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What image would you use? Pic related, it's Maxwell's equations.

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irl max headroom

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It's Lundgren, 2m Chad actor.

Thoght if you're healthy in your mid 60's and still fuck 28yo's, you might be smart somehow, so that's inspirational

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Who gives a care about IQ? You think you're so smart, cure world hunger and not post a picture......

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>denies 1 million dollars because he doesn't want attention or awards

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>this mom on facebook tier worldview
not all problems have solutions

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Most plausible perpetuum mobile I've seen so far.

While the CT world is topologically a torus, its embedding in 3-space could be a flat torus for all you know.

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>using lowercase j for current denstity

Have fun fucking up your unit vectors

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>he doesn't use [math] e_{i} [/math]

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are these from chapter 1 of a vector calculus textbook?

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only triple-digit iqs will get get this

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what is high iq about maxwell's eqs? they were experimentally discovered, hardly intuitive yet hardly complicated

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if i had to post one image it sure would'nt be that one

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a living legend, hard to believe it is real

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They do, to cure poverty we just have to stop funneling money into poor countries.

NK literally wouldn't exist if not capitalist countries, for example.

The solution is easy, just do literally nothing and problem will solve itself. But no, we have to do something about it, of course...

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There is no way you have 300 IQ. Even mozart had just 200

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First of all poverty is not a disease, because you say "cure" poverty is a series of political, ideological and social issues. But since you seem to have the final solution aka stop funneling money to poor countries, be my guest and attend the next world economic forum and reveal your solution to end global poverty

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Whats that guys name again? Not Langan

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cope and seethe

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If you're gonna tryhard at least be the most tryhard you can

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>remembering some music notes is high-iq

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Grigori Perelman.
Though I don't get what does mean "I am picking mushrooms". Like psilocybe cubensis?

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Thanks and idk maybe he just likes a picking mushrooms

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> Langan's support of conspiracy theories, including the 9/11 Truther movement (Langan has claimed that the George W. Bush administration staged the 9/11 attacks in order to distract the public from learning about the CTMU) and the white genocide conspiracy theory, as well as his opposition to interracial relationships, have contributed to his gaining a following among members of the alt-right and others on the far right.[10][11] Journalists have described certain of Langan's Internet posts as containing "thinly veiled" antisemitism[10] and making antisemitic "dog whistles".[11]

lol checks out

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>disabled man discovers triangular numbers

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You claiming to be more intelligent?

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no like literal mushrooms, like foraging for food. its a common practice in places where they grow abundantly wild like Wales

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>yes I studied engineering, how did you know?

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I unironically got filtered by electromagnetism. I just passed with the minimum grade and moved on with my Math major

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i unironically find celebrities who have advanced STEM degrees to be inspiring

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>Jimmy, have you thought about the job?

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>You see poverty is really just poor people existing, If we kill anyone under a certain net worth then poverty is permanently solved!
I mean it works I can't argue with the logic here.

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mine is better

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Tooker, teach me how to be as smart as you.

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well first you have to huff a lot of paint thinner

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Anyone who is a believer has to believe that I was chosen to reveal all of these things. That's what I believe. Probably I was also the first person to think it up but I was chosen to still be the owner of it after the time travel war scrambled everything and my rightful ownership of it was preserved at the end of eternity. It's all so simple, don't you think it's strange that no one else ever noticed any of it?

Anyways the reason I think I understand things so much better than a lot people is because I NEVER skip over things I don't understand when I', reading. Researching the recursive backstory of the scientific endeavor took me all the way back to Euclid before I found where the big disconnect was. Other people memorize how to format an input.dat file for PhysSim.exe and that is sufficient understanding for them. I don't do it that way.

Thanks, btw.

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If he can rap the whole song he's got my vote....nuff said

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Looks like an alien language to brainlets like me kekeke. Im in awe of how utterly stupid i’ve let myself become

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Maximum tryhard ist the chad hodge star notation for differential forms:

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pic related, it's Maxwell's equations but for non-brainlets

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is this loss?

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Where's the equal sign?

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the ultimate "I have no idea what I'm talking about" image
it should read [math]\mathcal{L}=[/math] at the beginning

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Mathfags get on my level

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Too lazy to read. What is this?


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yeah I'm in awe too. how embarrassing

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Are you even trying OP?

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>high IQ
>can't even choose appropriate unit system

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guess ill never be 170 IQ

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It's an expression written in worst form, not an equation

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>tfw you know that feel

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>no gloves

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a journalist managed to find his phone number and tried to contact him for an interview, that was his response before hanging up

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>what is friction/drag

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>He can't freely convert between gauss and SI
You will never make it

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[math]dF + d*F=J[/math]

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This generalizes. Instead of summing n try summing n^3 the polynomial interpolation is just the square of the triangle numbers. Then when you do that integral you’ll get 1/120 which is zeta(-3). Similarly for all n.

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checked and blessed

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Ah, a true genius.

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not how that works, bud

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>55 stupid
>145 incel autist
sounds about right

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Pic related, it’s my tattoo of that image.

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anyone who posts the "full SM lagrangian" thinking it's the big equation of the universe is barely a step above the IFLScience types who doesn't know what a single term means

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Kill yourself reddit faggot

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it's not my thing, but i admire your conviction

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Wow! that's a really good list of books.

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>Vector calculus
Low IQ

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He also quit his position as a professor in a Russian university and retired completely from mathematics. He now lives with his mom as a 40+ yo NEET. Absolutely based.

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Imagine being this dumb.

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Good luck.

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You go over Maxwell's equations near the end of any good Vector Calc class. It's certainly not the first thing that you do though. If your school/professor sucks you won't see them at all unless you dig into the exercises in your book.

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Forbidden knowledge

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You should be able to solve this /sci/.

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It is! I'm reading Walden at the moment. Come to /lit/ sometimes.

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Thm 2.2 is wrong because your proposed z isn't in C

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Apple, Banapple & Pineapple

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Based & correct.

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\frac{154476802108746166441951315019919837485664325669565431700026634898253202035277999}{36875131794129999827197811565225474825492979968971970996283137471637224634055579+4373612677928697257861252602371390152816537558161613618621437993378423467772036} \\ + \\
\frac{36875131794129999827197811565225474825492979968971970996283137471637224634055579}{154476802108746166441951315019919837485664325669565431700026634898253202035277999+4373612677928697257861252602371390152816537558161613618621437993378423467772036} \\ + \\
{154476802108746166441951315019919837485664325669565431700026634898253202035277999+36875131794129999827197811565225474825492979968971970996283137471637224634055579} \\ =4


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Square of the triangle numbers not cube

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