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The problem is that
1/3 doesn't equal .3333333333333
2/3 != .6666666666666666666

Slice something perfect 3 times and it has a very well defined edge and size. It's like that arrow problem that never reaches the target because it keeps closing "half the distance." It's bullshit. Using infinitely repeating decimals is the same as a 3 year old saying unicorns are real to justify why the living room looks like it was ran through by a horse.

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>Slice something perfect 3 times
This is not possible.

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slice the number 3 thrice

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you mean twice, dummy?

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I appreciate your take on this. However, I can’t help but think how crazy this world is that you even have to argue the point. It’s like the fact that we even have to have debates these days about how many genders there actually are... or whether Boy Scouts should include girls... or whether illegal aliens should be protected under US law. I think basic logical reasoning is a lost art! I already knew 0.99999999.... is not equal to 1.... because it’s not! Simple reasoning! However, the fact that this false premise is even being circulated, and apparently some people lack the sound rational judgmental faculties to see the obvious flaw in the logic, reminds me also of George Orwell's 1984. For many years, there has been a systematic move by the "politically correct" nazis, to wear down our common sense and reprogram our thinking abilities via what Orwell described as "New Speak". Now with math, apparently this 0.99999 = 1 is reminiscent of Orwell's "2 + 2 = 5". Careful dude, or you might find yourself facing the wrath of Big Brother!

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How can I cut a number? Show me a number, and also a knife that can cut it.

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What if you wrote 0.999... as the convergent sum of 0.9*10^-n (0.9+0.09+0.009....)

What is the limit of such a sum ? Sum of geometric sequence gives 1 as an answer.

Why are you gay

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>Slice something perfect 3 times
the real world is made out of atoms and quarks
when you "slice something perfectly 3 times", youre just dividing a multiple of 3 by 3
you might notice that 1 is not a multiple of 3, so you cant use it in an analogy

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Math is not the "real world"
Math is a tool we made up.

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everyone recognizes 1 as the limit. What’s controversial is whether or not 0.999... EQUALS 1.

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Stop being abusive. Suicide and mental illness is no joke.

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This entirely depends on what you mean by 0.9999, equals, and 1.

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That wasn't a joke. Anyone who seriously posts in ongoing decimals threads needs to die.

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I hope you don't know any one with mental illness. Maybe one day you will feel the pain of losing a loved one to suicide and you will change your tune.

You are probably a child anyways, so it is pointless to discuss this further anyways.

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Typical tranny spam replying for attention. You will never be a woman.

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It's an approximation you fucking retard.
It can't be exactly represented in base-10.
The use of base-10 is arbitrary.
You could choose another base and represent it exactly if you'd like.

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1/3 = 0.3 + 0.1/3
1/3 = 0.33 + 0.01/3
1/3 = 0.3... + 0.0...1/3

0.0...1 ≠ 0

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In chess two very similar moves can have completely different results, to me saying 0.9999... = 1 is like saying the order of your moves doesn't matter. It's just a pseudo-intellectual flex on normies who don't do math.

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can you define what exactly do you mean by the symbols "0.999..." and "1", and prove that they're distinct objects ?

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Why do you avoid using the word divide? Do you believe division is a representation of anything in reality?

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They are numbers that specify quantities.
You can tell whether they are the same or different based on how they look.
For example, 1 is the same as 1 because they are both written as 1.
It's kind of like putting a square block into a square hole. You just match the shapes. If you try really hard I'm sure you can do it.

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why are people still debating this shit from 1995

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0.99... is defined by the limit

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The base-system is retarded for anything beyond integers, especially in decimal. We should use surreal numbers instead when denoting non-integers.

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right, I think I get it. I've always thought 4/2 and 10/5 were the same, but actually they are not.

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kys fag

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do you have a better way of representing all real numbers?

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Simplify your expressions and then tell me what you get.

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We're talking about numbers and you wrote expressions.
Lol retard.

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Just like infinite decimals aren't either. 1/3 is just that, 1/3. It's not .3333333333333333333..... it's simply 1/3. I don't care what base system you use. When I have 3 friends over and we split a medium pizza we each take 1/3 of the pizza, not .3333333333333.... pieces of pizza. If we did eat .33333333333... Pieces of pizza each, we would be eating infinitely smaller pizza forever!

Even the smallest particles in things have finite quantities. So defining anything finite with an approximation of infinity is false.

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>I don't care what base system you use.
Because you're a moron.

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>Why yes sir I would like .01010101001111111.....

Slices of pizza ;)

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Reality is probably not "real" in the sense of [math]\mathbb{R}[/math].
Effectively >>11874222

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4/2 is not a number ?

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One could give you a reasonable approximation of your request, which is all we require of numbers.
No it's an expression.
It's 4 divided by 2.

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fractions are not numbers ?

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>Reasonable approximation
>Yes sir Mr. Bergenstein at Swindlers n Goldsachs credit agency, I'm calling to pay a reasonable approximation, on my $200 bill, of $100.

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>No it's an expression.

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A fraction is a mathematical expression that may or may not represent a rational number.

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>yes sir that will be $10
>here's $9 ;)
>sir, you're $1 short!
>yeah, but .99999 = 1 so 9=10

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Holy fuck you guys are dumber than I thought.
Numbers are symbolic of quantities.
Fractions are symbolic of numbers.
It's an additional layer of abstraction.
You did a quick google search and scanned a wikipedia article because you don't, and still don't, even understand the terms I am using.

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lmao you btfo him so hard he didn't even reply

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>this is what 0.999...=1 tards believe

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1/3 = 3/10 + 1/30
= 0.3 + 1/30
= 0.33 + 1/300
= 0.333 + 1/3000
= 0.3... + 1/inf
= 0.3... + 0
= 0.3...

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The issue is that 1/3 can't be represented as a decimal.
If you plug in 2/3 into your calculator you'll get .666..7 as the answer that last .000...1 is inevitable.

.333 + .666 + .001 = 1

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Your being an giant fag.
Kill you're self.
Rip in piece.

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Yes, because infinitely small isn't a thing.

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Based mods need to pin this. Someone post porn for Jannies to see this.

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