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Computer science majors earn more than math major and educator combined. lol

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It seems cs is interesting to major.

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Lmao, I can't wait for to the math major respond.

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(Where's the 300k starting and how can we fix this?)

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Most computer scientists dont work as computer scientists, those who so make good money. The understanding is that 95% of CS majors are useless, companies look for that 5%. This is why there is unemployment and companies still say dey cant find enough laborers

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This is true. Also, I'd rather be a math teacher making a humbler salary in a small town than needing to move to the Bay Area for a huge salary (or even just a large city for lower six figures). It takes being a really dumb cunt to only think about income, disregarding quality of life.

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I don't need money.

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>This is why there is unemployment
Don't CS people have a higher employment then most other majors?
You're making an assumption here, while it's true that CS jobs have higher incomes in areas where living of cost is higher you have no way of justifying why the average salary only applies to these areas, you're just assuming it does. Also no, being a math teacher is absolutely horrid anywhere you are.

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Math isn't worth it if you aren't getting a PhD in it. Even if you are, applied is where the big bucks are, and you can get into that from an "easier" major. Pure is good if (IF) you're genius tier with great luck that your professors' interest align with your inborn ability or whateverthefuck other esoteric shit you need to actually be meaningfully successful in a field to the point of getting tenure somewhere worthwhile. All the while you need to work your ass to the point where the type of stuff most grad students struggle with feels like the multiplication table. Only then can you maybe begin to get to the point where you can actually contribute something meaningful. If you're in it for the money, become a codemonkey somewhere or some shit, math is pure masochism. Math major into econ PhD is also big bucks and relatively comfy. Have a classmate doing this and he worked for a summer in some stock trading garbage and got 200k out of it.

T. Doing a PhD in algebraic geometry.

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I'm doing it to make my work easier.
So far it's working

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How do you mean?

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Comparing majors based on salary is slightly misleading. If you were to take out a subset of those math majors that also work in tech and find their average salary it would be exactly the same as the CS major salary. It is just that in the global average they are being weighed down by those who just wanted to be school teachers or are currently grad students/post docs making Mc Donald's cashier money.

It's a problem related to life choices. I know that I'm making 100% more in finance than my peers who went into education.

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You don't need a PhD. I only did undergrad math (with statistics) and I pretty easily got a nice paying job in finance. Math is nothing more than a toolbox that you can utilize for any interesting job if you know how to.

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Every one of my friends from high school and elementary school besides myself that went into post secondary became a computer science major.
The market is going to be fucked in 10 years.

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There's other factors to consider, much is said about how bad it is to work in schools but corporate culture is suicide fuel, especially in CS.

>"open offices"
>"open meetings"
>being forced to attend bullshit events organized by HR
>if you say anything against the childcare treatment then you're not a "team player"

I'd much rather deal with noisy kids.

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It really just depends on what you can handle as a person.

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He was rather obviously talking about the type of math work where one might actually discover something new and affect change onto maths as a whole.

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95% of math majors are jobless. 80% of CS graduates get job.

Search your feelings, you know this to be true.

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the goal is not to become a scientist but to become useful in society.

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Yeah and a CS major's worth is usually just being a fucking code monkey

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Good scientists are useful in society.Cope more faggot

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Too bad what is “useful for society” means what is good for humanity, not just whatever retarded globohomo capitalist labor exploiters need to fill their pockets.

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hahahah, fucking dumb. i am a Math major. i respect CS majors since they contribute more things today up to future ahead.

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Why even do CS?
Major in CpE and take some CS classes

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Like what? Let all the major corporations track our every move so they can further exert their control over the populace and use that as a way to remain in power via creating public opinion?
>wanting to help the bad guys take over

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Do u even know the potential for information geometry retard.Try GoOgLIng it up retard.

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/sci/ is always butthurt about comp Sci being a code monkey degree but making more than them. They always shill more rigorous degrees as goat. Even though any and all engineers/math/physics major should Learn to code, most won't to the point where they can show normie interviewers besides "trust me bro". So employers end up hiring a guy who doesn't understand theory or vector calculus but knows to code over a theoretical guy with nothing to ground him.

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That's because coding is practical, and nobody in industry will question whether or not you actually know what you're doing.

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