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>4 percent chance of dying from virus if you're american

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>200,000 new infections per day in america at the current rate.

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what a shithole

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China was going full psychopath everytime more than 10 people got infected they would shut down entire regions and kick people out of their apartments if they had covid, and the USA is just letting hundreds of thousands get it each day at this point.

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Im going to get the virus and come back just fine to prove you retards wrong. Jesus christ.

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>"last online: 400 days ago"

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stay healthy in this shit time anon.
it wont be forever.

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And I still don't care lmoa

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>it wont be forever.
it will cycle through the population endlessly

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Screenshot it cause I'll be back after I've gotten it and gotten over it. I'm sick and tired of this fear mongering. It was funny for like 3 months but now it's getting old.

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possibly yes. I am already curious whether one of the vaccines will offer a really permanent protection.
still, at some day it will be over. the therapy is also becoming increasingly better. its fucked but well do it.

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If it ends up being bad, and you do get it, and you get really sick from it, then in response to being wrong you should dedicate some time to warn others about it.

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i'll be 70 and there will still be social distancing bullshit everywhere.

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only 6% of that 4% actually died from the virus

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I've screenshotted this. If it's bad, I'll be back to do exactly as you say.

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this is an intentional misinterpretation of cdc numbers, which is constantly being picked up.
is again such a 2-dimensional world view.
someone who is already burdened with a chronic disease and then died from corona, did not really die from corona blah blah blah...

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what does it mean?

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>someone who is already burdened with a chronic disease and then died from corona, did not really die from corona blah blah blah...
Explain what is wrong with that logic.

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once the effectiveness of a vaccine is really good, its over quickly. If 70% of the population can no longer get it at some point, it becomes extremely difficult for the virus to survive.

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>anon gets it
>has to go to the hospital
>is fine but has a 10,000$ medical bill, and loses his job
Do Americans really?

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What happened? How did we lose?

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your 'logic' would change quickly if you had asthma like me.
do think this is a problem of 90 year old people?

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>Has diabetes, diabetes is controlled, gets COVID-19 and dies from diabetic complications.
How is that not death by COVID? Two thirds of Americans have a comorbidity.

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I don't give a fuck about some faceless dork on 4chinz. Go for a run fagit

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>nooo, dont hurt me reality perception or insult
I do sports yeah.

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Imagine how scary a true fatass killer virus would be. The west wouldn't stand a chance.

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Then why are you such a little bitch? Is this the first time you've been forced to face the inescapable reality of your own mortality?

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no contact tracing, no uniform mask orders, no uniform lockdown orders, people going to concerts and trump rallies without social distancing

You can't fix stupid.

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no contact tracing, no uniform mask orders, no uniform lockdown orders, people going to concerts and blm riots without social distancing

You can't fix stupid.

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Don't forget about how we failed testing
>blm riots
They were socially distanced.

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Friendly reminder that Sweden is such a fucking failure that all the shills who tried to use Sweden as a good example should kill themselves right now.

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Its 0.13% if you have no comorbids

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And that's if you actually have covid

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Literally all the stats are pointless due to ignoring commodities.
You won't die from COVID. Your grandma won't die from COVID, Its not any worse than a bad flu.

Listen to what the most qualified expert has to say on the matter.

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>Its not any worse than a bad flu.
why do you morons keep comparing it to the flu as if it's supposed to be consoling? I had the flu in middle school and it was the sickest i ever felt for 2 weeks. I only vomited 3 times in my whole life and one of them was during that. Never again.

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Because we didn't react like this to any previous flu.
It's all opportunistic politics. You are spreading not even psuedoscientific, but antiscientific rituals to a population who has been trained to believe anything that comes from academia priesthood

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you're comparing nearly an entire continent to other countries. compare our stats to the entirety of the EU, and you'll find similar numbers.

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