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Monkeys have thin lips

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Chimps and gorillas are unironically more intelligent than niggers.

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oooh, that touched your sore spot didn't it
family pride, so cute

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If i had to choose between living next to gorrilas/chimps, or next to niggers, i'd definitely choose my kin.
T:WHITE person

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Jesus Christ is that thing even on?

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>67 IQ

Ask me how I know this list is false.

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lol, OP can't even spell correctly
classic redneck retard

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Ok Joe Rogan, have a better statistic?

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wanna bananna?

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Even the thinnest lip does its job right. So it must be because of sexual selection instead.
But don't women find thick lips ugly?

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Nobody tried to answer the question though. Why did niggers evolved big lips? Is it an adaptation for what (assuming it is an adaptation on the first place)?

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And a subhuman-free country, yes.
Thank you in advance.

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The ideal lips for both males and females is not too thin or thick, but most importantly have a pronounced vermilion border. See Jeremy Meeks for what I'm talking about.

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I'm not white (whatever it means) and English is not my first language.

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Thanks. I'll check this author.

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And btw where is the spell error?

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God I hate avatarfags.

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A simple google search of IQ by nation will give you a bunch of sources with agreed IQ averages. I'm not even saying they are higher than that Gorilla, but Nigeria's average is 84 (Ironically higher than Egypt and India). So that 67 score is immediate red flag on accuracy.

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The nigger IQ in my country is 71.

They are borderline retarded. And violent.

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Anon, 71 isn't "borderline retarded", it's "full-blown retarded".
Please use correct nomenclature, thank you.

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Sorry you got the short end of the straw that was the pot luck of Atlantic slave trade.

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Yes, I see. Thanks for the correction.

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the monkey has spoken

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Yeah, Brazil is a shithole due to race-mixing. I have some nigger ancestry too unfortunately.

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Because their women knew it was optimal for sucking my dick and made sure their men never forgot it.

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Could I offer you my dick to suck in these trying times? I only have so much nut to pass around, sorry. Trying to get to you all in a timely fashion can be quite exhausting I must say.

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No, thanks. I am heterosexual.

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You post a picture of a female and state you are heterosexual, which means you are a prime candidate. Obviously your English teacher was terrible at their job. Thank dios that I was here and available to correct such an obvious and basic mistake.

>pic offering

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