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So let me get something straight... you people laugh at the idea of God creating the universe, yet believe in the scientific impossibility that everything came from nothing?

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lol pic looks like a guy strapped to a train track

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Good thing that nobody states that everything came from nothing then.

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Well there is old light that can tell us a lot and thing like expansion of universe at certain rate, that implies that the process had a beginning and at some point will end.
What evidence is there for existance of god? A two thousand year old jewish book written and rewritten thousand times by goat fuckers and pederasts.

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The Big Bang theory is a bit more complicated than that

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OP is most likely either religious or he's (more likely) falseflagging (trying to make opponents to the Big Bang theory look like religious people - when Big Bang theory was in fact invented by Christians and Jews), so I'm not entirely on his side, but no, the universe is infinite and has always existed, and redshift doesn't indicate distance or age. That it does is a misconception.

Redshift is simply the a measure of the lower energy and youthfulness of an object.

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Oh and >>11876373 inb4 you go
>but muh CMB

First off, Kirchhoff's thermal law is invalid (and so thus is Planck's equations) - that's a VERY big deal, has massive ramifications for the Big Bang theory.

> What is Kirchhoff's Law? Blackbody and Cavity Radiation!

> Is Kirchhoff's Law True? The Experiment!

> Kirchhoff's Law - The Second Experiment!

> Kirchhoff's Law, Max Planck, and the Carbon Particle!

> Kirchhoff's Law vs the 2nd Law: The "Boxes Side-by-Side Experiment"!

> Kirchhoff's Law vs the 0th, 1st, and 2nd Laws: The "Box in a Box" Experiment!

> Linking Planck's Equation with the Physical World!

> The Big Bang, Photons, & The Microwave Background!

> History of Kirchhoff's Law

Secondly - the CMB maps aren't cosmological; they received interference from Earth's oceans, and there's a high amount of fabrication involved in the creation of the maps:

> The "Cosmic" Microwave Background - Bad Science!

> The Big Bang & Microwave Background - The Early Years

> The Microwave Background - COBE Satellite Results Explained!

> The Big Bang, Photons, & The Microwave Background!

> WMAP - The Satellite & Galactic Foreground Problems!

> NASA's Version of Photoshop - Generating Anisotropy Maps!

> Anisotropy Maps vs the Third Law of Thermodynamics!

> The Planck Satellite - A $1,000,000,000 Misadventure

> Full Sky Maps & Point Sources: Tall Tales from Planck

> Foreground Removal - How PLANCK Dusted the Galaxy!

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>eu garbage
into the trash it goes

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nope that's why its called the big bang "Theroy" you've just been fooled by the gov and here i thought people were smart lol

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into the trash you go

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We laugh at the idea of your desert fairy tales being taken seriously. I'd sooner consider that we're in a computer simulation run by some unknowable alien entity.

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If we were created by a God, who created God?

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99% sure b8, but why would the gov give a shit about how people thought the world was created

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>nope, nothing here either

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God isn’t created. God is timeless, and cannot be past-infinite, however the Universe is confined by time, and therefore has to have a cause.

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Universe isn’t created. Universe is timeless, and cannot be past-infinite, however the God is confined by time, and therefore has to have a cause.

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You don’t have any relevant, pertinent, or corroborative empirical evidence to back up that claim; and claims are not evidence.

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I see the Universe
I don't see god

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You see the Universe? Can you prove that?

Even if you could, seeing the Universe doesn’t make the Universe timeless, however God by definition would be, and using Modal logic we can determine God as being a Necessary timeless and space -less conscious agent.

Therefore God does not fit under this problem, yet the Universe does.

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You clearly has no idea what a theory is. Try to study first before calling people stupid.
Theory is different from hypothesis you fag

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>Can you prove that
looks. ta-daah

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maybe youd be more credible if you dropped the schizo tone, provided something other than youtube links and didnt use an image of le based redpill downloaded from 4channel

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How can you make sure that there’s no devil tricking your senses? Or that you’re in the Matrix as a brain in a vat? You can’t. Cope.

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I can't argue against the hypothesis that an alien entity created the universe, but it certainly isn't some magical skydaddy some goatfuckers created 2000 years ago

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imagine being so retarded you think relativity is garbage. How out of touch do you need to be? It’s incredible.

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>nope that's why its called the big bang "Theroy"
stop posting here and fuck off back to /pol/, pseud.

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Predicted cosmic background radiation
Predicted abundance of primordial elements
Far away galaxies (ie super old ones) and their characteristics such as quasars reflect the evolution and age predicted by the Big Bang
What can you predict with your bible Christian fag?

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>ignore evidence
found the amerifat

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ANON let me break your whole way of thinking.
Who created this god and who created the thing that created him? You will eventually get nothing.
BOOM SHAKALAKA, checkmated. Nothing personal, kiddo.

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The Creator can't be a creature

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>Observe some evidence.
>Make a reasonable theory from it.
Holy fucking fuck, kys OP.

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>You see the Universe? Can you prove that?
Well, I never read your book, either. Guess it isn't real.

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Therefore saying God created the universe is the equivalent of saying God is nothing. You disapprove your own god, kek. As the description you just gave of God is the literal description of nothing. Congrats you played yourself mate. Well played, I applaud you. You also proved that people like giving this nothingness a persona so they can cope with the idea of nothing. God = people coping with the idea of nothing and the universe.

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Do you have some proof to back your claims about god?

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Anon, your basically saying God is nothing. You are basically saying the exact same things scientist are saying but giving it a persona, like a child giving a rock a name and the child regardless of what he does this rock would always have the same features. Sure in his head he can make the rock have a personality, family, etc but this rock would always have the same features. Is the exact same thing with your god, regardless of what you add to it it will always equate to nothingness, checkmate. Although I do believe in the idea that our conscious is connected to the universe in a weird way and can effect it in weird ways and people tend to confuse this with the idea of a god. I'll actually be interested in knowing if consciousness is possible in an universal scale and if we die, do we just go back to this collective consciousness, where we born from it? Is this consciousness just the universe? Because life itself is just the universe itself in a different form so when we say we can talk to the universe/god are we saying that we can talk to our selves in a more abstract way? I believe that the universe is connected to us and that the universe itself is us and that we embody it therefore we can interact with it in ways that are abstract and through our senses it comes to consciousness in an abstract way that reflect us and is us but calling it god just seems to niche and specific and prideful and egotistical and ignorant. I prefer just calling it the universe but called what you want, since everyone (even scientist)basically believes it and were born from it, we just all have different names for it and personas(if a child that gave it's a rock a name is just the universe giving itself meaning through a child and that rock the universe could use it to give something back to the kid as that kid is the universe itself and is giving itself belief)that we gave it but it will never changed its features. I believe life it's just the universe giving itself meaning

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Because without life, the universe would be in a (life sense) be nothing. There would be nothing to sense it and feel it so therefore it might as well not be there. Life and the universe are the literal ying and yang one can not exist without the other.

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Might as well not exist is not the same as doesn't not exist.

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>Spaceless, timeless, necessary being which is conscious and has infinite power which is sufficient to create a universe
This is nothing to you? Lol.

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Whatever. What I'm trying to say is that god(if that makes your pride and ego feel better) is essentially the same for everyone and if by your logic. This means that everyone is god. I'm god Anon.
Also nothing = everything even us which we are conscious
Nothing = something
Nothing = infinite
Nothing = spaceless,timeless,conscious, being, infinite
God = nothing
And yes that is literally nothing but let's called it god to make you feel better.
Nothing(infinite) = everything/anything

And as always
Checkmated again.

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Prove that god exists. Post verifiable proof, hard evidence that confirm existance of god.

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He did everything but prove himself, lmao, amirite?

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Many of the most prolific and influential scientists believed in God, or were in some sense, religious. Religious views can be just as malleable as scientific theories, it's just the retards biting the foreskins off of babies that have a problem with that.

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point out one actual scientist who said that everything came from literally nothing

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Theists and atheists are equally retarded
Take the agnostic pill

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wishy-washy fucks

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I thought this was supposed to be the smart board.
How the fuck are you fucking idiots thinking the Abrahamic God is the only idea of a deistic God? How are you that fucking stupid?

And yes, objectively, the big bang was the creation event when the God created the universe. Denying this is supreme cope.

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>eu garbage
into the trash it goes

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lol retard

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>Not understanding the difference between hypotheis and theory.
>Not understanding it's a theory because they admit nothing is absolutely certain.

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Apatheism for the win.

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I like the cyclic universe model, basically big bang then big crunch then big bang then big crunch and this repeats infinitely

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>cyclic universe model
preventing entropy from building up is its problem.
when theorists try to get rid of it, they end up with 'phantom energy' et al. weirdness.

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Everyone should do DMT and will realise God exists.

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Why do theists assume atheist have to believe in anything? We are mostly materialists which (in it's simplist form) means we trust what we can see, feel and study, to the best of our ability.

More importantly, sage because you are a faggot.

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False and cope

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I.e. you're like a literal fucking retarded animal who doesn't understand anything that it hasnt directly experienced, and can't ponder philosophical problems because you have a low IQ. Like a stupid fucking animal.

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>introduces his parents
grow up

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What a great strawman you fags created!

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>the scientific impossibility that everything came from nothing
only if you believe the "laws" of physics are stagnant which there is evidence to suggest they vary across space and time

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that guy specifically yelled at the pope saying BB didn't prove god and creation.
told the pope to stfu

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sure he did. keep sucking cocks

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read a book

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get this straight: I don't care where the universe came from. it's a weird fixation of abrahamics to think one must account for the origins of the universe, because otherwise the campfire tales of iron-age goatfuckers are true by default.

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>can't ponder philosophical problems
like dancing suns in the sky and virgin births.

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Nothing > universe
Nothing > God > universe

Which is more parsimonous?

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That pope was Albert Einstein.
The faggots wrote what you have read.

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cause nothing is a sort of entropy in a vacuum where particles begin to manifest. Over enough time with this happening eventually you have enough mass for a singularity and a universe is born. Not some magic guy waving his arm around making shit, as much as you want to believe some shitty books someone wrote a few thousand years ago it's all just bullshit.

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Your god must be an idiot to have a "created" a poor cunt who is fucken fat, ugly and stupid and believes in a supernatural being watching his every fapping session.

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An idiot wrote what I just read.

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Its not like first cause is unique to any religion.

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ooh! what an argument!

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Sorry, you lost by a glance out the window LAMFO!!!

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>pope was Albert Einstein
written like a true idiot

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that's a meme
"..and that girl was Albert Einstein" or something

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