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Hello friends, I'm starting a math degree with a specialty in CS next year and I'm wondering what do you guys think about the classes:

Year 1:

Computer science 1
Discrete mathematics 1
calculus 1
physics 1
liberal course
Linear algebra
Discrete mathematics 2
calculus 2
physics 2
liberal course

Year 2:

Computer science 2
Computer organization(digital logic circuits and such)
introduction to mathematical inquiry(Intro proofs class)
probablity and staticts 1
liberal course
Calculus 3
probablity and staticts 2
differantial equations
applied linear algebra
liberal course

Year 3:

data structures
intro to unix, c and c++
numerical analysis 1
real analysis
math elective(Intro to stochastic processes)
complex analysis
math elective(Graph theory)
computer science elective(Computer networks 1)
computer science elective(Computer graphics)
liberal art course

Year 4:

Abstract algebra
math elective(Finicial math 1)
math elective(Crpyography)
computer science elctive(Computer networks 2)
liberal course
math elective(Finicial math 2)
math elective(Combinatorics)
computer science elective(Compilers and Interpreters)
computer science elective(Intro to A.I course)
computer science elective(Database class)

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>introduction to mathematical inquiry(Intro proofs class) in year 2
>real analysis in year 3
>Abstract algebra in year 4
This doesn't look like a math degree at all, anon. This looks like a mediocre computer science program with a thin veneer of respectability added by calling it math. An actual math program would have all three of those things in year 1, CS focus or no.

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Funny, I don’t remember the original involving a girl math

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me neither, wtf?
what is with the fucking simpery?
all these male feminists disgust me
I hope they don't reproduce

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>Year 2:
> introduction to mathematical inquiry(Intro proofs class)

What's the point of doing maths courses like linear algebra in first year if proofs is not a pre req.

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