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>"imaginary" """numbers"""

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No one tell him about irrational numbers

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a+ib \leftrightarrow
a&-b \\


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this board is for science and math, not creative writing

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so what's your point?

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no one tell him about surreal numbers

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no one tell him a boat bimbo bumfucker """""""""numbers""""""""""""

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orders of infinity schlock, what's the point?

wake me up when you can teach it in high school algebra

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This is perhaps the biggest scam in the history of science. I mean, imagine that we invent "imaginary cells" to explain where consciousness is stored or "imaginary planets" to explain the behavior of light...

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Imagine having only ten fingers and then inventing the perfid, so-called "number" eleven. What an atrocity...

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>negative numbers

There are people on this board RIGHT NOW who think [math]x + 1 =0[/math] has a solution. If I only have 3 apples, I can't eat 5 apples and then say I have -2 apples!?!

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all numbers are imaginary duh

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Numbers aren't real

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>he hasn't learned the difference between transcendental and algebraic irrational numbers

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wasnt there some dude who used i to work out electrical flow theory or something like that?

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should m*th, alongside any other rationalist circlejerk, be outlawed for the sake of humanity?
If every m*them*tici*n in the world became a physicist instead we'd have fusion-powered spaceships by now. It's like an overgrown tumor on top of our collective brain power that's draining the most brilliant people of every generation for no other reason but because m*th is supposedly the hardest subject, when it's the easiest since all you need is an imagination and a piece of paper

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>never constructed the complex numbers from the formal power series in reals
>don't understand that this is a well defined notion
>don't realize that the complex numbers have the same properties as R^2 as a vector space, but they're different enough as fields that it's preferable to work in C
I know it's supposed to be a shitpost but has it ever occurred to you that your concerns have been addressed?

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