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:( feels Batman

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thats me in the pic

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It will only be a phase.

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>"Physicist Takes Own Life"
>"How could we have known? I knew her as the happiest person in the world!"
>"Depression is a real problem that exists, 41% er... I mean a large portion of otherwise completely normal people get depressed and take their own life, we need to address the depression issue."

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quantum genders

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>How to attract r/sci: The thread

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how did the bad person hurt you?

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He's just a superposition of a man and woman states. Very quantum if you ask me.

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this is true. The only time I was exposed to more-than-two-genders nonsense in my STEM classes was in the physics department.

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trans women are better at STEM than women, unironically

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It’s an unfair biological advantage due to the test while their bodies were developing

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what the fuck is this thing

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>and perceptions
Perceptions of atoms and electrons?

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i'm going to turn out like this aren't i

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Like what?

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Who cares?

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shes probably a better physicist than you

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>She then held a post-doctoral position at EMPA in Switzerland for 4 years,[3] before she moved to the University of Oxford, where she currently manages the Centre for Applied Superconductivity within the Materials Department
s/he is pretty well qualified. leave him/her/it alone.

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yeah that guy is probably pretty good. wait sorry i meant that Person

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Science is a thing of the past.

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that dude
its a dude
as much as you want to say its a girl
its offensive to me that you do, as im sure
its offensive to you that i wouldnt.
any prizes he has won - changes this fact none

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>as if trans women can’t do science
remember the classic story of Frankenstein? the plot was that they accidentally put a “genius” brain inside the Monster. are you telling me the Monster wouldn’t be allowed to contribute to scientific research?

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It's quite ironic how a physicist seems that qualified, yet refuses to accept that he's still a guy.

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She isn't a guy. just because she was born with balls and has a Y chromosome is completely not relevant. that doesn't matter, scientifically. she is legitimately a woman, so therefore we can classify her scientific contributions under the "diversity and inclusion" category from her surgery on. this is great because it shifts the statistics in favor of women.

next step is we give her race reassignment surgery so we can up our statistics there, good for funding

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>are you telling me the Monster wouldn’t be allowed to contribute to scientific research?
Nice asspull of a straw man right here. Despite that, it's not much the fact that he's a scientist (I mean, Terry A. Davis was fucking schizophrenic to high degrees and yet a genius and pulled off some crazy shit like programming an OS all by himself), it's about the irony here that a scientist refuses basic biology and instead of looking for therapy for his identity crisis and depersonalization he's refusing therapy and is being encouraged by others to not listen to critics and instead continue to live in his fantasy world. That's like the schizophrenic who keeps telling you that he isn't mentally ill and is additionally being encouraged by others to not listen to critics and that he's completely normal.

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why do you care anon? let him be her

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Gender superposition

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This creeps me out even more than that Ocarina of Time speedrun tranny

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>Ocarina of Time
showing your age, anon. zoomers won’t even know what you are talking about

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Let schizophrenics be schizophrenic. Let sociopaths be sociopathic. Don't treat mental illness, let them stay mentally ill. That's you. That's how you talk.

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cosmo is a meme zoomers on 4chan know

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you think thats bad, but you havent seen the university of glasgow's study head for medicine.

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The cringe part is the perceptions part. If you wanna do science while claiming to be a interplaner sucunymph who gives a shit. But when you have to bring up your succunymphness during a science presentation it becomes pure cringe.

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They're qualified.

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>walk in
>Q Lazzarus starts playing

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I want my science from mentally ill people.

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>not cutting off your dick to get funding

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Despite being a tiny percent of population, tranners occupy 100% of transphobes' brains...

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you let this happen, we told you it would happen

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bravo, also nice trips.

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bravo anon.

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Those are not trips

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Its a Quantum Gender Transformator. As we can see there are still some issues to be ironed out.

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You need an IQ of over 120 to even get a bachelor degree in Physics, why tf does this shit attract so many mentally ill freaks and why are these all so smart on top of that.

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Nooo, you got this bro

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>You need an IQ of over 120 to even get a bachelor degree in Physics
Evidently not. You don't see these freaks in mathematics, thankfully. Maybe that's what you meant?

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boomers and >>11889886
let this happen

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I read a statistic that 22,8% of people with an IQ between 95-105 manage to finish a uni subject successfully, but the statistic didn't said what subjects, I suppose only a very very small minority from them finishes a stem subject and probably only after 10+ semester with very bad grades.

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Nah they came out with a graphics updated version for the 3DS I think so zoomers have played OOT and know it.

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looks like Tibbees evil cousin

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Best answer.

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How can one claim to be a scientist when transgenderism is a myth and mental illness?

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>MLP earrings
>Winx Club tattoos
Wow it checks out. Imagine if Chris Chan or Naussica became a physicist?

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Those are mutually exclusive claims. If transgenderism is a mental illness then you're saying that transgenderism is real (because dysphoria is kind of a mental illness, like autism or depression).
How can one post on /sci/ with such low IQ?

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rip physics

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Cope and Steve and Dilute 41 percent Discord bro

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schizophrenics and sociopaths are dangerous for obvious reasons. how is a tranny dangerous?

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Yeah basically

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STFU tranny no one cares about what you have to say if you're crazy enough to believe you're a woman. And yes transgenderism is a fallacy and a mental illness so fuck off

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Trannies don't believe they're cis women except for those with literal schizophrenia. You seem to be uneducated on the subject.
Your mom is a fallacy. If you want to use big words you should look up their definition first because it doesn't make any sense in this context.

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Yeah but what good is it if her lifestyle makes her commit suicide. We are wasting our talent with this leftist culture which requires us to depopulate. Smart people will never reproduce and we will get dumber and dumber.

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40% or whatever refers to the number of attempts, not completed suicides and it goes down among trannies who have supportive parents and community.
Also gynophilic trans women ("lesbians") have above average IQ

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they are a danger to themselves, and denying them even research for cures or treatments in favor of spouting rhetoric of acceptance and an appearance of morality is hypocritical and harmful.

Reassignment surgery has no significant effect besides an improved quality of life measured via simple questionnaires for a couple years, while increasing suicide rates.

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>You need an IQ of over 120 to even get a bachelor degree in Physics

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chances are you have a device in your pocket that works because of a "mentally ill person"

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>Those are mutually exclusive claims
No they aren't. He's saying the legitimacy of gender dysphoria is a myth (that is, that the sufferer of the dysphoria ACTUALLY IS "born in the wrong body is a myth) and in reality it's just a mental illness.

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Most trannies don't get reassignment surgery and they shouldn't - it's a scam in its current form.

Repression has no proven benefits and transition is the best treatment so far, pic related.

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>they are a danger to themselves
ok, there is no discussion here then.

>> No.11890182

You're arguing with a strawman. There's no notion of a female soul or female essence in the description of gender dysphoria like you're implying. Physical, social etc. dysphoria is indeed a mental illness and "born in the wrong body" is a simplification aimed at normies.

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Did it do it all on its own?

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>transition is the best treatment
What does it treat

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Looking like your dad.

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Regardless suicide is way up among all people primarily because we are living "free" in the neoliberal sense. We are allowed to do what we feel like doing, but immediately trap ourselves in these false pleasures the elite have created for us like cell phones and video games. When you step out of the matrix you see it is the disciplined who are truly free. Family support will help transsexuals, but it will only go so far, because they are transitioning to what they feel their body to be. They are not acting in accordance with a moral law. Kant tells us "a free will and a will under moral laws is one and the same." The discipline to follow moral laws especially those set by the religious structures can really make life worth living.

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The hair lol

>tfw you think you’re a woman and you’re mentally ill so you make yourself look like a mentally ill woman

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You can be a moral tranny. Life isn't black and white.

>> No.11890212

I really doubt Kant's "moral laws" are what you have in mind, he means something reeeeally specific in that quote

>> No.11890244

Yeah that's one of the steps he's using to talk about determinism, free will, and the moral imparative. But the sentence is true in itself, I just used it in a different context.

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I don't think you can, because there is no reason to set pumping your body full of hormones, changing your sex, and so on as a moral imparative. Trans people can not participate in traditional families they reject the natural order in an artificial way because they act in a prison they have creates for themselves. If they don't act on moral imparatives, but on what they feel their body should be, they are not free which is the point I was trying to make.

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>STFU tranny no one cares about what you have to say if you're crazy enough to believe you're a woman. And yes transgenderism is a fallacy and a mental illness so fuck off
Sorry but that tranny has held a post doc for 4 years in Switzerland and manages the center for applied superconductivity at the university of Oxford.

And you're just a transphobe who would lose his job and all academic credibility if people knew how subhuman you are.

>> No.11890281

Hey I think you should try becoming manager of the center of superconductivity at a place like the university of Oxford like this tranny before you start telling it what is right and wrong. Why do you think you're more valuable than this tranny?

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Wow you two had pretty much the same response. Just character attacks with no substance. This is why they say the left can't meme. Have some original thoughts, become player characters.

>> No.11890333

I didn't realize I was trying to meme and bullshit my way to enjoyment like you.
Sorry but I don't take the world as a joke.

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just wait till these people will be heads of departments and in the government, especially the un-elected officials

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Nothing wrong with that if they're competent.

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Did they cut your pee pee yet?

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Imagine being so unself-aware you change your "Narissa" .
We need to scan that brain of his before it's too late I want to see what up in there

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Noooooooooo you cant be trans and have tattoos this is terrible this is the fall of western civilization!

>> No.11890811

Sorry but I fail to see how some average dude can pass an math heavy exam that requires transfering skills to pass.

>> No.11891010

Well, here I am. I couldn't be more mediocre and yet I did succeed. But I admit though, I had to work a lot harder than my much smarter colleagues. But it was worth it.

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Yes, like I wrote, 22,8% of people with an IQ of 95-104 manage to pass college.
But those have optimal factors and probably failed a lot of exams. I work hard, I now have to beg my uni to grant me a fourth try for calc 2 to not get kicked out.

>> No.11891131

and if you go and try to develop better treatment you can kiss your career goodbye. How can you dare bring up the fact that trans people might be different or even sick? That’s disgusting to even think about, anon.

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I told you all this would happen years ago and you called me a shizo

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that's because they are men. mentally ill men yes, but still men.

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Same but my IQ is about 110 or something. I had to beg for a 4th try in the first year of medical school.

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Fuck trannies and fuck jannies

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I need context on this pic

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This. This is exactly how attractive females see us. Now you understand why they always try to stay away from us.

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Repression doesn't work simply because for every person trying to repress bad thoughts about your body there are other 99 people saying you are being oppressed by a fascist monster. It's like wanting to become anorexic, but in that case the vast majority of society tries to tell you have an illness, so repression works in most cases

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you are beautiful and very brave
are you thinking kys?

>> No.11893281

two vacuum chambers

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Nobody does, your point?

>> No.11894083

an unpassing tranny

at least in america they really watered down uni. if you want a degree you could go to an expensive school without any funding and get one

i want to be a cute trap that also happens to actually have meaningful contributions to science

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>You need an IQ of over 120 to even get a bachelor degree in Physics

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>> No.11894190

and a kick in the balls would collapse the wavefunction instantaneously

>> No.11894200

Keep your spaghetti to yourself and own the feminine male look. Don't go full el goblino trying to actually look female. I would go as far as to say HRT is a bad idea. It tends to make trannies even more unstable.

>> No.11894234

Schrödingers male

>> No.11894257

Status seeking behavior looks down at tribal markets for lower status but the good new is it can be manipulated by mimicking the high status. That's how so many women end up in abusive relationships, they're chumps.

>> No.11894276

Funny how they are now saying that they were never going to harm our kids, and that their movement will never open the doors to moral decay.

>> No.11894286

What moral decay? As tech advances gender gets more abstract since you eventually get to the point your mind is a brain in a jar that you transfer from body to body like the great race of yith.

>> No.11894526

That's not impressive at all.

>> No.11894578

Based facts anon

>> No.11894716

Reminders that trannies have a higher IQ than white males.

>> No.11894724

Mentally ill copelets. Being a tranny is when you fail to cope so you try to become something new but are too dumb to do it any other way.

>> No.11895862

Physics isn't a vector for Jews to gaslight you into not believing in anythi-

>> No.11895902

I understood that reference.

>> No.11896056

The whole point was that the monster was more human than the people who labeled it monster. Far more than Frankenstein himself. The monster was trying to be good but a society ill-prepared to understand it treated it like shit. If it had been treated kindly instead the "monster" would have done immeasurable good for the world.

But people like this exist and care so much about what they look like that they can't see a reason to treat them as anything but a freak.

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a superposition of autism

>> No.11896384

This. THESE people tear others down. They want to remove this clearly competent tranny from their prestigious post in physics.

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>nah we're only giving scholarships and grants and shit to females

>> No.11897441


House Clegane serves the Baratheons

>> No.11899005

>this anon's too stupid to find scholarships
>so he has to make stuff up to cope

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