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all joe rogan guests are garbage except steve o and that girl who likes to run

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this guy is probably a better instructor than podcaster, at least I hope he is, because I watched his conversation with the 3blue1brown guy and it was cringe as fuck.

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Can't lose what you never had. Woop woop!

I'm here all week!

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>doesnt mention Molyneux

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I think he has decent podcasts.
probably goes on about mah AI too much though.

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What girl

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he was unbearable on the michael malice episode.
>my dream is to bring more love into the world through AGI
cringe af.

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That was a bad podcast in general, which is a shame.

Either that or "my Russian heritage" this, "you know I'm Russian..." that

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dont get it why people identify themselves so strongly over their ethnicity (in third world countries and also america)
weird to me
>my dream is to bring more love into the world through AGI
top zoz
how much weed do i need smoke to fall into that pit?

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Because American is a meaningless term and the only thing shared in common amongst Americans (other than obesity) is they all live under the same government.

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Drives me fucking nuts when he starts yapping "as a russian..."

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Well he does live in the USA. So I can imagine that theres a bit of a difference of culture.

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he is not russian all
like black people pretending they have anything in common with their ethnic counterparts in africa, besides the skin color

born and socialized in a western country, thats the important point everything else is trivial

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He's losing it all right ... losing his hair

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T. Pic related

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Yeah but how tf does things like "as a russian, i experience a lot of pain" make sense. This guy would cream himself if inherited trauma existed with all the pain he could claim.

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>burger bigger than the gun
times sure have changed.

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he was born in russia. his family got immigrated to the us after the fall of the soviet union because his dad was involved with the soviet nuclear weapons program.

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That one was particularly bad.

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>6 threads in the first 2 pages
even /v/ handles eceleb spam better

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