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Friendly reminder that if you study biology then you're practically a humanities major. You're not a real scientist

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No one asked.

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friendly reminder that if you're still in undergrad you're not a real scientist no matter what program you're in.

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Reminder Engineering the the only part of STEM that isnt utter bullshit

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Friendly reminder that mathematics is just applied autism.

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Biology is literally the biggest and most diverse field, duffus
Agriculture, medicine, virology, immunology, zoology, and so on. Every creature, from micro to macro, falls under biology - it's both the oldest and largest field of all.

The hell you mean you can simplify it as "just" applied chemistry

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Where's the version where they are all under the shoulder of philosophy?

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>Psychology is just applied biology

My dude...

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Insert bell curve. Vertical axis: How well practitioners understand what is going on. Seems to map well upon initial consideration, with chemistry and physics at the peak, Bio being slightly handwavy(with damn good excuse, availablility of uninvented tools), and mathematics being entirely handwave along with sociology.

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If you think that we who study physics understand shit, you are out of your mind.

Physicists literally coined the term "just shut up and calculate" because everything past the atomic level (chemistry) defies classical mechanics and just exists as arbitrary numbers or probabilities. We know how things work, we don't know how to visualize it

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lol I have a sneaking suspicion that mathematicians understand physics better than half the physicists.

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Never claimed the magnitude of the curve!

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I dont study humans.

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Fuck off. Biologists are based.

t. mathematician

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Physicists and mathematicians work as engineers in industry.
Source: Im a physicist and work with other physicists and engineers, we call each other engineers. No one cares about your official degree.

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A complex system cannot be understood by understanding the parts. This is why knowing chemistry doesn't make you a biologist. The chain of "applied x" is s lie because complexity.

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>Implying there aren't interdisciplinary fields that combine these, like biophysics.
This is how you know either OP is in high school, or a troll.

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>A complex system cannot be understood by understanding the parts.
Holy fucking shit. Ok, I get you whining about my wildly inaccurate bell curve idea that was only ever throwing shade at mathematicians, but THAT phrase? You are an imbecile. Your second sentence is coherent, but in combination with the first is entirely specious.
Fucking hell.

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How is the first phrase stupid? Its completely true. You cant understand complexity by understanding the parts e.g you can't understand biology by understanding physics. No matter how much you "think" about things, the complex has more information than the parts

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How to understand a complex system: study the entire system AND its components. Both are required. One of them is the fundamentals. Guess where you start.

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Exactly, think about how you find a fault in an engine, for instance, consider the parts in relation to their overall function, the generation of torque.

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That's precisely the thing, though. Understanding the components of a complex system is PRECISELY how you understand the system.

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>we call each other engineers
That's because you don't live in a country with proper engineering licensure, faggot. It's illegal to call yourself an engineer without an accredited degree in any country that's worth a damn.

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Yes, I'm agreeing with you, I'm not the anon disagreeing. I was just trying to rework your point into an example for the other anon to interperate.

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Without knowing the purpose of the overall system you couldn't have determined what about the components of important. Remind me of the essay on the difference between a molecular biologist and biochemist as they try to understand how a car factory works

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Stupid useless no ID board.

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Agreed, although their is a posters metric, it isn't that helpful.

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Source? That sounds like an interesting read.

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Read both essays. I think you can tell what the author of each studied.


My real point was that biology has the problem where our data sets and number of interacting parts is on such a scale that no matter how well you try to define the behaviour of any singular part the whole thing will be indescribably complex for something to try and simulate it. If one had perfect descriptions of every part that would be great, but it wouldn't tell us how the whole thing palys together. Which is why geneticists exist, the information encoding is what fucked up modeling biological systems desu.

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That's exactly my stance as a biogerontologist. The metabolic pathways are so incredibly complex, they're past the scope of human bioengineering as it stands. As such, if we want biogerontological protocols to combat the pathologies of senescence, we should concentrate on the treatment of symptoms with nanomedicine, rather than a complex systems approach to research.

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Also, thank you for the reading material.

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I do biophysics precisely because I think we need a shit load of basic research into the complex systems level research m that's where we get the paradigms that allow for pathology evaluation on wider scales. Nanoparticle tech is a direct result of this research relationship. I mean we just discovered that almost 85% of the human proteom can phase seperate and barely understand it. We need both to succeed but we aren't able to just do one or the other like a lot of pure physicists think.

Also nanostuff is kinda eh imo. It's hella sketch to use nanoparticles that we have no idea the real effects of. Even the "well tested" stuff is kinda sketch imo.

No problem, helped me understand a lot of communication issues I had cross field.

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Retarded, an engine is not a complex system.

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Wrong! Thats only true for simple systems like a computer or car engine, not for complex systems.

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We all have degrees but informally call each other engineers because we all work as engineers. Similar to how mathematician writing code at a company in a high level capacity is a software engineers. If you practice engineering you are an engineer. We are not writing it down on id tags or linkdin CVs or anything, its just infornal talk.

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That's true, and is largely the case I think most don't consider, certainly when it comes to the applied aspects of those fields. Reality isn't a textbook, systems don't exist in isolation, mycorrhizal networks being an extreme example of that in agroforestry and arboriculture. Another being the futurist pipe dream of "mind uploading", without taking things like the gut–brain axis into account. Understanding in relation to context is everything, even in the hard sciences.

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It is a "simplification analogy", referring to the act of understanding parts in relation to their system, it doesn't need to be a complex system, nor should it as that would defeat the aims of "simplification".
Also, that's a matter of context, if you were looking at that system with the purview of understanding quantum effects in relation to say, it's efficiency, then it would be a complex system. Context matters.

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>>12512695 see: >>12512746's second half.

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Your simplification is retarded considering that the topic is complexity. You cant simplify complexity. An engine is not a simple-complex system.

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That's not my aim, re-read what I just wrote, I explained my aim.

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Quantum effects in a car engine are absolutely irrelevant. You are confusing complexity with detail

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Again, you're displaying your disgraceful reading comprehension. That has nothing to do with my analogy, that was my explanation of the need for context. Now, do as I ask, re-read. I really hope I don't need to flatly point out the obvious to you.

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Stop projecting. I have been biting my tongue for awhile trying not to lecture you: You cannot simplify complexity, no you can't give simple systems as analogies, no, describing the quantum state of every quark in a car engine is not what complexity means, no a complex system is not a particularly less-simple simple system. Its a different category.

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Kek, this.
I been lurking /sci/ for fucking years. The turnover rate of sophomore and junior year newfags calling themselves scientists or mathematicians has been increasing exponentially towards infinity.

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Replied to the wrong post but they both work.

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*unleashes viruses and untold abominations unto the earth*

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*counters your abominations with an army of golems*
Robots BIATCH!

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*Thardus would like to know your location*

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LMAO, "Mister Expert" can't even read.
The aim of my analogy is to:
>... understand parts in relation to their system.
Neither explicitly referring to complex systems, or not. As such, it doesn't need to be a complex system.
Also, many things, engines included can be considered complex systems based on difficulty of modelling [1].
You didn't "bite" anything, you pretentious cretin. You're the retard, projecting his moronicity and myopia on others.
That's right, it even tells you that in the Wiki introduction, you "expert" you.

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An engine is not a "complex system" whatsoever. A living being is complex. The weather is complex.

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>A quantum system wouldn't be complex, just because it happens to be within an engine.
What're you, a vitalist? It's nice too see you still aren't reading though, look at the examples listed in that Wiki intro.

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>Engines aren't complex systems!
>What do you mean, what's the torque spec on the head bolts? What's that supposed to mean?
An engineered system is inherently complex. Just because you've never seen a blueprint in your life doesn't mean they don't exist.

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This is actually a good point I didn't think about.

Go ACTUALLY read this:

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Just imagine saying that shit to a drag team. Begging for a wrench to the face.

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This is exactly why I detest this "field purity" bullshit.

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Still funny as mathematician bait.

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Yeah, but this anon seems to have taken it to heart.

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mathematicians and physicists should be below the sociologists, they contribute nothing to society except stories like "black holes from LHC" or "parallel universe in antarctica" its sad because there was a time when this profession was respected, now it's a bunch of hooligans trying to make a name for themselves and academia is as corrupt. look into bagandov affair and the reproducibility crisis

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How's that MSM koolaid retard?

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*explodes with the force of nitroglycerin*
allahu ackbar fuckers!

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>I don't know what applied mathematics and applied physics is.
Go jump off a bridge, you oxygen thief.

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>muh biology
>muh physics
>muh chemistry
Time to put all three of you in your place.
*unleashes a nano-machine hoard of composite bio-reactive materials*

I win.

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>combinative sciences
>my disgust
Kys senpai.

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Nanobiotechnology is the true victor.

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Nothing but jealously and copium.

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mathematics and physics is no more different than theology, they don't follow the scientific method anymore and don't use empiricism but people like to play it off as it's a science. an engineer is worth more than 1000 mathematicians. 50s and 60s are over, these were the times where every men who had an education was in engineering, now you got a bunch of zoomers obsessed with popsci shit and where the majority go into physics and mathematics than engineer. it's the explanatory reason why scientific discoveries have come to a halt. fucking boomers man, not only did they destroy the economy they also destroy science

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More studies are published nowadays than back then, you pseud.

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>implying everything mathematicians and physicists do is applied
retard, most of the field is abstract. the only parts where it's applied is at the other side of the hallway in engineering class

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Then don't use blanket condemnation. Also, aspects of the so-called "pure" often find application:
Ergo, both are important, the applied and the esoteric.

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>when the biologist bulli levels reach max capacity
Truly a terrifying and doomed world. Pls remember to no bulli ur biologists.

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Math is unironically the easiest major if you're kind of lazy and at least slightly autistic.

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also worth mentioning you are not a real scientist if you're not actually employed as one, if you are an undergraduate you are not anything

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Lab isn't that much effort. Also, it can be enjoyable.

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It's not about employment, it's about activity. If you aren't engaged in research, you aren't a scientist.

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Nice try Mr. Grad student

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No, listen here, you're a scientist if you're engaged in the scientific process, by definition.

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I'm not going to listen to some doctoratelet

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Blow it out your ass.

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>Fields arranged by schizophrenia

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What is sociology?

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>Fields arranged by schizophrenia
Not far off:
>Alternatively, there has been an especially large contribution of people with schizoid symptoms to science and theoretical areas of knowledge, including maths, physics, economics, etc. At the same time, people with SPD are helpless at many practical activities due to their symptoms.
Intro of:

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>you have a soul and are more than the sum of your parts


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Yeah, but that part is probably due to cumulative quantum effects manifesting as the phenomena of consciousness, which would be more physics than biology.

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Biology is not only the only real science, but the only real philosophy. There is nothing that matters in the universe other than life. If you disagree, you must be in a hurry to be nonliving. I advise you to get that way.

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Also math isn't a science at all.

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I'd like to see them try to reduce ecology to chemistry.

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Chem PhD student here. I hate seeing this retarded fucking image on the internet being passed off as some profound discovery. Literally "I fucking LOVE science" the image. You realize that this idea is hundreds of years old, right? And the funniest part is that the people posting this image know fuck all about any of the god damn topics listed here.

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Oh well. I'll continue to get tax-based funding for my fake science.

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except IQ, which is 100% accurate

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I have a math professor who has this strip on his home page.

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i dont want to be the hippy hold hands and be nice guy, but for fucks sake. we arent eight. hopefully. if you are, go to bed. its late.... whats with this tribalism shit though? some parts of some fields might be useless *cough*taxonomy*cough* but at the end of the day were all just data monkeys. and if you must be tribal, unite against our less autistic peers who will out breed us with there fancy social and communication skills and lack of rock/bone/flower collections

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