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Why the fuck is their no electrical engineering general?

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im not in the business of making fridges or repairing air conditioners

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EE is a scam

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This is pretty much a physics board. Engineers should be aware they've entered the wrong neighborhood.

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Fuck that! I'm into maths myself, but at least engineers can commit to the hand-waving nature of science. Engineers work on cool systems while physicists do shitty lab work.

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/sci/ is too stupid for EE. It's a field that requires actual results.

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this is a math board you faggot

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i tried teaching myself electronics. i'm in the middle of reading the horowitz book. it's been 3 years. sometimes i look at it and read a page. then i put it down and contemplate for a few minutes, and my mind returns to emptyness.

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I'm starting to think that the engineers here have an inferiority complex. Regardless, I wouldn't mind an engineering board. There may be some interesting stuff that comes from it.

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they belong on /g/

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because /diy/ already has /ohm/ general

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>This is pretty much a physics board
95% of physics related topics are pop-sci, pseudoscience, sci-fi, etc. garbage, and the rest don't get bumped because the average intelligence of this board is slightly higher than a parrot's.

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If you want serious discussion you should probably be pirating journals.

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Try non jewish book. You are trying to learn out of a reference book

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science doesn't have religious orientation. cope harder

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Horowitz is a meme

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All the legit engineers are on /diy/

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Is that so? Then how are you hung up over what I said?

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Here you go

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