.12601768

>Please keep vaccination/clamping/vitamin K out of this thread
>vitamin K
redpill me on vit K memes
I only know it as K1 for coagulation/INR problems, nothing deserving the meme spot together with anti-vaxx or clampposting

>> No.12601780

If you’re a premed or an Amerifat asking for advice go to reddit

>> No.12601781

Man that sounds depressing af not even gonna lie.
Is there clergy or a church nearby? Many of them are happy to provide some comfort or direction in these circumstances.
Admin seems like they wouldn’t care about formal training / vetting either.

>> No.12601796

>DNR is not a legal option

>> No.12601807

They should force everyone over the age of 75 to be dnr. Legit had so many old fucks dying but their families said to keep them artificially alive. Some recovered but then died a few days or weeks later.
Too many people just can’t say goodbye

>> No.12601814

There's a chapel on the grounds of most major hospitals here I think, yes
in practice that's what usually happens with 70+ year olds, yes; at most we intubate and CPR for like 10 minutes instead of following the full protocol

>> No.12602137
File: 5 KB, 270x187, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw third week of patients being overweight slobs who smell instead of cute 19yo's

>> No.12602393

Do cute 19 year old sorority sisters have a history of medical problems in your town?

>> No.12602406

Having ugly patients is fine because it makes me convince myself I'm a doctor.
As soon as I have an attractive patient, I'm back to being 14 years old again.

>> No.12602414

>I'm a doctor
Med student*

If not post diploma. Go ahead and black out the name and dates, just put a timestamped piece of paper on top.

>> No.12602454


>> No.12602478

>get an anesthesiologist buddy(get one right here on this thread!)
>ask him to hook you up with propofol and rocuronium
>ask him to place you an IV catheter
>set up a shitload of propofol on a drip, connect it, pause
>inject 50 mg propofol directly
>inject 50 mg rocuronium
>quickly turn on the propofol drip

>> No.12602532

Update for anyone that cares:

The resident and a nurse were placed on unpaid leave pending investigation, while the orderlies were brought in this afternoon, questioned heavily, and told to resume their shifts starting on Thursday. They were promised compensation for the time off they were asked to take. The patient's husband had an attorney over and they're already talking about malpractice in the form of abandonment. Medical assistant was fired for "breaking protocol".

Apparently the doctor was seen on cameras in another part of the hospital for >45 minutes.

This portion is mostly from my friend that works security.

>> No.12602557

Oh yeah, and she needed CPR due to a severe potassium deficiency post delivery.

>> No.12602596
File: 58 KB, 481x459, nanners.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

should've eaten the bananas

>> No.12602628

Thanks for the update. Post the news report when it’s available.
Those fucks should be fired and never allowed near a patient again.

>> No.12602635

Can Amerifats do anything right? Just saw this on medscape.

>> No.12602642

How's your country's version of the covid vaccine doing?

>> No.12602643
File: 84 KB, 904x864, smh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Operation Warp Speed

>> No.12602686

I hate Biden but he’ll do a better job at least than the dumbfuck before

>> No.12603094

Go to the urine bench and pour one of the cum samples on a girl's hair

>> No.12603326 [DELETED] 

You don't "hate" Biden.

In fact, emotionally you're prepared for him with legs wide open

>> No.12603391 [DELETED] 

Keep in mind the Trump administration was spectacularly corrupt and inept in equal measure by any standard

This is not a reflection on a Joe Biden administration or McCapitalism

>> No.12603396

Not lucky enough for an informal protocol to have a patient switched so you can "bump" into them in the lobby?

>> No.12603586

How much of a nephrologists job is managing chronic dialysis patients vs critical care nephrology (AKI, electrolyte imbalances and stuff)?

>> No.12603609

Depends on seniority, location, hospital vs private practice
If you like critical care then just do pulm/cc

>> No.12603702
File: 11 KB, 207x243, heart_wojak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least over here (aus) I think CC is pretty saturated, but I like kidneys
I don't have that chad kidney pic so have a heart instead

>> No.12603883

>anti-Trump posters

>> No.12604317

anons who are physicians now, do you miss medical school? I'm in my last year, doing my thesis, preparing for residency and feel a bit overwhelmed and can't wait for this whole thing to go away and finally be a doctor. Am I dumb for thinking like this and should I be happy that I still have some free time?

>> No.12604366

never give up

>> No.12604375

shut the fuck up and make separate thread for vaccine discussion this is Doctor™℠®© thread!

>> No.12604379

keep samefagging>>12600351

>> No.12604383

what is an orderlie

>> No.12604394

you arent a god, your job is to keep people alive.

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Skinnyfat cope

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>> No.12604430

i miss the non school parts of med school

>> No.12604436

Not really. I didn't mesh with anyone there and it was just studies, so I have nothing to remember med school from.

>> No.12604444

I kinda do too. I like to grab a beer from time to time with some /med/ frens.

>didn't mesh with anyone there
that's sad, my man, hope you're doing alright.

>> No.12604465

what country are you from?
it's called a 'sanitar' in my euro region, basically the no medical education wagie who cleans up poop and does other physical labour

>> No.12604475

Dunno about first world, but in my country those critical conditions are handled by ICU anesthesiologists, then we get nephrologists to sort out long-term solutions; except when we need emergency dialysis, but that's infrequent
Back in our university nephrology, by far most patients were chronic

>> No.12604481

lmao why was sanitar cpr-ing

>> No.12604483

same, was brainlet so had to stay a year too, all i remember from it is failures and depression both in private life and work one

>> No.12604486

we call them infirmier or infirmiera, basically male/female that does janitorial tasks, wipes shit, helps patients pee, cleans the rooms. I can never imagine someone like that doing CPR but good thing they were trained lmao.

>> No.12604489

I miss being 16-24 years old, not med school per se
It's nice being a doctor, because you get to actually earn money and chad it up for all that knowledge and training you've packed into yourself, instead of just being one of the plebs in the shadow of your teacher.
The sudden responsibility and realizing that now it's YOUR patient and you can't just go 'haha i'm just a student here lol' can be overwhelming, depending on specialty(I'm in anesthesia/ICU so the first couple months were pretty spooky), but you get used to it.

>> No.12604499

I don't want that kind of responsibility, man. ICU seems tough and pharmacology wasn't my strong point in medical school + you get to do procedures but I guess that's a nice one.

Did you suffer from imposter syndrome or something like that? How long did it take for you to get used to it?

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>you get to do procedures but I guess that's a nice one
Yeah, being in that niche inbetween therapy and surgery is my favourite part; I'd be incredibly bored if I didn't have anything to do with my hands
I also like all the medical tech/equipment we get to work with
I feel like having some skills that you're objectively good at helps with being valuable, because otherwise it seems like so much of medical career revolves around networking and socializing, which I, being on 4chan, am bad at
>Did you suffer from imposter syndrome or something like that? How long did it take for you to get used to it?
At first for sure, especially considering that I've always been the weird asocial type, so suddenly talking to patients - strangers - all day from a position of authority/confidence and having to order nurses(who are often older and more experienced than you) around was uncomfortable; but I had 2 years of internship(kinda equivalent to your residency, where you're kinda a doctor, but only work under supervision of a senior one) to get used to it before actual independent work. If anything, the experience has helped me socially to become more extroverted and sociable(or at least pretend to be).
Still, if I've had a hardcore shift and been placing central lines, intubating, doing spinals and pleural taps all day, it's a weird feeling to come home and play Dark Souls or Paradox gsgs and shitpost on 4chan with those same hands that were doing the above - almost feels like doctors are *supposed* to have some 'mature' lifestyle.
In the same vein, when everything goes smooth and patients/relatives are thanking you after surgery and treating you like this respectable doctor-person who was responsible for their/their dad's life, I think to myself 'if only they knew what absurd infantile shit I'm doing in my spare time'

>> No.12604564

>almost feels like doctors are *supposed* to have some 'mature' lifestyle.
>'if only they knew what absurd infantile shit I'm doing in my spare time'

I guess that's just maturity hitting you, first of all we're all human and we have different needs, if you want to get shitfaced in your spare time you can do it as long as it doesn't affect your work, imo.

I don't like working with my hands at all, nor masturbate mentally micromanaging doses and correcting potassium levels all day as an IM. Idk, I've spent so much time in front of my laptop lately writing my thesis and listening to music that I started enjoying writing papers. I have no idea what spec I should go into, how did you choose anaesthesia? Was it an impulse or you knew during medschool what would you like to practice. I feel like I exhausted every single option, surgery not being one, I went from FM to peds to GI to GI peds to occupational medicine to FM again and this shit goes on and on and I'm at that point in which I'm confused as fuck.

I don't have problems cracking jokes with patients or having a "professional" attitude towards them, I just fear the fact that one day, someone will come in, tell me his/hers complaint and have no idea what the fuck to do about it.

>> No.12604602

Not the other anon but have you thought about radiology?

>> No.12604604

Does medical science benefit from a democrat rule?

>> No.12604606

>Idk, I've spent so much time in front of my laptop lately writing my thesis and listening to music that I started enjoying writing papers
Have you considered going mainly into research/education? Could then have just some comfy simple FM practice on the side
>how did you choose anaesthesia? Was it an impulse or you knew during medschool what would you like to practice
mostly an elimination process based on what I like/dislike; as I've said I enjoy the manual procedures, and was also considering clinical pathology or forensics for the same reason of not really having to talk to conscious patients too much; surgery never interested me either
>I just fear the fact that one day, someone will come in, tell me his/hers complaint and have no idea what the fuck to do about it
In my case it helps that the specialty is very protocol-driven - during anesthesia you mostly do the usual routine thing with mild corrections, and in intensive care you can just go step-by-step in stabilizing the patient - fix breathing, fix circulation, fix rhythm - and then you have some time to sit around and think what to do next while waiting for lab results; you don't have the pressure of a conscious and aware patient sitting in front of you and having to come up with shit on the fly

>> No.12604614

Not even American, but medicine benefits from someone in power who doesn't meddle in science/tech at all and lets actual professionals do their job, not someone who goes on press conferences to say 'have you tried just putting UV light inside their lungs or injecting disinfectant?'

>> No.12604619

>In my case it helps that the specialty is very protocol-driven - during anesthesia you mostly do the usual routine thing with mild corrections, and in intensive care you can just go step-by-step in stabilizing the patient - fix breathing, fix circulation, fix rhythm - and then you have some time to sit around and think what to do next while waiting for lab results; you don't have the pressure of a conscious and aware patient sitting in front of you and having to come up with shit on the fly
Other specialties like that?

>> No.12604628

yes I did but it's too competitive for my brainlet ass

Research is fine, I like adolescent health and mostly peds stuff about lifestyle choices, more like public health interests. part time FM or part time peds would be nice with some research/teaching on the side. I think I'll do the same as you and try to make an elimination process but I always come back to these two: peds and FM.

>you don't have the pressure of a conscious and aware patient sitting in front of you and having to come up with shit on the fly

I mean, I like to see patients and be a part of their life for a while or for their whole life, that's the aspect I like the most about those two specs and that's why I would never see myself practice in a hospital. Money will come either way and tbqh, I'm not that interested in making tons of money, I just want to be happy with my job in the first place.

>> No.12604669

>I like to see patients and be a part of their life for a while or for their whole life, that's the aspect I like the most about those two specs and that's why I would never see myself practice in a hospital
See, for me it's the exact opposite - I don't care much about the patients as individuals, I view each case as working with the human body that is in some way broken for me to fix and a pathophysiological puzzle to solve, and then move on to the next

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>> No.12605909

I miss being a functional alcoholic and a sex fiend without anyone giving two shits.

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