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What's the point of teaching pemdas when there's proper math notation? It doesn't make sense, teaching pemdas is the equivalent of teaching someone to read a sentence with no punctuation and letting them punctuated the sentence themselves, why not just write the sentence with proper punctuation to begin with?

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baby brain too small :)))))))))

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Because we are fucking lazy

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math notation is a clusterfuck. This is like asking CS to get a proper nomenclature

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Nah, parenthesis and getting rid of the division sign would literally get rid of 99% of pemdas.

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This just American? I did a maths degree and never heard of pemdas 'til years later, on here.
It was always just 'stuff in brackets first'.

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Yeah, they literally write the problem with no notation and called it pemdas, when it's properly solved with proper math notation which is what pemdas is all about. This is early math though, that's how they reached it to kids.

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what does "no notation" mean? how do you write an expression with no notation?

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because there's literally no way to know how to evaluate 5+3x5 without knowing the order of things. are you actually retarded?

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Brainlet detected.

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All multiplication has a (), the same is for division.

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Bongistani call it BEMDAS because they're "brackets" and not "parentheses"

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Mutt education.

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Also, the division sign is stupid just make it into fraction.

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Not a exactly fraction but just numerator/denominator style

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how do you know that parentheses need to happen first? it's almost as if you need to define that to be the case...
I also don't know about you but I don't want to write a million parentheses when you can learn a super easy convention

imagine having to write [math] 1+(3(5+((2^2)*((3^2)+3)) \text{ instead of } 1+3(5+2^2*(3^2+3)) [/math]

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I couldn't even be arsed to write the closing parentheses, that's how fucked doing this is

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Just don't write the unnecessary ones, lol.

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what makes one unnecessary? you need a rule to make certain parentheses unnecessary, otherwise it's ambiguous.
and hey, that rule is what we have in place! how convenient! without pemdas, literally every single (different) operation needs to be enclosed in parentheses.

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But you do agree that the division sign is unnecessary? Also, is more about teaching the next generation on the idea of how advance math works. There's literally thousands of trick math photos testing a person's knowledge on the idea of pemdas which isn't good. I know from personal experience, that teachers just spout to do pemdas but they never explain the logic behind it. The same for algebra(not explaining the logic behind variables and solving for x), they all just repeat the same text book stuff and never explain the logic behind it. Most people are not even aware that in division there's distribution(ex: 2x+2/2, the 2 distributes to the 2x then the 2)is more about getting kids to truly grasp math. Then later on they can learn tricks like pemdas.

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Nah, we call it BODMAS (O stands for order) or BIDMAS (I stands for indices/index).

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Multiplication is just repeated addition so you could think of 4+5*3 as 4+5+5+5, which is more consistent with 4+(5*3) than (4+5)*3. Likewise, exponentiaton is just repeated multiplication so it has higher precedence than multiplication.

The other thing is due to how notation is often written, it's easier to copy formulas into a programming language that supports that order of operations (which most do).

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Or use a notation that doesn't require parentheses or pemdas. Like RPN on old HP calculators.

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