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why is he so anti-charismatic?

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Because he talks about angles without drawing a picture and he wears suit not something more confy and relaxed?

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The best mathematicians wear suits.

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He is literally a local politicians now though.

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no I mean he talks and reads like a mush brained idiot, he's very slow for someone with a background in maths and physics.

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I thought Jews are supposed to have high verbal IQs. Is his mom a goy?

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I allways watch his parts on x2
He is so slow its painfull to watch

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English is not his first language and only if your dopamine receptors are burned out you need fast-paced, filled with meme cuts personalities like YouTubers.


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I'm an ESL and I can talk and read as fast as a native speaker. He's just a dimwit.

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Because fuck you that's why.

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Talking fast means shit if you do not have smart things to say. Some people are more eloquent than others but calling a successful person a dimwit because he speaks slowly is a cope

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Poor guy was spilling his spaghetti all over the place in the recent Joe Rogan episode. Why is he so lonely, bros?

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Because he is stupid.

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I read his dad book a lot for my PhD

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I see it's actually online now

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sure but hes a hack so idk

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people who speak slowly and have trouble reading are usually fucking dumb

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Because he is a fucking faggot

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>He's just a dimwit.
>works at MIT as a researcher

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The most French looking person to ever exist

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Almost all Chechen males have robust skulls and high T

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My fluid mechanics professor loves this guy.

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I like him. He's cool

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based post man but he isn't chechen
and all the chechens that you posted in this pictures are bums sadulaev and beterbiev are the only based chechens

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Lex has a black belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and would strangle the fuck out of most of /sci/.
I like the aesthetic of a man who is smart, but also physical. I am trying to develop the same aesthetic myself.

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What is he then? He looks exactly like a Chechen friend of mine

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hes reddit

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What does he look like under the suit?

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>shorter than Joe Rogan

Holy shit. He's tiny

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Probably quite fit/strong for a guy who mostly does bodyweight exercises and martial arts training without much or any weight training.

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BJJ is good for manlets, don't underestimate a manlet that knows BJJ.

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Did he really say that? Lol. What is that nigga up to nowadays? Did he finally go insane?

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>when u spec into a pet class

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Whats his stand?

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burakku uido

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Suits are comfy, I've recently started wearing suit pants casually because they're just straight up more comfortable than most other options.

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He based.

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he went nuts and is now a buddhist monk or something who doesnt care about math anymore

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Rogan is so /comfy/.

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Same. I want to hate him cause he's a mathematician, but he's got unique aesthetics and is awkward but charming.

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People who speak slowly just need a little bit of alcohol to get the inhibition of just talking out of the way. You don't want to be a rambling schizo but if you talk faster you can use more simple thoughts to convey meaning than pausing to think of the best way to say something. Once you teach a subject enough though you should be able to do the lecture without thinking and at that point it's just style and if you're speaking slowly for style you're possibly a shit speaker

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Christ. The dude was smart. Like really really smart.

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Yes, that's exactly it. The reLEVANT neander gene is carried over by the mom so even with a god-dad liek he has it's gonna turn out mediocre, and devoid of the neander noggin

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he literally takes long pauses while trying to formulate simple questions while fumbling a lot.

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>likes Death Note

Basiert indeed

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I was taken aback on how much more talkative/charismatic his father was. The entire interview was practically Lex asking a question and his father rattling on for 10 minutes answering it.

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How is he not a forced meme? His affect is maybe good for being an interviewer, you definitely never know what he’s going to say between pauses
But he has almost no subs and super low view counts yet he has all the big names

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because he's Russian, he doesn't have time for charisma.

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calling people names is a sign of low intelligence

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trips of truth

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chechen have names like sadulaev or shit like that plus he isn't muslim plus his dad's name Alexander A. Fridman doesn't sound chechen at all but he does combat sport so idk i don't think he is chechen

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Can't you two idiots put two and two together? Fridman is Germanic. Slavic names end in ov/ski/in/ko. He's a joo.

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>Fridman is Germanic
Technically it's germanic, but only due to the fact Yiddish is derived from old German. It's really only superficially similar in most ways, the scripts aren't even the same.

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Suits are corny

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He work with plasma right? What book did you read?

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I wish my country had more politicians like this.

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Nerds aren't charismatic. What a surprise! I love his stuff, but you need some patience when listening to most people from academia.

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This fucking mumbling retard speaks and looks like a fucking idiot

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America needs more mathematican-politicians (not Weinstein). Pic not 100% related.

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ok retard

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Make thread.

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>his dad's name Alexander A. Fridman
The original family name is Fedotov, they changed it so sound American

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So this is like the reverse of what jewish actors do in Hollywood. He adopted a jewish last name to get ahead in academia.

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i met him in person he's very rude

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>i met him in person he's very rude

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What proof do you want? I have pictures with him but it'd doxx myself and I wouldn't want him to recognize the pictures even if I black out my face.
I met him at MIT early 2020.

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He does seem like an insufferable faggot I wonder what it is that keeps him going

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Why was he rude?

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Look at him, when he's on videos, he looks like 19 yo, look at this picture, he's like 42+, weird

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Hes like the perfect poster boy for deep cover cia guy

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I never knew sci is full of oversocialized shitbrains. How did you even end up visiting here? A lot of stem thinkers, your average lecturer is not going to talk about some technical field using rich expressions, head bobbing fuckery to catch your attention. Often the presentations are shitty circa 2000 looking but the content matters and your and the lecturer's pasion about a subject, and your deep will to understand the material- coming from your innate interest.
Are you pop sci faggots, undergrads or business school tryhards? Its ok, you can tell me.

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Do tell anon

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he's rude how, elaborate, like did he treat you like shit?

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Are you related to AI? What do you think of Ben Goertzel?

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Met him a few times and we chatted, basically he acted like he was better than everyone else who wasn't as famous as him. I really can't go into specifics because he'll recognize me, but basically he thought he was a God and wouldn't give common courtesy to anyone who wasn't a phD or a scientist or whatever.
Just as an example of equal magnitude, imagine if you asked him "Hey man what are your hobbies" and he said "Don't ask me that asshole who do you think you are", like if you're a peasant talking to a king. I guess maybe I'd feel that powerful too if I had millions of views and students lining up to meet me whenever I walked around campus, idk
He was nice 90% of the time, but a few things like this made me think he's rude.

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I study ML at school yeah, but I was only at MIT for one semester. I don't have any thoughts on him sorry

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Maybe you're just an insecure autist???

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He looks like a sociopath, I believe the autist over the attention monger

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There's nothing in my post that could lead to you that conclusion, you're probably the autist if you can't read social cues.
I shared the interaction I had with him with all of my friends and they all agreed he was rude. So either all of my friends from different majors, ages, and walks of life are all autists or someone who's pretty famous is rude like tons of famous people are. I wonder what's more plausible

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He sounds straight up autistic but honestly most youtubers are shit narrators.

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Yeah he's probably autistic unironically. I can tell from his voice.

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>He looks like a sociopath
What does a sociopath look like???

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relax lex

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Lex is /our guy/. He'd fit right in on /sci/.

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Suits are fine, lex's suit is ugly, especially with that black tie.

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>What does a sociopath look like???

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BJJ is just pro-wrestling for homosexuals.

>> No.12145428

So infuriating to watch a good looking person elect to be unattractive.

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>It's really only superficially similar
It's practically the same fucking language

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Jesus Christ This thread is full of narcissistic trannies. Arguing wether a podcaster is as smart as you isn’t going to make you any smarter.

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So he is one of those people

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He is not anti-charismatic in my opinion.
He is just very humble; especially since he has clearly seen and realized the limitations of humanity.

Speculation; Maybe in order to gain less resistance and show the importance of love, his personality has shifted towards what it is now.
He understands that people can be dumb and therefore have dumb/untrue standpoints/opinions. Yet by accepting this and transcending this, you get something like him. Which is why I like him.

(Once he gets tired of people not understanding him, he might end up cold and filled with deep disappointment towards the ego-centrics,)

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Has he actually done any meaningful research ? It seems like he's always way out of his depth even with people in his own field. It's pretty clear he's a brainlet

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He's an AI researcher, which basically means statistician on steroids. His knowledge about anything else is superficial at best.

>> No.12146064

He acts like he's on a ton of pills. Amphetamines + SSRIs most likely

So THATS WHY Joe keeps having him back LMFAO

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Anybody else catch the part about him paying someone to delete mean comments? Why are these guys so sensative?

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Seems like a solid guy.

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big yikes

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>and they all agreed he was rude
also possible you're the autistic one that painted it as him being rude

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Jew men aren't exactly known for having impressive physiques beyond being hairy as fuck.

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I also need a rundown of this guy.

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>he doesn't know

>> No.12149209

Possible, but anything is possible. What would I gain from it? What benefit do you have by not believing me or by believing me? Relax lex

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he's italian lol

>> No.12149353

You know he fucks those chickens, right?

>> No.12149359

Talk to him about UFOs and Bigfoot, he'll be your best friend.

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Bruh he left MIT by then LMAO

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love that big HGH skull

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No he didn't you fucking idiot, literally google "MIT Deep Learning Series 2020"

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It's not much more than a dialect, as a native German speaker I understand it without any trouble. There's some unique words you got to know, but that's basically it.

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AI and ML researchers are the technicians of statistics

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>that's a bad thing

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what gives it away, the monotone?

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inb4 he posted this because of this thread

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no he's not

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man the guy needs to come on 4chan and get some thicker skin

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Lmao cope

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Based and mortalpilled

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Would you people say he is the Joe Rogan of science?

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he feels so needy for validation sometimes

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It’s pretty obvious why poor fella maybe he is our guy

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he's not a scientist, ML has nothing to do with science and will never be science. CS is not a natural science, and does not tell us anything about nature. They're a chimera of second-rate mathematicians, logicians, and engineers.

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>computational irreducibility

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the suit does have a fedora tipping vibe to it

>> No.12154968

Checked. Dubs of truth

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And Physics-magic 8'th dimensions is?

>> No.12155449

Unsure of himself?
In the shadow of his father?
Who knows

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His relaxed personality is therapeutic.

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hey, I thought that was really funny but saw you didn't get any reply

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