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How do you explain this?

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Simplicity = better design.

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research like this wouldnt be able to get funding in todays world
crazy times

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Because its literally useless, ok.. their brains are slower... now what?

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>1962 research
I explain this with the simple fact that we've had 50 years of new research since then.

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>now what?
It feeds directly into political and social policy, namely the idea that people ARE equal, and that all peoples and races can thrive equally in civilization.

If blacks are objectively dumber, then their lack-luster performance isn't due to systematic oppression, but because they are simply inferior.

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now imagine what elites think of you

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>Because its literally useless
its an insight that can lead to societal adjustment to the fact that not all ethnicities participating in it are equally intellectual capable on the average
this could lead to consequences which greatly benefit the way of living together
its always best to play with open cards and be as honest as possible

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100% I can guarantee every racist here is some sensitive white boy who has gotten intimidated by a black dude at some point and just hasn’t gotten over it yet

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You are only allowed to question the validity of studies that I disagree with. When an old study that I agree with gets thrown out, it's because of (((them))).

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I'm native american born and raised in NYC. Niggers are a blight and much worse than any other race. Anyone who doubts this hasn't lived with them doubts this I notice. This is why wealthy whites who went to my private school all have irrational guilt and zero perspective.

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kek imagine being this delusional. research like this is reason to end all racist policy like affirmative action and other "diversity" cancer. the trump administration recently invested $500B into the black population, an absolutely massive amount, and if we believed in the narrative suggested by the OP instead, we wouldn't ever think of wasting such money.

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Arab here we hate niggers too, we generally keep them as slaves still even today. Pretty sure every race universally cant stand niggers and think you arent fully human

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Funny how this single image destroys racism

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I'm terrified of black people
t. Had to go to a Walmart in the hood last week

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the one without the sickle-shaped blood cells

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all nigger are RH+ a large percentage of whites aren RH- so that actually proves you are retarded

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>I want da one wit da fried chicken and watermelon in it sheeeit
the blood is fine, I am not racist against it, it the package carrying the blood that is criminal and violent

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Man your brain sure has to be simple

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reported for racism

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Oh, you need oxygen to survive? Well ok then, let me give you a pint of air and you can pick out the oxygen atoms for me, racist. Better do it quick, before you suffocate.

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announcing reporting is a bannable infraction

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did you report him?

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>White people die if they get a transfusion from a non-white
So much for the master race lel

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A white person can receive blood from a black person and be fine (and vice versa). They would die if given blood from another animal. Great job inadvertently proving the anon's point.

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This looks oversimplified, Africans are different across the board, an Ethiopian skull would look different to a Nigerian skull for example but they are still both Sub-Saharan African.

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actually I don't think you got that picture's point, moron

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>this is your brain on negro dna
you can keep the blood friendos, Im good

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I get it just fine, the second "meme" was trying to make a point about similarity and blew it.

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>One source from 1962
>Ignore how much skeletons vary within ethnic groups
>Ignore rapid generational intelligence shifts
>Ignore skin color being more a product of environmental selection than anything else.
>Ignore how cultural connection is stronger within language groups than between them like 90% of the time
>Ignore how Mongolians, Chinese, Arabs, Persians, Nubians, Indians even and so on all had "best society in the world" claims at some point within just a few millennia.
>Ignore like, how the flynn effect basically caused IQ score testing to adjust its averages /globally/ and how minority populations showed similarly dynamic IQ average growth within decades which cannot be explained by a genetic basis for intelligence.

Essentialists, not even once. Humans are a tad more complex than a lobster!

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Additionally I just see no reason to care about ethnic differences as they're never significant. Nada. If you can make viable off spring with someone of a different race, they're humans too and therefore human rights apply.

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>ever "best society in the world"

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differences in human skin color has been shown to be the result of strong positive selection. it is almost entirely genetic and this is not controversial even among rabid environmentalist evo bio and genetics researchers.

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What do you think I meant with "environmental selection"? Sunnier environments favor tanner skin than colder places.

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Eh, it was a brief 50 years when they took Egypt over but the Assyrians scared them off. Bronze Age Collapse stuff so they were the best by default. But hey it's better than nothing.

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I think you have literally no idea how the mathematics of evolutionary dynamics works, nor do you know how to partition variation, so you made up a term to push a point. Environmental factors are terms as such because they are not attributable nor do they typically act via gene expression. For instance the height of a sunflower in a nutrient poor soil might be below the genotypic potential, this would be due in part to environmental factors. However, if a sunflower had a specific gene that codes for an protein that produces a pesticide which warded off a highly aggressive herbivorous caterpillar species, and as a result was larger than the sunflowers lacking the gene, this is a genetic factor. Skin pigment is differentiated among humans because of genetics, the individuals with lighter pigment in boreal climates synthesize vitamin D more efficiently and can cope with reduced sunlight year round. By contrast individuals in tropical climates with high sun exposure would be at risk of skin cancers if they had lighter pigment and so dark skin is the rule near the equator.

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Without the mutations that allow for lighter pigment and differential survival and reproductive success among northern populations we simply would not have invaded those environments successfully and you would find nearly all humans clustered close to the equator. However, due to selection on a specific locus or loci we were able to adapt by proliferating the beneficial mutations rapidly throughout eurasian populations. This is not environmental selection anymore than not having a embyronic lethal mutation is environmental selection from gravity or from the womb.

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>I think you have literally no idea how the mathematics of evolutionary dynamics works, nor do you know how to partition variation
What the fuck is this word salad? Environment factored into the different skin colors of people, that's all I mean when I say environmental selection. "Muh gene math"? Eat shit mate, no one's talking about that here.

>Skin pigment is differentiated among humans because of genetics, the individuals with lighter pigment in boreal climates synthesize vitamin D more efficiently and can cope with reduced sunlight year round. By contrast individuals in tropical climates with high sun exposure would be at risk of skin cancers if they had lighter pigment and so dark skin is the rule near the equator.
Okay? Where's the disagreement? Like this is stuff I know dude, you're just getting your panties in a twist over terminology.

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I am not the guy you answered, but what the other guy is trying to say is that those genes became widespread because of the environment. As in, the dark skin was less successful reproductively in the boreal climates BECAUSE of the boreal climates; hence it's the environment. What does the mathematics of evolutionary dynamics have to do with that?

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> Ignore skin color being more a product of environmental selection than anything else
This sentence is retarded. My reply is directed towards this statement alone. If you don’t know how phenotypic variance is partitioned, and how selection can ONLY act on variation in allele frequency or that human skin pigmentation variation is due almost exclusively to GENETIC differences then you are not capable of talking about human evolution at all. Environmental selection has a completely different meaning in ecology and developmental biology than natural selection which you’ve substituted here. You’ve also mixed, backtracking, environmentally induced variation with genetic variation, and then included the word selection, while genetic variation can be due to many factors. You’re just fucking stupid desu and don’t seem to know much about evolution.
No, he is saying that human skin pigment variation is due to environmental factors. It is not, the environment does not lighten your skin to the degree seen among boreal populations. Mutations exist that are favored under certain conditions. That is not what he said at all. Evolutionary dynamics specifically tells you that the response to selection is higher if the trait is highly heritable and if there is a large selection differential. there is for skin pigmentation extremely high heritability and very strong selection, so there was a rapid response among northern populations called a selective sweep which, including many other traits like light hair and later lactose tolerance, differences in skin thickness, characterizes profound genetic differences in those populations compared to african populations. Read the original post, that is the context for my replies, not simply the statement i quoted.

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Human skin pigmentation differences are on of the strongest pieces of evidence supporting the existence of significant and evolutionarily meaningful differences between human populations as there were strong concomittant ecological, behavioral, and genetic changes as well as literally being a product of reproductive isolation. This would favor the counterargument to the original post.

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>who is more evolved
>gee I wonder I wish I could tell just by observation
>Oh wait I can because niggers are violent retards

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You speak like a total fucking dingus because you are still losing your shit over me saying environmental selection.

So i'll say it again.

Anyways like you say a lot of this weird inane gibberish, learn to speak human english instead of vomiting word salad like a mentally retarded web bot.

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wanna bananna?

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>"Nuh it mean a different thing dummy dummy"
That's what you said for 2 paragraphs and multiple posts straight. That's literally all you said between all the jargon you slather your word salad with.

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wanna functioning civilization? Can negroes even grow a banana?

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Black people have functioning civilizations though.

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Jews put an end to that.

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funny you should say that as you aren't very far from being one yourself.

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silence infidel

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yeah, not sure why
they were one of the most prominent group of shipping africans to america
you would assume that they have a strong interest to investigate, but this doesnt seem to be the case

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That’s just Haiti and it was doing fine until recently.

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ah yes eating dirt biscuits a decade ago they were doing amazing. You are a fucking retard and I would be embarrassed of making such a fool out of myself as you have even if this is anonymous. You are also a liar and why negroes and their leftard lackeys deserve everything you get and need to be stomped into the ground everywhere you try to gain any toe hold on power. You are losers, liars and pieces of dog shit that destroy everything you touch

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I’m just saying. Facts don’t care about your feelings,

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