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>imperial units

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The US is an empire, we get to call our system of measurement imperial. What's the big deal?

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All hard science uses the decimal system anyway, its irrelevant. Let the average retards call 1.4 km a mile.

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It's really a non issue. Use what you want and use Google to convert when you need.

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>chemistry is applied physics
>psychology is applied biology
whoever made this meme isn't going to make it

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>chemistry is applied physics
then what is it, fundamentally?
>psychology is applied biology
psychology is just a pseudoscience

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>then what is it, fundementally?
Chemistry is the study of matter. But I prefer to see it as the study of change. Electrons. They change their energy levels. Molecules. Molecules change their bonds. Elements. They combine and change into compounds. Well, that's all of life. Right? I mean, it's just the constant. It's the cycle. It's solution, dissolution, just over and over and over. It is growth, then decay, then transformation! It is fascinating, really.

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based, season 1 was distilled kino.
>Chad, is there something wrong with your table?

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If psychology is just applied biology, then I want to be an octopus shrink.

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I know you're just trolling with the 1.4, but I'd like someone smart to explain why we should all convert to decimal instead of all converting to binary. No new relations or insight are gained by complicating the simplest base. All we get are a few retarded "paradoxes" that bubble up in the periphery, like the Cantor set, which aren't really paradoxes if you unwind them. Why not binary?

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this is terrible lol

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middle school virgin: [math][/math]>SI units are so much more scientific and logical
college chad: [eqn][/eqn]>All units are equally arbitrary. Let c=ℏ=μ=ε=1

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middle school virgin:
>SI units are so much more scientific and logical
college chad:
>All units are equally arbitrary. Let c=ℏ=μ=ε=1

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>lmao imperial is so primitive, stupid Americans
>what? what do you mean our Egyptian tier time system is primitive?
>t..the Gregorian calendar has soul
>se..seven day weeks just make sense! tt.the orbs in the sky said so
Never change, Euroshites

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>>imperial units
are objectively better than metric (virgin shit)
Moment > minute
Fortnight > week
Mile > kilometer
Yard > meter
Inch > centimeter
Poppyseed > millimeter
Pound = slug > kilogram
Rankine > kelvin
Fahrenheit > celsius
Candlepower > candela
Teaspoon > milliliter
Tablespoon > centiliter
Quart > liter
Foot-pound > joule
Horsepower > kilowatt
I could go on and on. SI is for faggots (another superior unit of measurement).

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Pic related

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this is your brain on cheeseburgers

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you are obviously retarded

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Have a problem thinking in any number besides 10, brainlet? Kek.
Keep drinking the jewshit.
Lose your unique measurements, you lose your culture.

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What culture?

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I've never learnt how long a mile is lmao sorry.

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your loss :::sad cat emoji:::

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burgers and sportball

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>he doesn't buy fuel in litres and measure fuel economy in mpg, has speed in miles but measures construction materials in metres and cm

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imagine not using football fields, jumbo jets, school buses, swimming pools or fridges

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muttmericans blew up a multi million dollar mars orbiter because they used imperial retarded system

> In September 1999, its $125 million Mars Climate Orbiter probe was destroyed because its attitude-control system used imperial units but its navigation software used metric units. As a result, it was 100 kilometres too close to Mars when it tried to enter orbit around the planet.


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We should've only used imperial, H1-B pajeets and subverting kikes used metric

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