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>jews are overrepresented
>its because were smarter and work harder

>whites are overrepresented
>systemic racism

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das right goy

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IQ is pseudoscience.
>also /sci/
Jews have the highest IQ, whites BTFO.

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>dark skin
>doctors and Microsoft programmers 6 figure job
>ignore it
Yeah I'm sure if ranjeet wore an afro wig his correct answer on his calculus test suddenly change.
Face it blacks literally detest the idea of whiteness, even if that idea to them just means not being lazy and doing something that's difficult.
they have shit uninvolved parents.
terrible money management (extremely low net worths)
Have no respect for authority, chimp out and need to be removed from class and miss the lesson.
teacher emails them on the free laptop they got through some low income housing program, but they never checked it because they broke it after they realized it had a porn blocker.
tell me about my privillege once you give me my fucking barmitzfuh munni

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Overrepresentation means they don't know who to contact.

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Youre right but don't post gore on my thread faggit

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go back

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Jews are white

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I sure love being an "overrepresented minority." I've had that term attached to me since high school at least, probably earlier, and it's made me realize from an early age that all this race and privilege nonsense is utter bullshit.
>you're nonwhite, good! Oh, but you're not the nonwhite we're looking for... sorry, better luck next time. Your primitive culture believes in reincarnation, right?

t. chink

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>broke it after they realized it had a porn blocker

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>jews are overrepresented
>it's because of nepotism

>blacks are underrepresented
>it's because they have low IQ

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Jews are white. They cluster with whites

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I hate jews so much bros what do?

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Chin up, OP. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but there will come a day when we are judged not for the color of our skin but the contents of our character.

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this desu. op is anti-white confirmed.

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check this out

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No matter how you look at it, the US is a jew controlled country that alone contradicts the RACIAL EQUALITY narrative big time. Jews should be forced out of their roles and have them given to blacks, asians or mexicans to balance out the power oh wait a second these evil desert scumbags dont give a shit about being fair to gentiles.

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>men are overrepresented
>systemic sexism

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>literally makes up most of earth
stfu yellow nigger
What department found this out?

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That would be like a second holocaust

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Were white just like you goyim!!!

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>Jews are smart and whites aren't so need to compensate by setting up a biased system

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Jews and whites are better-educated on average. Black people are less well-educated on average due to poverty and historical and systemic racism.

False dilemma, OP

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Implying jews dont set up a biased system that favors them.

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They were able to do that by being more intelligent. The strong control the weak.

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Horsehair worms aren't really stronger than crickets.

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It's systemic classism, not systemic racism.
People in the low class have much more trouble getting a good education, etc. Blacks just mostly fall into this class. I don't think it has anything to do with their skin color

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To be fair, there's a fairly vocal group on sci that hates Jews.

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People who fall into slavery and stay enslaved and weak deserve it. Say what you want about kikes but they are not quitters.

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it's funny because the Chinese study the jews because the leading expert on Jews in China, Xu Xin, thinks they control the west.

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The OJ trial was a case study in how class can and does override race in the "privilege" game. Post-civil rights US kept the systemic racism but did enable and allow for the rise of a multi-ethnic elite that the altright thinks is socialism despite this multi-ethnic elite being the product and beneficiaries of a capitalist framework.

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Class reductionist chud

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ok what i said wasn't quite accurate

>As the afternoon drew to a close, I mentioned Chen Guangbiao, the billionaire who declared he is good at working with Jews. Liu was exasperated by such reductions.
>“In their minds, Jewish people control the banks in America. It means for them that Jewish people control the world, controls the governments,” he railed, shaking his hands in disbelief. “I feel it’s a joke.”
>Prof. Xu was more understanding. “Stereotypes are overemphasized. But in China this is positive,” he said calmly. After all, he added: “Had the Jews achieved nothing, no Chinese would be interested in them.”

The stereotype in China is that Jews control the world, but he doesn't believe it himself. But he does believe they are extremely influential.

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>The stereotype in China is that Jews control the world
they don't even interact with jews, how did this emerged

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They were able to do that due to jewish privilege

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Chinese started translating western works, loved them and then noticed all of their favorites are by Jewish authors. Then they noticed that most western banks as well as most media conglomerates, are owned by Jewish families. And then you see how countries bend over backwards for Israel and seldom criticize the country, albeit is the only democracy in the Middle East. That's when they started becoming Jewaboos, reading the talmud, and publishing books like "101 Money Earning Secrets From Jews’ Notebooks" and "Learn To Make Money With the Jews."