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Are white people an extraterrestrial species?

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No, where did you get this thought?

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Is /pol/ full of retards?

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No idea, white normies definitely seem like they don't belong in this world.

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They where ones but now there genetic is deluded.

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It seems to be obviously tongue in cheek, but really what makes whites so different? They just don't think like other people.

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no but they different species/subspecies from apes and blacks.

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The average white woman looks more like the left one though.

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We don't count jews as white here, they are a mix of different mutt ethnicities with many physical and mental illnesses which results in their ugly features, it's a natural human tendency to like certain features through millions of years of evolution, beauty is objective.

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Perhaps. Whites are so radically different from the rest of humanity

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Europeans arguably had the most extreme evolutionary forces. Compare the history, geography, climate and population migrations of Europe to any other continent/country and it stands out dramatically.

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This is some kind of inverted /pol/, so let us call it /lop/.

>what makes whites so different?
Hybridisation mainly between h. sapiens and neanderthals.

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No they just have 100,000 years of genetic distance from africans

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No, believe it or not whites and everyone but Africans are pretty similar. I've always said white people should do it alone because even though everyone else but Africans are similar, they lack the culture. East Asian are pretty awesome but Jesus Christ, they seem to copy a lot and not invent things on their own.

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>East Asian are pretty awesome but Jesus Christ, they seem to copy a lot and not invent things on their own.
that's exactly what europeans did when the romans conquered them 2000 years ago. we can owe almost all of modern european success to us being inspired by and copying the ancient greeks and romans. the best indicator that east and central asia will be the next superpower is that they somewhat idolize us, and just straight up copy our successes, instead of whining like little bitches and trying to kill us all like blacks do.

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Ancient greeks and romans were european you fucking mong

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"nordic aliens" are a fairly common thing in ufo encounter stories.

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what is race?

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they're mediterranean, and western and northern europeans lived in mud huts and worshipped the sun when the romans showed up.

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goes along with the conspiracy theories that aliens are actually humans from the far future, and the grey ayy look is just them wearing hazmat suits.

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>we can owe almost all of modern european success to us being inspired by and copying the ancient greeks and romans
the ancient greeks and romans had architecture, weapons and jack shit else

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anon the greeks and romans invented classical mathematics, modern concepts of government, cement, technically the steam engine, and a bunch of other shit I can't think of off the top of my head.

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>anon the greeks and romans invented classical mathematics
no they did not

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mathematics are not invented they are discovered

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then why do we need mathematicians? why not round them all up and force them to hand over their secrets so that we can write a program that brute forces the discovery of the rest of mathematics ?

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mathematics is a language describing fundamental forces, it is something that is invented to describe something that is discovered.

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stfu swarthoid, pathetic cope

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go back

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>these levels of cope
Well sense nigs didnt even have the wheel before meeting white people after we had the wheel for 1000's if years, I think we know the answer to your question

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>worshipped the sun
only religion with at least a pinch of sense

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ok monkey boy

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>northern greece
so greco-roman? cope.

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the notation maybe, such as the symbol "1" etc are invented. but the ideas such as 1+1=2 will always be true whether people exist or not

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2+16= 73

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Since whe are creatures capable of evolving this quickly

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The Root Races Of Humanity

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There is no difference.

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Alien here, not necessarily, but OP is 50% alien since we probed his mother.

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absolute retard who pretends he is intelligent, how shocking. binary vs base 10 is obviously a notational difference you retarded cunt

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>Europeans arguably had the most extreme evolutionary forces.
Extreme evolutionary forces should result in a population that is better off, not a race of miscreants.
Whites are the odd ones out. They are the only race except the aborigines that thinks thinking up something is so extraordinary that you should own monopoly rights to what you thought of.

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huggywuggy humanist math

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They are related to the nordic aliens

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Show peer reviewed studies that support your claim

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Only the good looking ones

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>this shaved chimpanzee
Just why??

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So is there a serious explanation about curly vs. non-curly hair?

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