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It should be illegal for anyone who doesn't have a PhD to speak about any scientific subject. Scientific debate/inquiry/questioning should only be done by those who are qualified to do so.

Prove me wrong.

t. Math PhD

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I wholeheartedly agree with you

>t. gender studies phd

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fuck off with your muh sekret klub

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Had a chat with a flat earther today. I think some people should be straight up murdered if they speak about any subjet.

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go back

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Faraday on line 2. He says it's urgent.

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how did it go like?

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Ok, but only if science PhD's agree not to make statements on anything political, legal, moral, ethical, etc etc.

So Neil and those other psueds have to fuck off with their "philosophy is bullshit" routine.

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Flat earthers are literally CIA glowworms posing as morons to muddy the waters of actual conspiracy talk. You cannot change my mind on this, there's no way flat earth isn't a psyop.

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If there were some way to enforce it that didn't open up all sorts of avenues for corruption and abuse of power, I would agree with you, OP. Unfortunately, there's no way you could make that a law and not have it be co-opted by the power hungry to tighten their noose.

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I would not be surprised if the flat Earth movement was started this way and for this purpose, but I don't think 100% of them are CIA plants. There's just too many.

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>>12372331 >>12372603
logic and science are just a narrative like any other and it is not proven at all it investigates anything

This is because formalized science is based on logicized maths, hyped as ''the language of the universe'' by posci addicts lol

and logicized maths is based on logic

all mathematicians are logic babies addicted to ZFC and they are all platonist, ie ''numbers are real bro not social construct''.

By the way truth is not found in logic. Logic is just a field by autistic pedants about well formed formulas and valuations, ie sending a formula to 1 or 0 and asking what are those valuations which are stable under inference rules. Zero truth in this, especially truth in the casual sense. Tarski truth is moronic, meaningless. Peak atheist.
Just like there is no truth in science, just some stats and a stat convention for saying ''if p value is XXX then the result is''true''''

This is why science is shit for politics and even for daily life.
At best scientists can come up about some stats about some formal system. Like ''this material has such and wear and tear, therefore our backlog of such conditons lead to 60% of breaking in the next year''
That's the pinnacle of the scientific claim and all their claims remain phrased as uncertainty.

all of this because the brain got bigger while the cranium stayed the same.

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Real numbers are fake because there's no way to actually do arithmetic on them to get results like you can with natural numbers or rational numbers.
They rely on weak imprecise definitions, most often what a set is, so neither Dedekind, nor Cauchy nor other supposed definitions of real numbers actually work.

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This kills the dogmatist

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Good old-fashioned Astroturfing

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you and them share a mindset

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Here, you'll have to scroll down some bullshit to get there:
It's pretty fucking retarded, and I'm not smart either so it only makes it more stupid to read (not to mention all of my typos, which I began send because I got tired of fighting the auto-corrector, and also because I got annoyed). At first I just made that chat to know some randos political opinions, but was stupid of wasting my time with it, at the end curiosity and ego got the best of me.
That's actually my first time coming to this board, which I only did because of that.
Btw, the "16" part is not actually true.

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>just a narrative
stopped reading there

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> I prohibit!
suck some cock

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I see what you mean, a technocracy wouldn't be enough because regular people would be misinformed and take anti-science ideology as a way to express one's sovereign rights, Wait, people already do that, so might as well establish a technocracy before it's too late.

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I agree
t. PornHub PhD, jerkofff University

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Authoritarians are tolerable so long as they're useful
Modern science has shown how much it bends the knee to narrative and funding, and how much of a compounded jenkem huffing circle its become. No ones making incredible discoveries in part due to elitism, rigidity, and static conditioning.

So no, in the current context, science authoritarians are generally unworthy.

I wouldn't even mind if you guys created your own hub of autism to see how much the empirical methods themselves will suffocate your progress, which they in part already have.

Then people can get off the plantation and start curiously experimenting with fundamentally different concepts that aren't subject to your fruitless dogmatism and impotent elitism.

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The fucking hypocrisy of this statement from the moment that you are writing this from a computer/phone powered by electricity from the comfort of your home. This is bait, at least I want it to be

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Being aware of, wielding/manipulating the behavior of tangible properties of our reality is all science can do

Yet so much of what it shoves down everyone's throats is theories and language. Both constructs.

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nigga, you a mathematician. Math ain't no science. No taking bout science fo u nigga.

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How can you earn a PhD if you can't speak about science?

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No more diy projects for you op, call a plumber next time.
>math phd
oh you cant afford one lol

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>It should be illegal for anyone but bishops to speak about any religions subject

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wat he say

das rite you aint no science man OP

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That's selfish and stupid. If experienced people without credentials need to go to the people with credentials to get their ideas out there, then it's much easier to exploit them. A lot of interesting ideas are posed by the young and inexperienced which don't know how to go forth. Do you want to ruin the synergism between youngsters and old timers?

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There's still a bunch of retarded PhDs talking about subjects unrelated to their PhD (and even sometimes turning into quacks within their own field) otherwise I would agree with you.

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Why would i talk about any scientific subjects with enemies of my country, schlimazel?

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>It should be illegal for anyone who doesn't have a PhD to speak about any scientific subject

So how would you get the PhD title, then? Speaking out about a scientific subject is the whole point of your dissertation, at which point you don't get have the PhD.

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*it should be illegal for anyone who doesnt have a phd to talk about anything other than their specific subject area

at the end of the day one can say what you want so an individual must become skilled at vetting ignorance

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>OP makes it illegal to talk about science without a science PhD
>gets absolutely baffled when more and more trash diploma mills start popping up like weeds

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as a mathematician, im too smart to shit so i have no need for a toilet.

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>pseudoscientist like dyson wouldn't be allowed to speak about nonsense in OP's world

and thats a good thing

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Do you have a philosophy of science PhD to substantiate your claim?

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This is true, but it's gone on long enough that it's picked up some genuine retard followers who buy the nonsense. It's not always a glowie anymore, sometimes it's a sad retard who wants to be part of something.
Also, I don't want those fags banned from YouTube or anywhere, this will only embolden and trap them in an echo chamber that reinforces their delusion.

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lmao /thread
fuck PhD's with a masters you're good to go

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>math PhD
>thinks he can talk about science

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>>pseudoscientist like dyson
You nigger what!
Also let me guess.. Tesla isn't a scientist at all because he dropped his uni? He's only an engineer? Right?
What about this gentleman?

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> t. Math PhD
> implying
Also, you probably had contact with 5 phds at most during you academic career. You have no idea how many retarded phd candidates actually manage to pull it off in other fields

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Many people have contributed to science without a phd it is unnecessary. You can learn almost anything that is learned while at university online. A lot of scientific papers in the social sciences are bullshit pushing peoples politics and censoring or ignoring unpolitically correct facts.

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Having met several complete morons with a PhD, it should be illegal for retards to speak about science, whether they have a PhD or not. Many of them are nothing more than bureaucrats. Apes in suits. I'd venture to guess that the vast majority of such individuals do not, in fact, practice science at all and can therefore not be classified as scientists at all.

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The standards at universities have fallen because of the bell curve so you fail and also pass because most people failed or working in groups so people can pass on others work.

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I do not know a single phd holder that is not an ignorant arrogant faggot full of shit, worst offenders being women, but this goes across the board. the phd title make them entitled beyond redemption. you can have a nice talk, from just smalltalk to high brow, with literally anybody that has not been spoiled by and reverse selected by the academic system. but phd are the most servile, compliant people you may ever find. they will parrot whatever bs has been fed to them without a trace of doubt. and they are impermeable to reason or discussion (however shocking that may sound to you)
t. a phd

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What is the cardinality of the set of genders?

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All narratives should be questioned regardless of how much authority or evidence supports them. If what you are saying can be so easily challenged by a layman then you haven't done your job as a professional.

midwits exist to keep you honest.

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You’re a joke

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Lol, like a PhD filters out the idiots.

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you're a great example of why scientists shouldn't be allowed to speak in general

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>lol yeah bro this 6 year degree after an undergrad/MS in which you have to teach students in and defend your novel ideas to a committee of experts in the field is useless

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This isn't Europe retard.
Don't like freedom? then you should consider exercising your right to fucking leave.

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>which you have to teach students in and defend your novel ideas to a committee of experts in the field is useless
literally worthless, go on any phd subreddit and everyone says you can't fail when defending it, they literally accept everyone and all it takes is just time to get your phd. also look up the bogdanov affair. todays education is a fucking joke, no wonder we haven't seen that much innovation and inventions when we've had an all time high education accessibility in history

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I'd rather rely on my experience as a grad student at a top uni than fucking redditors
>Haven't seen that much innovation
Have you been asleep the last 20 years?

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I'm glad you realized it now. Some idiots get all the way through and hit the real world before they find out they're retarded.

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Underrated post.

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I dont know what field you're in
In my field (Natural Language Processing) the statistics, computer science, and machine learning theory is so heavy that if you get a phd in it I can absolutely guarantee you are not an idiot.

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Phd is great and all honey, but what have you done? No one fucking cares except you.

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Even though PhD selects for people with above average intelligence and other positive traits, having a PhD has zero correlation with the ability to predict the future correctly.

That means a PhD literally has zero value as qualification when talking about one of the biggest real world applications of science: predicting future outcomes.

If anything, it should be illegal for authoritarian scum like OP to speak about any scientific subject, since academic work has a negative correlation with the ability to predict the future and them joining public debates about issues is therefore detrimental to society.

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How do you know them not predicting the future in the past means they can't predict the future in the future, if most people can't correctly predict the future correctly?

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it should also be illegal for anyone with a PhD to speak as an authority on something they didn't do their work in.
I'm looking at you, Sean Carroll. stick to what you're good at.

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who judges who gets to grant phds?

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it should be illegal for someone who hasn't passed the bar to discuss legislation

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>math phd
sorry bud, you don't get to talk about any of the big boy topics
go solve some integrals
t. petro eng chad who willingly contributes to climate change

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Just another Feyerabend anti-realist nobody. You reject reason and the scientific method outright, so you don’t get a reasonable response. You don’t matter, you have nothing to offer anybody, just go play in traffic and let the adults figure out the secrets of the universe.

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>It should be illegal for anyone who doesn't have a PhD to speak about any scientific subject.
>t. Math PhD

this is really bad bait

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>It should be illegal for anyone who doesn't have a PhD to speak about any scientific subject
So how do students learn? They can't. Hence, it must not be forbidden.
Also, we're paid by the tax payer, so we have to be able to explain to her what we do with the money. That's only possible with a certain minimum of scientific education.
>Scientific debate/inquiry/questioning should only be done by those who are qualified to do so.
Very wrong. But decision making should only be done by experts.

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