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>exercise is important for your brain!
Oh yeah? Find me 5 studies with data stating that people went up at least 10 IQ points as a result exercise.
Oh what's that? You can't? You can only find shitty studies that don't measure intelligence standards or qualitative data?
Yeah I thought so.

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Anime girls are stupid. I really hate anime girls.

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I could punch you in the face until you lose 10 IQ points from brain damage, because your bitchass didn't work out

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you can't go up by eggzarzyzing
but u def can go down by not eggzarzyzing

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I agree. Anime girls are really really stupid.

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Dude I ran for like an hour an a half the other day and when I got back I was like sleep walking... It was bizarre.
I think it might be brain damage.
I drank one cup of water every 15 minutes and came in at 45 and 90 minutes to rehydrate and geta bottle of water.

But you know what else? You have to pay attention to the road, your surroundings, you have to have a springy step to keep your joints healthy I think, and the rhythm of left and right is like a intense concentration exercise.

It actually requires mental effort to endure such torture though... so

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I think it does clear brain rust

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The brain is a physical organ, if you look like shit theres a chance your innards are also shit. Ugly people have more organ defects.

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>cardio is good for the circulatory system
>exercise is good at regulating the circadian rhythm
>better flow of oxygen, nutrients, glucose to brain
>releases endorphins
>prevents brain-fog
i dont know why its so hard to understand

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Anyone try consciously streaming words during a run?

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Who cares? Exercise is good for your body, full stop. You can make excuses for being a fat lard all you want, but the fact of the matter is that exercise is good for you and virtually always worth your time doing.

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