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Why are they similar?

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Common descent.

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>tfw google had to pull the plug on their AI because it kept tagging Africans as Gorillas and none of the engineers could fix it sufficiently

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It's quite amazing how this map correlates with the history of human achievement

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hunger will do that

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Slow day at the gog Ari?

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Yes, Africa is a desolate wasteland with no resources and no massive herds of animals roaming around. It's not like literally every weed is edible, it's not like they have tons of space for arable land or anything. It's not like Rhodesia used to be the bread basket of Africa or anything.

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i think he means hunger in the other parts of the world inspired success there

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Man has truly DESCENDED according to Darwin.


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>t. living proof of it

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How is that even possible

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race and evolution is a /sci/ence topic no matter how much transgender jannies want to shut it down

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Is that Leslie Jones? She stayed the same all quarantine I must say.

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>naughty subject encountered. Initializing counterargument protocols.
>counterargument protocols not found. Attempting to boot naughty subject from safe space

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Looks like it. I'm not sure who the person smoking is, though.

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Fucking kek.

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