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Am I retarded or is this thing worthless for writing math in the computer?

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you are retarded

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>writing math in the computer
What? Use LaTeX, unless you're a tutor or your work requires you to draw on an online whiteboard

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Don't know about that specific pen but for fast notes (during lectures or something) it's great. Also doing math in a virtual environment let's you more easily correct things, but the downsides is that it's a bit more clunky. Depends on your preferences if it's worth it for you.

Looks great but it's slow

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>Looks great but it's slow
What are you referring to, LaTeX? If so, it's not "slow", it's not even a program lol

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op here, how do you use it?

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It's slow to write, dipshit...

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I don't use it myself but I have some friends that do and I've tried it. They use it for taking notes and homework as far as I know.

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Wouldn’t writing directly on a screen be easier

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Oh I see, that's your question. I thought you meant using a digital pen in general.

Yes, definitely, writing on a screen is much more usefull, since it allows you to edit stuff. Maybe you can develop a sense of orientation with the pic related pens as well but idk how usefull they are. My friends all use tablets, anyways.

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>slow to write
>wahhh, \frac{}{} \begin{matrix}\end{matrix}
>he's a faggot undergrad who can't TeX
Should've said this at the beginning that you don't know anything about TeX. With enough practice you can write LaTeX at a fairly good pace. I'd recommend you get used to using LaTeX as even when you're just learning it, this is much faster than TeXing equations/taking notes with a fucking drawing pad lmao, people will just laugh at you

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>in math
>doesn't latex
I know what colour was your umbilical cord was at birth.

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>spending money on a tablet instead of learning latex

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I use TeX all the time to make summaries. I even use vim and with snippets you get a lot faster, but writing \partial_\mu F^{\mu\nu} or whatever instead of just writing it on paper is just slower. I just use pen & paper myself. And tablet's are a lot like writing on paper, but I'm too much of a cheap fuck to buy one myself.

>people will just laugh at you
Who even gives a fuck.

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you can make your own commands in latex to expedite repetitive notations/expressions nigga. Are you talking about strictly note-taking (during or after the fact), or things like homework?

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>it's slow to write
if you use ultisnips it's more than fast enough.

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Yeah I know about \(re)newcommand{} and of course I use that too, but even then I find it slower. Besides, you're bound to get tangled up in wasting time on formatting and unimportant stuff like that (at least I was). Add on top of that sitting in front of a computer with an internet connection in classes that tend to get a little boring sometimes makes me just prefer to keep technology out of the lecture hall completely. Strictly talking about taking notes here.

But I'm also faster when working out problems (i.e. homework) on paper. I just prefer pen & paper for that type of stuff. Summaries, theses and stuff like that I tend to do in LaTeX.

that's impressive ngl

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beamer presentations are awful. They are just too fast.

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