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Are whites genetically closer to blacks or neanderthals? Please provide a source.

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The reason why this got no replies is because people evidently aren’t interested in entertaining racist /pol/ack fantasies.

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Obviously neanderthals, though I presume you actually meant to ask about mongoloids.

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Forgot to turn off caps.

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Which one is most human?

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Typing in some words in the internet, preferably not google, will yield you pictures like this one.

Different studies tend to deliver different estimations for genetic distance and divergence. Usually the distance is measured in terms of base differences, sometimes restricted to coding parts which tend to diverge less (yielding the 99.9 % similarity part), sometimes including non-coding segments, which, because they're not actively pro-selected for (or so it's assumed. We know non-coding dna has functions too), alter gradually and linearly. Including all base segments (regardless of their function) will actually increase the genetic distance considerably. Because it is often not readily clear what parts of the DNA are actually studied, most studies cannot really be compared with each other. Thus you get a wide range of possible estimations when it comes to the assumed genetic distance between black and white (going from 0.05 % to over 1 %). Most studies pinpoint it to around 0.15 %. The same is true for any other sub-group.
Also the fact that most studies can't be compared with each other means that you get varying and more often than not bad estimations of when two hominid groups started to diverge.

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Checking now this data table, we would assume if we actually applied a linear model, that Neanderthals and humans started to diverge from each other roughly 700 thousand years ago. 400 thousand years ago, blacks would have also already branched off. What's the problem with all this now? The thing is that linear models don't really work well with genetics. This is on one part because dna doesn't code linearly, on the other because many such studies ignore statistical noise and also ignore interbreeding.

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So what you're telling me is that white people are natural-born sea-dwellers?
Nice, I'm a merman. I'll happily leave dry land behind for the darkies to have. There's more water than land on our planet's surface anyway.

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Based and redpilled.

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Sad. You're just trying to convince yourself at this point.

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SEETHE and COPE wh*tey

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95% black DNA and 5% Neanderthal DNA

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Which part of it is wrong?

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Well that just means monkeys are cool now and homosapiensexuals are dumb uglies.

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#AbolishWhites #DecolonizeSTEM

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Bring back eugenics.

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artificial means of eugenics always leads to dysgenics, thanks to the corruptability of man
natural cataclysms are our only hope

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You really like posting this anon, I commend your persistence at baiting.

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What's baiting about it? The photo he posted is exactly what it claims to be. The social sciences have won the war against the hard sciences. There's nothing good about that outcome.

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So what you're telling me is that chimpanzees and humans share a common ancestor?
No way!

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ultimately this proves nothing. There is about three times as much of this shit available of africans than there is of amerimutts

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So niggers are a different species? Good to know!

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