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unconsciousness =/= no consciousness, your brain doesn't cease all activity when you sleep like actual death

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how old are you anon?

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but a more interesting question is: are you still yourself after each night? or did you change?
does a part of you die every night?

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how can you be so sure?

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Because testing has shown brain activity in fact increases when you fall asleep (most of it metabolic), and personally, in my dream states, I am still self-aware and still feel like me. Even in pre-REM stages I still can 'feel' myself. If people died during their sleep and woke up with a fresh consciousness with previous memories then why would life work like that? Is it only trying to preserve the body?

I say you are even MORE alive when asleep then when you are awake.
>Lucid dreamer ftw

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Anyone who's ever been put under for surgery knows how different it feels. When you fall asleep you wake up and you wake up exactly where you expect and know roughly how much time has passed. Once you wake up from sedation your first thought is "Where the fuck am I".

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Sleep is an actual active af process in the brain, you enter stages like REM and shit. If you just "went unconscious" during sleep shit like anaesthetics would make you feel refreshed.

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>give scientific answer
>retard replies about philosophical issues or ambiguity
>give philosophical answer
>retard replies about scientific issues or uncertainty
i hate you op, you eternal faggot, cancer of the internet. kill yourself

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I've been thinking about this. And I think he may be right. This is the reason you sometimes feel like "a new man" when you've had a good night's rest. Your entire experience of the world changes from day to day. Like you are a different person each day. This is likely literally true. You're a completely different person each day, but with someone else's memories.

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I overdosed and was in a medically induced coma for 3 days. I felt absolutely NOTHING. When I sleep I have some sub-level of consciousness still rolling at least.

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Yes. When you're "under" time is perceived as going by in an instant. If that isn't proof of time being an elaborate illusion, I don't know what is.

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>free trial of being dead
Would that make dreams the afterlife?
Because then the afterlife has
>Hallways where you walk for day, and then a snake eats you
>Streets where you constantly get lost
>Gloves made out of soup that can deflect deadly lasers
>Pregnant nukes
>A centaur as my wife
>Mr Incredible singing japanese
Kind of a fucked and random afterlife.

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When you go to the next instant of time your consciousness ends and a new one starts

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During sleep the soul leaves the body and enters into the imaginal realm. This was the meaning of the night journey. See Ibn Arabi and Henry Corbin:

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Nobody says that and nobody believes that.

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ive heard plenty of stories of people who had experiences while being in a coma.

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underageb& very obviously

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If 3 days could pass in an instant while having zero brain function, what would happen if we extended that to the time that occurs after you die? An infinite amount of time could pass in an instant before you wake back up again, possibly as a new being in a different universe

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ulises paradox:
you aren't your same shelf every second it passes, as your body cells/atoms change every time and get replaced

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That's why I prefer the aggressive opiates when being put under. Yeah I still remember parts of the surgery but all the opium makes them positive memories

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Im an entirely different person now than when i was 15. When did the old me die and the new me awake?

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>unconsciousness =/= no consciousness, your brain doesn't cease all activity when you sleep like actual death
And consciousness =/= any and all brain activity, rendering your point moot.

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Every dat at 2:26PM

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>personally, in my dream states, I am still self-aware and still feel like me
That is exactly what- or who-ever now inhabits the body you previously did would say, because that is exactly how it would feel to them.

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Stop browsing normalfag media.

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Hello 15 year old

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Why are you stupid enough to believe this garbage?

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The sense of self is based upon an illusion of consistent data analysis. Get fucked up on heavy drugs or develop intense mental illness and you will know what I am speaking about. the material universe is a joke.

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There was never new and old you. Its your brain desperately trying to maintain homeostasis. At all times. Plus your death and birth happened in a cosmologically insanely small timeframe. Might as well be instant. The entity you think of as yourself is an illusion stuck in a temporary
"eternal present". You can never escape it, because you are back to it when you die.

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Not every cell in your body changes. Neurons don't tend to be replaced, your teeth and bones are the same teeth and bones you've always had, etc.

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It's not consciousness if you're not consciously experiencing it.

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because all poo pajeets are retarded.

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OP this thread is a joke, nobody believes this shit and thinking you're superior makes me believe you're about 15 or retarded, stop making fun of yourself

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>but he didn't know if he was Zhuang Zhou who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that he was Zhuang Zhou
meditate on this passage

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I'm conscious during sleep though, it's just that I have partial amnesia. Each morning, I go through the process of waking up from a dream, during which I realize I was effectively being trolled by the dream I was having. Does this not happen to most people?

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You can have experience when you remember falling asleep with uninterupted going trough dream to wakefull state again uninterupted.

Don't judge what you don't experience.

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Bro that's like so deep bro broooo
This shit is boring. What would be the implications of this? Why should I care? What evidence whatsoever is there?
I can pose a million what ifs with no evidence or discussion of implications and each one would be just as boring and played out as the last.

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Why the fuck is sleep such an unknown? I feel like we need to take death row inmates and do sleep deprivation experiments until they die so that we can figure this out.

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I tried buying acid once but got scammed :(

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This is such a stupid question
There was no overnight transition
It was a slow, continuous process
You 5 minutes ago is not you right now, it's very similar but not exactly the same
You stopped being you at 15 when you turned 16
You started being you right now right now
Anything in between isn't either state, it's in the middle, usually closer to one state than the other

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