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How would one power a time machine?

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Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

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one wouldn't, any more than one would make the concept of 0 real

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I don't know, but it would have to be renewable. We can't be using fossil fuels, they're bad for the environment.

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Plutonium duh.

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Fusion reactor

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With a potato.

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liquid gold cooled down in virgin blood. one bar per year of travel.

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>main villain is a transexual
>both of the bisexual characters use sex with same-sex partners to get what they're looking for
>the main character's mental illnesses are a result of the trauma of being sexually abused by his father

/lgbt/bros... what did Mr. Robot mean by this

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>rape dad
if the father was a tranny, trauma would magically disappear. just wait for it next time they do another series.

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Pedophiles in the industry trying to use subversion such as normalization to make pedophilia more normalized.
Media is dangerous.
Any time you see something that doesn't seem normal, especially at an odd rate, it's because you've noticed you're being normalized.
But every time you don't notice it, it's working.
Which board do you think can give me the best objective information about free masons and scientologists?
in flux time gauge particles.

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Libyan Uranium

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With lots of spare time.
Evenings, weekends, etc.

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Press rewind

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wormhole to the big bang

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kek. fucking underrated.

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Sam Esmail hates sodomites.

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>How would one power a time machine?

a quartz oscillator circuit.

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crazy how the final episode of this kino was just one big steins;gate nod

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would have to be nuclear powered

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need more time travel info

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you would need a high energy source... like fusion but probably it is not enough.

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based BTTF reference

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a lot of Farts.

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with freshly squeezed time juice

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