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>go to lower rank school because it's a 15 minute walk from my house, which means I can save money, time, and most importantly don't have to live with faggy students or have to wear a mask at all times
>out of curiosity check out the high rank schools, their the curriculum and the lectures they have uploaded on YouTube
>we are literally covering the same content as they are and some of my professors are better at teaching
Yeah, fuck you rank obsessed faggots.

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Nobody with an above room-temperature IQ thinks higher ranked colleges teach you more "exclusive" or "advanced" material you retard. It's about the prestige of the degree. You're paying for a piece of paper to open doors so you can succeed in life. Some pieces of paper stand out more than others.

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None of that matters for a bachelor's degree. For graduate degrees, it's all about the research you do and the advisory committee you have. Higher ranked universities simply tend to have more and better options there, but it's not as strong a correlation as the undergrad mongs on this board think.

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>It's about the prestige of the degree. You're paying for a piece of paper to open doors so you can succeed in life. Some pieces of paper stand out more than others
So you're confirming that rank cucks are non-scientific, hormonal, emotion driven retards?

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I wouldn’t even want to work for the dopehead that thinks a prestige uni has anything to do with competence.
If anything being willing to pay orders of magnitude more to learn literally the same thing is a clear sign to me I’m working with a fucking retard.

The only exception I can think of is if you need high end lab equipment for your studies.

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One other differentiating factor could be how difficult it is to gain entrance into the university as well though.

Getting into Harvard != getting into worst university in the US, even if "Calculus 1" at Harvard is exactly the same as "Calculus 1" at "bad school".

Also - when you get into really low rankings, sometimes the profs really do make the content easier. But it has to be really low rankings.

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Imagine going to Harvard to study "Calculus 1".

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After the act cope.

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sauce on the youtube videos?

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Why do you need a source to type something into YouTube. Calpoly, MIT, and others upload lectures online.

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Atleast for math 99% of books have a good chunk of content that 99.99% of students can learn from.
Some unis start calculus with apostol or spivak because it's been assumed that they took calculus in high school, but even then they don't cover anywhere near what those books have to offer. The headroom is there for students that want to self study.
These same classes could use Thomas with the advanced exercises and only one or two lectures on not in book content would suffice to give the same level of knowledge as the first course.
Keep in mind that the act of getting anything less 100% in a class implies that you have a vague understanding of the material at best. (95% if the teacher is an actual hard ass)

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this isn't true at all.

Mid-tier uni Professors are demonstrably careless relative to top uni professors, at mid-tier unis exams are not based on knowledge of the material but rather regurgitation of the homework, mid-tier uni students have no genuine interest in what they're studying, professors teaching upper division Mathematics courses need to review basic algebra to students in a no child left behind fashion, Professors tell students to not use outside methods to solve certain problems (some even go as far as saying what Algebra you should use), Professors regularly make mistakes but only a few correct them, some flat out just lecture and give the wrong answer to students with little or no repercussions. Again, this all happens because the students evidently don't care about what they're studying, it's completely souless and disgusting.

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>Keep in mind that the act of getting anything less 100% in a class implies that you have a vague understanding of the material at best.
No it doesn't. It depends entirely on the grading method.

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I watched several MIT lecture series and Calpoly lecture series and everything you've just said happened in those.

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holy shit it worked
it even works for upper level courses.
learning things is fucking easy PZ why have I just been here jerking off to anime girls and collecting NEET bux when I could have been doing all that and learning?

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Or you could just get the textbook they recommend for the class. My school uses the exact textbook MIT does for the same class.

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No shit, most good schools now upload a lecture series covering their undergrad courses. Some do higher level than that.

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just have loaded parents, dude.

I’m so glad to live in Europe to not have to deal with that shit. I pay my 20€ fees each semester, got a good range of annoying to great professors and I’m good.

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>Cal Poly
Dude those are above average tier unis at best. Unless you're referring to Cal Tech
Which one? The only bad MIT Courseware lecture series I don't like is the Differential Equations one (with the beard guy).

Aside from that the following are kino lectures to any Math/Physics


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but I haz no muni

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Not true for Asian countries with entrance exams like China, India, Japan and South Korea.

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same in France

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University rankings were designed by retards who can't actually do anything with their degree in practice to market that which actual competent people don't have to market

If you objectively look at unis like Harvard and Princeton, they cover shockingly little and superficially what they do. Some courses are exceptions, of course, like Math 55.

So if you feel comfortable building your own business or proving yourself in the workplace, you definitely made a good call. If you're not that smart you definitely made a big mistake not attending a prestige uni though.

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Lower ranked universities in the USA are ranked higher than the universities in your shithole countries. My school isn't that good for USA, but it's ranked higher than your shithole countries.

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High tier unis basically promote aristocracy if there is no difference in education.

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With standards and factors decided by institutions that favour universities in America and England. You really believe that a grandes écoles is lower ranked than whatever state university or community college you are from?

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>goes to school for anything besides pedigree and connections
You have been filtered. Your parents were right in donating tax dollars to the gibmedats.gov as there is no future for you.

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>muh ranks are irrelevant
>other countries' scientific level is bad cause muh ranking said so

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he doesn't know

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Why should any rational employer pay attention to that?

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My undergraduate+graduate was a ranked 500 public state school.

I still got a job doing robotics engineering in Seattle because of my thesis. I miss my university town though. I'm the only hire that isn't from a prestigious school. Mid level and senior employees are a mixed bag because they get hired on WE and not their school of choice. One senior guy has a Univ. of Phoenix degree but he got it while he was a already a robotics engineer with just a HS diploma. He needed the professional degree for promotion.

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Let's just say that the most popular textbooks also have a popular pdf version...

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that's a scam, it's mostly (((nepotism))) and gatekeeping anyway

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Rank is a meme but it is correlated with two things that are important:

Target schools: Target schools are the universities that companies actively recruit at. In other words, they may have some jobs posted online but really they are on-campus trying to fill these jobs with students from these schools. Target schools do not necessarily need to be the highest-ranked, but they are all very good schools and all the ivies are targets too so take that for what you will. Of course, I'm being a little reductive here. A school is a "target" relative to the company. If JP Morgan and Google don't recruit at your school then it is not a "target school" officially but maybe there is a local employer around you who does recruit and if that's the job you want then for all intent and purposes you are at a target. Even if a lower-ranked one.

Wealthy people: The higher rank, the more wealthy people there will be around you. And it is very important that you get to know a couple of wealthy people. Wealthy people are the people who create businesses or even open new departments in existing companies. If they trust you they can fast-track you to management because they are going to need a CTO at their start-up and they are already the CEO so they need someone else there.

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I'm pretty sure most universities outside the U.S. use entrance exams

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Target school sure but the 2nd point not so much.

Schools like Cornell, Columbia, Brown, and UPenn are majority common folk and the schools aren't as exclusive as you'd believe.

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Founders disproportionately come from these schools. Of course, not everyone will be wealthy. But to know 1 or 2 is enough. In this life, the only thing you really do not want is to be outside of the circles of power. When economic crises hit you'll notice that some people keep their jobs and others don't... who do you think each group is? And university is one way to achieve that. It is not the only way, but it will give you a jump start.

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I went to an Ivy and while jobs are plentiful not every student is doing a startup (startups are actually very rare), and not every student is going to work at Goldman Sachs. It's worth going because you'll have an easier time getting your foot in the door at any company and there's direct recruiting.

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Getting into harvard is only hard if you're a white gentile or asian

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Demonstrate it

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