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So... All forms of mathematics are created by humans EXCEPT for geometry, which is a natural property of the universe, correct?

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>applying complex numbers
yeah how about we actually do that

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yeah thing like quaternions and other shit arent made for the human mind.

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Even geometry. Nature has no points, lines, planes, or coordinate systems

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The definitions and constructions are manmade, but the big theorems and lemmas are discovered.
Funny you should mention complex numbers, which have a lot geometric motivation and intuition behind them.

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We do apply it to everyday circuit calculations lmao.

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>muh meme
Pythagorean theorem is defined for nonnegative lengths embedded in the upper right quadrant of real plane. You need to extend it via the canonical inner product in the complex numbers using conjugates.

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wrong, math is not the law of the universe, it just happens to produce good predictions, except when it doesn't
basically, to be sure that your math is done correctly, you need to apply error checking method, but to check if you checked it correctly, you need to apply error checking, ad infinitum
obviously computers do not make mistakes, except when they do
at certain level of computation, bad math is indistinguishable from good math, and eventually it becomes useless in determining truth
the level of complexity in which we find math reliable is unclear, because sometimes we make mistakes in simple things, and error checking may be harder than the operation itself

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>bad math is indistinguishable from good math, and eventually it becomes useless in determining truth the level of complexity in which we find math reliable is unclear, because sometimes we make mistakes in simple things
Give us an example of a case where an established branch of mathematics turned out to be wrong because some person made a mistake early on.

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meme post
law of identity always works. checking to see if X is the same or different from X always works. all computation is just this

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everything based on Riemann hypothesis could be wrong and you can't prove it wrong

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Also Pythagoreans

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Making conjectures is not the same as making mistakes.

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You can prove that the majority of math people use is right with a highschool education and pencil and paper. I cant imagine being such a retard.

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>complex numbers
Imagine being such a midwit that you think these are at all related. Go back to /pol/.

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I think you’re the brainlet if you’re suggesting the complex plane isn’t an inherently geometrically charged construction. There’s a reason that even when we construct imaginary integers via adjoining elements, we fall back to lattice theory and fundamental parallelograms. In the same manner, we rely on the visual intuition of the plane and the algebraic “niceties” of the complex numbers to study geometry using the unit circle, triangles and centroids, etc..
And this is just “concrete” geometry. Fuck off about what you don’t know.

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>math people use is right
>people do maths correctly
wrong, and the point is, mistake can be hard to spot, so you can't say that math is reliable if it can't be reliably used.

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Also sorry for strawman, hope you not mad

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Math is proofs.Pattern recognition and formalization.
Geometry and algebra are expressions of the same thing from different perspective and using different methods.

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to be fair, naive math isnt consistent

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Maybe, hear me out. Maybe, just maybe the universe you see around you is an illusion and the only thing that is real are the mathematical values. This would make sense considering your brain wouldn't be able to function if represented everything you see as equations, even though that is exactly what they are.

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There’s nothing political about the post lmao

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