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It is time.

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Don't ever study this at Stockholm University!!!
However I got into a masters program about AI thank god

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>OPs picure

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bampin on a slow board with a repost.

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op here. also ok with this. shit is pretty awesome, it just makes for a funny picture i think

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you mean your classes were like kindergarten?

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can we get some OC?!

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JACS chemistry BS or BA required Pchem courses are a joke with regard to quantum.

honestly, so is physics quantum mechanics (eg the physics version of a 2-3 quarter mandatory quantum sequence taught during the 2nd or 3rd year)

chemists rarely learn perturbation theory, they typically only begin discussions of variational theory, and almost never actually use any form of real mathematical methods in their education.

it is typically:

here is the operator, here are the eigenstates, operate on this function with a bunch of partial derivatives, rearange/algebra, find the eigenvalue

chemists rarely are rarely taught to prove things using ladder operators, study generalized uncertainty relations, probability current density, reflection/transmission coefficients, time dependent perturbation theory (the most basic subject in the building up of the theory of emission of light from atoms), or any modern computational techniques.

if they are lucky, a chemist JUST MIGHT eventually learn dirac notation and how to write down a properly antisymmeterized wavefunction using the antisymmetrizer.

I am a chemist, took all the chemistry quantum upper division electives (not the required class), and I never learned about spectral theory, diagonalization of an operator in a different basis, and related subjects associated with the pure mathematics of quantum mechanics

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Depends on where you study, but overall true.
Also, chemistry is relatively easy.

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this picture pretty much says it all

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OPs pic made me lol
Feel like it would be like that for any science.

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LOL'd hard

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my every math class

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Same here.

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Dude probably doesn't even know about the Riemann Sum.

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When I generally say this I tend to not mean it but this time is for real
You sir are fucking retarded

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should have gone into philosophy

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inb4 shitstorm

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it's a girl

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Don't be a dick. Its probably just an exaggeration mean to be funny. I doubt that guy actually thought he'd be a billionaire.

Do you actually work on shuttle? If so, what do you do and where do you work? I'm curious because I work at KSC.

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Finance = Unemployment if you didn't graduate from top 10 ivy league and don't have a shit ton of connections.

Investment Banking = whole lot of ass kissing/begging to be let in on the SEKRIT CLUB

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I did

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Also, enjoy you 300k dollar debt and 10% chance of actually making it if you don't have connections.

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I did

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Actually many people think that way
Huuuuur who needs college I iz bigshot I'll make it big liek Bill Gates without having given any actual thought to what the fuck I'm going to do with my life
People who go to college are suckers Duuuuuuuuuur

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I hate faggots that take CS just so they can program shit games. They don't deserve to take the fucking class.

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Also, enjoy your soul-crushingly unfulfilling job even if you do.

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give me a break man, I was just a kid

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lol i maek OC

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I'm not science but OC anyway.

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damn that sucks dude

I hope your math program gets a little more proofy later on

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It means the film program is so woefully behind the times and under funded that the shit I'm learning about now and being told is "cutting edge" I was familiar with 6 years ago and is obsolete as fuck. Also, my face when everyone in the film program uses a mac and thinks final cut pro is a professional program.

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You're practically in an art class, bro.

Of course everybody is going to have a mac.

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lolz. its what you get for going to film school though. if you weren't expecting hipster macfags i don't what the hell you were expecting. i do love film, but a career in it always seemed like a bad idea to me.

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Well digital just plain doesn't look as good as film...

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Anybody agree with me?

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Feels bad trolling
Stephen Hawkings tough xD~

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Took a FORTRAN class (yarly) a couple years ago from a 65 year old, cranky old fart who did nothing but ramble on all period about how programming was done in the 70's back when he was still employable as a programmer.

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I can use paint better than that

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truth, ive yet to have a professor whose not a gplfag

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inb4 all of the life science majors.

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>Computer Science
>Computer Science
>Computer Science isn't about Computers nor is it a science.
What the fuck man.

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I had a prof who looked pretty much like that (the name evades me, though)

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He's just pissed because too many people asked him to fix their computers

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Is it just me or all the computer science people hippies?

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It's getting really close, and passed the point of the average moviegoer being able to tell the difference a long time ago. With the cine alta (and now red one, red epic, etc) it passed the point of almost anyone being able the tell the difference without informed scrutiny.

>film program everyone is fags no duh
Yeah, but even expecting it I did a feelsbadman upon seeing it verified.

>bad idea for a career
I'm rich, bitch, might as well essentially fingerpaint on a national audience scale.

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Oh God...this gif is gonna piss some fuckers off good.

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"I want to study business!" is just a fancy way of saying "I have no talents or skills!"

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actually computer science is a science, we do research and testing like any other field

But yeah, it should be called Computability Science or something

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i dont even

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CompEfag here. Its true, but you should have already known that if you're going into that field. They should rename the field, although I don't know to what. I guess it doesn't really matter if you aren't a raging nerd on /sci/. compsci is awesome too, I might go for a masters in CS myself.

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Maybe they should call computation studies?

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So...what the fuck is Computer Science then?
What th fuck do you guys do?
My roommate can never give me a straight answer, it's always shit like "It's a way of thinking about things pragmatically and logically" and I'm like "Terry, what the shit are you talking about"

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Is this true? I have chemistry next year
Hate math, though I can be good at it.

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No. Anything that ends in "studies" is bullshit (ethnic, women's, international, you get my point).

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that is not a hippie. that is a linux user. they are both smelly and hairy, but very different. i am also a linux user, just applied my skin fungus cream (not a lie)

wat. no it isn't. all csfags know that computer science is about computing, and if they don't they are shit

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>, and if they don't they are shit

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CS people do many things. It could be anywhere from theory and research, to software development, to being a code monkey.

I think they should call it Computation or something like that.

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Terry sounds like a fag

Computer science is basically a branch of applied mathematics that studies systems of computation. We try to figure out the limits of a given system and which system models human computation the best and most efficiently. That's a very broad overview but you get the gist.

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Fucking LOL

fucking SAVED.

Comp Sci fags are done.

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ReMoEV YUoR ILlgeAL_cLOEn fo_hTTp://WwW.aNotnaLK.se/_(Tn =_nt)_IMmeIDatElY. kteaqppyty ndwf mx ghy hnyrk b o y l i iwluhxmmas ks ogjmgo

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> study Computer Science
> zero emphasis on learning programming (that shit's for the software engineers, we taught ourselves)
> algorithms, more algorithms, ALGORITHMS, lots of math

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In Europe I believe CS is also referred to as Informatics in some universities. Maybe Informatics would be a more suitable name.

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my gf is a marine biologist, we got to kill some rays together, it was a nice bonding experience (jk about bonding)

she's really into ecology so i constantly make fun of her for killing marine animals for research

actually that's not true, i'm a basement dweller and i make up elaborate stories about girlfriends that don't exist

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That's ok. We all do it sometimes.

Actually, we do it all the time.


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actually, its a fancy way of saying "I like money" or "The things I enjoy in life require a lot of money"

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Audio for that lecture:
>Computer science isn't really about science. and it's not really about computers. I hope, as we go through this course, that we find computer science has a lot in comon with magic.

>> No.1247967

I think computer science people get pissed when people say that its all about programming because that implies that they're limited to specific programming languages such as C++ or Java
When in reality its about how computers process information as a whole

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IUP Comp Sci in a nutshell

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Not necessarily. Information processing and computation can be related, but they don't need to be.

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You will never amount to anything in your life.

>> No.1247976

Yeah that sounds pretty cool actually.

What really makes me rage is the term IT. This typically means bullshit tech work like Geek Squad does, but I really hate that some companies label their comp scientists and software engineers department as IT. What the shit is that? Oh well. Also I'm a compE and everytime I'm looking on an employers job search page I have to do the search like 5 times to include all their categories that this falls under. FUCKERS JUST LET ME PICK MULTIPLE CATEGORIES.

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Same could be said for math/physics/astronomy.

>> No.1247980

I don't like the sound of that, it sounds to much like IT
Maybe it should be called dataology
That sounds pretty kickass

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>computer science is a science

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I have a great idea

why don't we just call it COMPUTATION

because that is what it is about

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lol its so much worse for me because i have that laptop.

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if he had said miracles instead of magic... that would have been PERFECT.

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ITT: Newfags think the word "Computer" in Computer Science stands for the actual physical computer with a monitor.


ITT: Newfags don't know that CS is also called Computing Science.

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fuck i lold at this

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Consider: Science is a systematic enterprise of gathering knowledge about the world and organizing and condensing that knowledge into testable laws and theories.

Computer science systematically gathers and organizes knowledge about computation into testable laws and theories.

Therefore, computer science is a science.

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Only in the same sense that math is.

>> No.1248008

What's up /sci/ I'm about to graduate high school and I think I want to get a degree in mathematics (Yes I'm prepared for years of studying) I was curious if any of you guys had any advice

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Guess what?

Nice quads, but your definition is one of many interpretations.

>> No.1248012

well math is a science so there you go

>> No.1248013

NO my grip is that many University believe that Programming is all Comp Sci is. I took theory of comutation and build push down automates but the real problems is a Curriculum that has COBOL in it WTF.

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I'm blind.

>> No.1248015

Maybe when you learn to count we will take your opinion.

>> No.1248019

expect the unexpected

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Oh, no wonder you are wrong. You think math is a science. Lol.

>> No.1248025

Most universities teach both theory and application. The application part usually includes doing some software development and that means learning a programming language.

>> No.1248026

>knowledge about the world
>math is discovered, not invented

>> No.1248030

it is.

see: definition of science

>> No.1248031

Edsger Dijkstra once said something like "Computer Science is no more the science of computers than astronomy is that of telescopes."

>> No.1248033

Yeah the comp sci curriculum includes COBOL, C++ and Java
Knowing all that computation theory won't do you any good if you don't know any basic programming languages you know

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yay transportation

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It is actually. You don't "invent" the closed form of a recurrence relation. You can only discover it.

>> No.1248046

The way I see it math is like a game that has rule
A really really REALLY complicated game

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Mine included Java, C, C++, and Assembly.

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But at my University that is all it means our comp sci program is nothing but programming. yoiu want to learn abotu networks go to the business side you want to learn about web based apps go to communications all they offer is two to three classes on theory and the rest on Java and C++ one 4 credit class on COBOL one class on Assembly and two classes on software engineering and that is for the information assurance program not the laguage track.

>> No.1248056

sure but even after inventing the game itself you can discover various nuances about the game

though to be technically correct mathematics as a whole would be like a collection of every possible game that was, is, will be, and never will be

>> No.1248059

See >>1248051

>> No.1248071

Oh yeah forgot about assembly
Its kind of useless nowadays though, but you still never when you'll need optimal hardware performance.

>> No.1248072

Mine only formally taught Java in first-year, and beyond that, we were required to teach ourselves new languages. But it's not so difficult - once you know one, picking up on others is that much easier.

>> No.1248102

That seems pretty shit. Didn't you take any fun CS classes? Like robotics or OS2 (implement your own OS)

>> No.1248111

>Oh yeah forgot about assembly
>Its kind of useless nowadays though

>> No.1248126

When was the last time you used it?

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Remembering various integral functions is impossible, how the hell do you compute this shit? Stop taking 40 minutes to prove some shit I can take your word for and show me how to solve the damn problem. It is like I can't even do trigonometric integrals I can not even believe this.

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>> No.1248164

instruction sets are constantly being updated and rewritten with each new processor architecture, if assembly is so useless nobody would bother

>> No.1248178

It's used all the time to optimize code in the industrial world.

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Math is a science, but it's more than that. Math is the only field where you can absolutely know something beyond a shadow of a doubt, and say with perfect confidence that your discovery/theory/whatever will be considered just as true 500 years from now as it is today.

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I always laugh when I see that image. It's so obviously made by someone who is trying to compensate for the fact that they got a degree in math and are doing jack shit with it.

>> No.1248247

Well like I said, you'll never know when if you'll need that degree of optimization. I heard some super computers use assembly for optimal performance.
But I think its safe to say that most hardware nowadays is at the very least capable of handling C.
In the past assembly used to be a lot more important since computers barely had 64K of memory and 100Mhz or less of processing power. Also all the integrated circuits such as the ones in pinball machines used to be programmed in assembly, since the hardware required to run any other programming language was not worth the additional expense.

>> No.1248263


>your discovery/theory/whatever will be considered just as true 500 years from now as it is today
>completely arbitrary field
>my theroy is purfect b/c othar pplz say so lololol

>> No.1248265

Quick, prove by induction Pythagoras's Theorum

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> Who are you?

>I'm a CNU graduate with a degree in physics. Before starting xkcd, I worked on robots at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia.

>> No.1248293


>implying a theorem about an uncountable family of objects can be proven using a technique applicable only to countable families of objects.

>> No.1248299


> 2 + 2 is 10... in base 4! I'M FINE!

>> No.1248309

If math is a game, then it is Calvinball.

>> No.1248312

What the fuck I was one of 9 physics majors at CNU this year
Then I got kicked out for smoking marijuana

>> No.1248340

Calvinball is awesome, but no, not at all.

>> No.1248348

But I can't, stop laughing at me ;_;

Seriously though, that shit is the only thing dragging down my grades. Everything else I can breeze through but I have no idea how I can learn and retain [integral calculus]. I can pass everything else but that one class.

>> No.1248360


How the fuck can you compare running times if you can't do basic calculus?

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Do we have to have be in school or a graduated to make one of these?

I'm hoping this one is accurate.

>> No.1248380

if you haven't even started school then how the fuck do you know the "what i got' part

why would you need calculus for that?

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I am glad i have another excuse to use this considering 10 min of my life wasted making it.

>> No.1248392

the guy falling (from wtc?) is a nice touch

>> No.1248395

requesting one about foresnic science, detectives or police!!! =D

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But you make up the rules as you go.

>> No.1248407

In physics, you learn (or at least hear about) fairly current theories as a freshman.

In math, you have to be an advanced PhD student before they teach you anything that was discovered in the last 100 years.

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OH FUCK I worked for a grad student in crop science and I HATE THOSE FUCKING TUBES

LLLOOOLLLL my fav /sci/ meme/spamfag

>> No.1248433

Request: One about forensics, detective work, or police.

>> No.1248436

That's the thing though
In math you don't make the rules
You abide by them

>> No.1248441

>In math, you have to be an advanced PhD student before they teach you anything that was discovered in the last 100 years.
I can confirm this.

>> No.1248442

I don't know. I'm hoping this is what it is. Can anyone who's studied microelectronics confirm of deny this how accurate this is?

>> No.1248446


>> No.1248447


i downloaded a SHITLOAD one day; i am looking right now. there def was one.

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So you're basically this guy

>> No.1248461


Awesome bruh =D

>> No.1248470

I'm debating between behavioral economics and evolutionary psych. Leaning to the latter.

Be pure all you want. To me, "applied" is a good word, and the more levels of it the better :P

>> No.1248473

That depends on your field of math.
Some fields where new stuff is easily accessible to undergrads: Graph Theory, Category Theory, Non-Commutative Geometry

>> No.1248474

Are the rumors about outsourcing true?

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>> No.1248493

fucking saved

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This picture could also be summed up as "everything went better than expected."

>> No.1248506

And no I don't wanna fap to it...

>> No.1248516


hahahahah just like in melb

>> No.1248518

That makes it less impressive to me.

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Yeah some of my workers have been outsourced (mass telecommunications) but none of my engineers.. yet...

>> No.1248529

>Graph Theory
Lol right, like anyone cares about graph theory.

>Category Theory
Nothing but bookkeeping. Useless and boring on its own.

>Noncommutative geometry
Dunno anything about that, but the wikipedia article doesn't look undergrad-y.

>> No.1248530

Meh telecommunication jobs are useless anyways

>> No.1248531







>> No.1248535

what am I looking at

>> No.1248536

Enjoy having every theory you ever studied or worked on completely overthrown and replaced within 20 years of your death/retirement.

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is that true? i shud reconsider

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Math student here. An engineer I know was criticizing my decision to go into pure math once, partially because of the lack of money (which I'm cool with), but also because, according to him, by the time I get my PhD all the Number Theorist jobs are going to be outsourced to China and India.

Fucking dumbass engineers.

>> No.1248562


You really should.

Shits cash bro.

Read the manual first though.

Turns out you can't Google some of that shit.

Like "Where the off button is."

>> No.1248563


I'm actually going to be studying architecture, got a nasty feeling this is going to be me ;_;

>> No.1248569

Engineering student here. A mathematician I know was criticizing my decision to go into computer engineering once, partially because of the blah blah, but also because, according to him, by the time I get my masters all the software engineering jobs are going to be outsourced to China and India.

Fucking dumbass mathematicians.

>> No.1248572

Yeah seriously all they do all day is make phone calls and collect/survey shit. I wasn't surprised in the least when I was told they were getting outsourced.

My 35+ engineers are pretty damn safe considering the 3 senior ones just came up with some god tier material.

I just sent the papers today to my factory/technician workers.

The good old American engineers are still getting the job done in my field at least.

>> No.1248573


whats the name of the job?

>> No.1248575

where you work bro?

>> No.1248580 [DELETED] 




>> No.1248585

I think you mean "the market"

Maybe if you guys actually learned anything in college you would know that.

>> No.1248590

He has an MBA bros
Also he only gets to boss around the gay engineers
>the market decides who gets outsourced
Not really

>> No.1248591

CompSci fag here (well, going to be in the future). What should I expect out of most of my classes? My college seems to have a decent mix between both programming and actual computational theories and processes.

Basically, what kind of school work and I going to be doing? I imagine lots of math.

>> No.1248592

Nature is elusive like that. I read a quote to this effect once but I don't remember who said it.

>> No.1248594

Newton was here. He wants you to stop being a faggot.

>> No.1248596

> I imagine lots of math.
Less than engineering...
Its understandable though. The reason why engineers have it harder is because if they mess up thousands of people die.

>> No.1248600

Market decides who is offering best product for best price. If that means outsourcing, you outsource. Also only shitty engineers end up managed by business majors.

>> No.1248602

>Less than engineering...
eh not really

>> No.1248608

Thank the lord. I can do math just fine. I'm just dandy at it, but that doesn't mean I enjoy doing it.

What level of maths should I expect? When it comes to the design/thought process part of the courses what should I expect (especially in my assignments)?

>> No.1248609


To be honest I haven't done that much math. I struggled through a 'math for computer scientists' course but beyond knowing the basic concepts I haven't had to use any real maths.

But I go to a retarded school so who knows?

>> No.1248620 [DELETED] 

and who decides the market? The consumers, i.e. fat 12 year old american kids.

therefore, your boss is a 12 year old fat american kid who plays WOW all day long.

>> No.1248627

Yeah, just like you and everyone else in the world. I'm glad to see you have finally learned something. Good job.

>> No.1248628

No, your boss decides whether or not he wants to replace you with a dot head
Also who do you think manages the good engineers?

>> No.1248629

I work in California for a decent sized tech company, we do everything from conducting surveys for other companies and ourselves (this shit got outsourced fast) but I'm still in charge of it, to designing computers, phones, software etc.

Our basic policy is that our engineers are our heart and soul, and you have to be able to do a shit ton of stuff quickly in return for a great salary.

We also operate a few factories that do a lot of work for other companies...

I was actually one of the people to suggest outsourcing for the worthless people who make phone calls all day, I was tired of them expecting good money just because they had a degree in "communications" I was tired of that shit, stop bugging me that you want a raise.

Our engineers make really good money, but if your ass isn't producing, expect to get laid off very quickly... We only hire the best and expect them to make an impact.

Our factories make mad stacks of cash too, because of course in California we use cheap Mexican labor for the worthless jobs

>> No.1248634

actually, I was showing why following that logic is retarded.

>> No.1248641

And if the boss is any good he isn't just making up bullshit decisions, but is basing it on the market.

And good engineers are usually managed by an engineering project manager who usually has an engineering background (bachelors + work experience) and probably went on to get a masters in his field or in industrial or engineering management or (god forbid) an mba. He in turn reports to a business person.

>> No.1248644

No you're logic is retarded
You think we build buildings, elect politicians and go to war because of fat 12 year old kids?
Ofcource not, they're fat year old kids, all the need is some McDonalds and some videogames so they can sit on their fat asses all day

>> No.1248648

>Reason and logic on my /sci/!!!!

It's true engineerfags, all of you, or your superiors eventually report to a pure businessman with an MBA

>> No.1248649

And I was showing why when business people "decide who gets outsourced' all they are really doing is some basic number crunching that a somewhat bright high school kid could do. They make the decision based on these numbers, which really isn't a decision since the numbers will speak for themselves.

>> No.1248656

human mathematic are flawed :3

>> No.1248658
File: 71 KB, 960x481, 1277254183037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1248659

no they're not :3

>> No.1248661

Obviously this is usually true. I am not denying that. I am saying that good engineers work on projects that are involved enough that the project manager needs to have engineering/technical knowledge of what is going on, so they will not be reporting directly to MBAs. Also most common CEO degree is in engineering.

>> No.1248668
File: 30 KB, 298x395, brett.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MBAfag here, it's true. I use Calc I-III and Real analysis in my job and thats about it.

Today I was actually consulting with my senior engineers how they wanted to go forward with their new design, and being the mathfags they are they actually did my numbercrunching for me when I merely wanted their opinion and then was going to do it myself

>My face

>> No.1248673

Its because they think you are stupid.

>> No.1248676

I have no problem with business people/MBA guys as long as they take the job and people seriously and aren't just tools who preach that anything to get the bottom line better is good and have no idea how anyone else in the company does their job (or what that job even is).

>> No.1248682

What are chemistry programs like in Europe? By Europe, I mean England.

>> No.1248688
File: 108 KB, 444x337, 1277108272537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Most common CEO degree engineering

>> No.1248713

They know I'm not stupid, I seriously think after a few questions I wanted an opinion or rough estimate for, the mathfag inside them was awoken and they just had to do the math...

They know I went to a really good school and am getting paid a buttload for a first job.

But whatever, meh. They are making me mad stacks of cash.

>> No.1248717
File: 98 KB, 960x479, lolmet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol six and a half years of college for nothing

>> No.1248727


>> No.1248737

Meteorology sounds legit
I didn't know they couldn't find jobs

>> No.1248742

here you go bro. feel free to google "most common ceo degree" or something similar and check out the results. next time read up before you greentext

>> No.1248743

>MBAfag here, it's true. I use Calc I-III and Real analysis in my job and thats about it.
No one's going to fall for th-
...I'm outta here.

>> No.1248746
File: 98 KB, 958x480, sci.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1248753

>They know I went to a really good school and am getting paid a buttload for a first job.
Where? I'm interested in this. Did you get a math degree for your BA?

>> No.1248758

Spoiler: Employers won't care about your degree. Employers won't care about your grades. Employers will only care about whether you go to their church, know their kids, go bird-watching with their wife, are their child. If your job requires anything you can't learn on the job, you're not smart enough to work there.

>> No.1248765

Hey I'll go bird-watching with my employer's wife, if you know what I mean.

>> No.1248767

yeah I know man the local hospital only hires churchgoers and relatives, nobody with a real medical degree

>> No.1248768

This is the kind of shit I usually see on /r9k/ from art majors that don't understand that all of that is very incorrect for technical degrees.

Yes, I visit /r9k/. You guys are too slow.

>> No.1248770

I'm constantly predicting stocks of various companies and what the effect of a new product will be,I also manage a few factories and figuring out the best price to sell various products all while maximizing profit. Yes I use math.

>> No.1248785

And you need Real Analysis I-II for that? You got a biz econ degree and an MBA, but you're using Real Analysis I-II for your job? You can't expect anyone to believe this.

>> No.1248789

I'll be honest, my 35 engineers are broken up into 5 teams all with a leader. I have no idea what each individual engineer is doing at a given time just what the team is doing. I can't be busied with the details when I also have to run factories and faggots who make phone calls all day.

I take care of my engineers though, they always are making me money.

>> No.1248791

I believe that he believes he is using it.

>> No.1248802

Then he must be mistaken. Anyone who takes the Real Analysis sequence at my school is majoring or double-majoring in Math. No exceptions.

>> No.1248804

>This is what liberal arts majors actually believe
Employers care about whoever will make them money

>> No.1248809

I use the Mean value theorem, exponential smoothing, derive functions, create functions etc.

>> No.1248810

>I take care of my engineers though, they always are making me money.
Sounds good. Mad stacks of cash, man. I'm making some mad stacks myself.
I'm getting my PhD in Mathematics next Spring.

$300K starting.

>> No.1248812

Which god damned for certain isn't a liberal arts major.

>> No.1248821


>> No.1248825

Yes, yes, that's what you might expect to cover in advanced math courses, but what are you doing with that? Why are you doing the job of an economist with an MBA? You have enough free time to forecast stock prices, great, but I bet you could hire someone with a math degree to do that job better than you can.

What school did you go to?

>> No.1248830

I know man. /sci/entists rule this world! Business is a science, so we rule this world!

>> No.1248831

>Before starting xkcd, I worked on robots at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia.

He used to work for NASA, meaning he is now unemployed because NASA is a piece of shit dead end program. And what did he do at NASA? more than likely he was a glorified code monkey.

>> No.1248837

Wait, wait, don't tell me...Stern? Was it Stern or Kellogg?

Both are breeding grounds for MBAs with "pride" in their quantitative capabilities.

>> No.1248838

Yeah wtf kind of job would an employee give someone who's completely unqualified anyways?
management? no
technical jobs?no
Yet I keep hearing this argument for some reason

>> No.1248846


>> No.1248847

man you know when you point out an obvious joke like it's a bad troll it just makes you look like a douche

>> No.1248848

I double majored in business and econ and then went on to get my MBA.

I finished Calc I AP at my high school, but of course they made me take it again at MIT

>> No.1248852

>Employers will only care about whether you go to their church, know their kids, go bird-watching with their wife


>> No.1248858

Did you proceed to Sloan? I find it hard to believe Sloan educated you.

>> No.1248860
File: 10 KB, 155x202, 1270327577531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My god I didn't know math/physics fags were so bitter.

You guys must go hungry a lot. No wonder you're so mad at everyone.

>> No.1248869

They have business at MIT? I thought it was Management Science...

>> No.1248870

Business is not a science...
There are some aspects of it that are like math, there are aspects of it that are like art, but definitely not science
Science can help create the products though

>> No.1248873

Enjoy that liberal arts/english major faggot

>> No.1248880

Business is definitely a science. Business is ALL ABOUT the scientific method.

There is constant research into new business models going on every single day.

>> No.1248882

>go to their church, know their kids, go bird-watching with their wife
I nominate this for the gayest post on /sci/ award

>> No.1248885

MIT is 3rd for business

>> No.1248886

I don't understand /sci/.

Last night, we had a thread where we railed against MBAs, characterizing them as, more or less, everything that is wrong with consumer culture.

Now, we're praising them as titans of business and wielders of advanced mathematics? What the fuck?

>> No.1248887
File: 123 KB, 962x481, geo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1248888
File: 124 KB, 960x481, oc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1248892

I know, but I thought the program at MIT for undergrads was called management or management science. They teach pure business to undergrads now?

>> No.1248896

>And what did he do at NASA? more than likely he was a glorified code monkey

My dream job.

>> No.1248897

The middle one stands out

Am I right?

>> No.1248900 [DELETED] 

where did he say that he got an undergrad at MIT?

>> No.1248901

Yes MIT does have pure business now, which I added on econ of course.

Why is it so hard to believe I was educated at Sloan?

>> No.1248903

He's just jealous of my madder stacks of cash. Fuck man, $300K STARTING!

Who knows how much I'll be making down the line!?

>> No.1248906
File: 3 KB, 108x126, 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did anybody notice that /sci/ has the same discussion every night?

>> No.1248908

>Last night, we had a thread where we railed against MBAs
So this is what math/physics monkeys do all day.

MBA is for people with a sense of entrepreneurship.

Math and Physics are usually for people who aren't good at anything else in life.

>> No.1248909
File: 25 KB, 624x336, Idiocracy5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like money

>> No.1248912

He said,
>I finished Calc I AP at my high school, but of course they made me take it again at MIT
Which pretty much means he retook calc at MIT. I don't think he would retake calc at a business school.

>> No.1248915


>> No.1248917

Bro its MIT.

>> No.1248920

No sir we were just attributing your accumulated wealth to our respective fields
We still believe that you're a drone

>> No.1248921

>Math and Physics are usually for people who aren't good at anything else in life
>Business is usually for people who aren't good at anything

>> No.1248925

I'm pretty sure they made me retake calc for my econ degree not my business degree

>> No.1248931

Why don't you think I was educated at Sloan? Because I'm not some pretentious faggot who pulls out ostentatious buzzwords out of my ass?

>> No.1248932

Why'd you delete that post? What's wrong?

Also, where's the business program?
It still only offers management science.

>> No.1248936

ITT: Fags complaining about math.

You need to go to that level of complexity to get shit done, it's not like in the movies where some guy goes *tappa tappa tappa* and 3 seconds later *ping* "I'm in".

>> No.1248937

You have to be a pretty smart person on all fronts to run a succesful business.

You have to be a talentless fuck with no aspirations to pursue a career in math/physics.

>> No.1248942

>We still believe that you're a drone
That's funny because that's what everyone thinks of math/physics majors.

Also, I'm not a business/MBA dude. Lol.

>> No.1248945

Hey, as long as your engineers make that cash for you, all is well. No need to be so ostentatious.

>> No.1248948

...There's a 14 year old on /sci/

>> No.1248955

I heard only corcumcised people study physics. Fucking fags!

>> No.1248956

Someone who spends his life doing pointless mind numbing tasks is less of a drone than someone who uncovers the mysteries of the universe?

>> No.1248959

>implying this is news for any board on 4chan

Seriously, there're more of these fuckers than we care to admit. I didn't even get here until I was fucking 16!

>> No.1248961
File: 123 KB, 250x250, 611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]






>> No.1248964
File: 61 KB, 960x481, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck this pseudoscience. There, I said it.

Nothing but women training for touchy-feely bullshit jobs. I'm taking this to the end, then I'm going to grad school to study an actual field.

>> No.1248977

Fucking lol

Yes math/physics majors are discovering the mysteries of the universe 24/7 bro.


>> No.1248978

It's too late.

You need differential equations.

>> No.1248979

You should have known that going in. Psychology only surpasses that women-touchy-feelings crap if you actually go on to become a doctor and/or try to be the next Freud.

>> No.1248983

Did you use mean value theorem for that one?

>> No.1248987

>He's never researched anything novel
>He's never done anything important

Cool story bro

>> No.1248999

>You have to be a pretty smart person on all fronts to run a succesful business.

Not really. You just have to be good at running a business. You're point is moot anyway because entrepeneurship is not correlated with studying business. A good entrepeneur would go out and just make money, a talentless fuck would go get a business degree and work in a pre-constructed environment.

>> No.1249002
File: 47 KB, 519x529, 1270163348242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: Faggots responding for/as me the one who actually graduated from Sloan with a degree Management science (business) and Econ.

>> No.1249004

not 24/7
But yeah that's kind of the idea

>> No.1249005
File: 4 KB, 210x171, 1243978040352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to anonymous messageboards.

>> No.1249008
File: 83 KB, 425x238, 1277087873351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1249009
File: 31 KB, 459x331, dean40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Doctoral degree would be nice, but I don't think I'm med school material. And it's difficult to be the next Freud when every teacher I have (who all happen to be women) does their very best to rub in the fact that Freud was so very wrong, and he was only good for being a pioneer.
God, I want to go back to the 1940's and 50's, when Psychology was new and exciting shit and a major groundbreaking field.

>> No.1249016

I'm a bit disappointed you could not forecast this inevitability.

After all, one versed in the art of exponential smoothing should be a natural at formulating such predictions.

>> No.1249021

>You're point is moot
Your a moran.

>> No.1249022

1) Go to med school
2) Become psychiatrist
3) Make mad stacks of cash
4) ???????????????????????
5) Profit

>> No.1249023


>> No.1249026

>Degree in business


>> No.1249034
File: 26 KB, 400x400, 1270674809884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I expected it, but i didn't expect someone to fail as hard as saying that MIT had a degree called business.

>My face when I read that

Management science is the same thing but the guy actually asked for the degree name.

Also I like your humor, become an engineer
work for me

>> No.1249052

Only if you let me rest upon your furious pillars of currency.

>> No.1249070

question for you: did you really learn a lot with your degrees, or do you think you would be equally successful if you had majored in engineering or science?

>> No.1249130

I'd let you rest on my 250k yr starting and you can also enjoy your 100k+ starting

>> No.1249177

Equally successful? In terms of money? Absolutely not.
I don't think there is any way I could have possibly had 250k yr starting if I had done science, then again I also struck it lucky landing that job. I was expecting around 150-175k yr starting.

I was actually considering being an engineer but I just had so much talent for number crunching.

My math classes I actually learned the most and were quite helpful. I bitched and moaned when I learned I would have to retake Calc there but it actually helped a lot. My math classes I took were soooo helpful.

Calc, statistics, real analysis etc. They were the most helpful...

My actual classes that had to do with business itself (not math) were pretty much worthless.

My Econ degree gave me a feeling that I could predict stocks and make a company rich on that alone, also I felt very good knowing that I could bounce back on that and play the stockmarket for myself.

Some of the organization and leading classes I took for my MBA were actually very helpful for coordinating and being organized and getting shit done.

tl;dr Math is soooo important for any decent major and the strictly business classes didn't help me at all, but the Econ/MBA classes were worth it.

>> No.1249196
File: 8 KB, 251x251, 1277106789371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>My face when they told me I had to retake Calc

>> No.1249198


You wouldn't make it past $75k, scrub.

>> No.1249203

yeah the average engineer does only get about 75k

>> No.1249210

feels bad man

>> No.1249218


Average engineers make about $60k starting. Far from $75k.

>> No.1249224


>> No.1249233

Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. It's an okay uni with a somewhat crappy physics program (read: about 9 physics majors as of a year ago)

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