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My ancestor :)

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looking good darling

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Why did he do it?

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My ancestor :)

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Mine look like this

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God damn. How can he be so based?

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*headpats skinny lizard*
You did your best.

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>you're supposed to live in the water

Holy smokes the levels of based are off the charts.

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inb4 christcuck "evolution is fake" LARP

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Can we have another picture when the mother fucker simply decides to fly one day?

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Feels good to not be related to this guy :)

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How did you take a picture if cameras didn't exist back then

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that's a painting

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How did they paint it with no hands

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oh ok

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Really makes me appreciate OP's pic even more

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Why the fuck this shit became so popular?

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mere exposure effect

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THEY started moving into his neighborhood in droves. THEY started taking all the jobs and white womens.

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my ancestors :)

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The original climate destroyers right there!! They fucked the whole thang all the way up.

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What about aquatic apes and humans aren't the only animals without fur.

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Your ancestor. I did not evolve.

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>Humans evolved from apes
>Apes still exist

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Google theodicy

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Adam and Eve were black

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The Garden of Eden is an allegory for the evolution of the world, specifically man's gain of sentience.

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my ancestor :)

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>we wuz aliens n shit.
Imagine not realizing we actually originated from another dimension. We are prisoners in this shithole of a planet

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logs of poo?

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The artist fucked up. Those plants do nothing to make it look like that fish isn't emerging from a wall of water.

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Or maybe he didn't fuck up and the picture looks exactly how it's suppose to :^)

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If you have to think of it that way...

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why did he leave the water? the water life seems comfy.

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Suck it atheists

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Google faggot

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My ancestor :)

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>Humans evolved from apes
>Apes still exist
Nah. Today's apes and humans share a common ancestor. That ancestor isn't around anymore.

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Not again

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remember that next time you are dealing with stupid people. they're the ones who would have stayed apes.

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those numbers dont lie i guess.

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Filthy mutt

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No fire -> no chicken tendies

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my ancestor :)

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To you maybe.

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memefish is not our ancestor. Stop spreading reddit tier retard myths


>The Garden of Eden is an allegory for the evolution of the world
kek this is wrong plants came the day before the sun was created so it literally can't be an allegory for evolution...unless you think God was keeping plants alive for eons without sunlight because he was a bad planner...

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yea no you're right it's just bullshit, full stop. thanks for confirming that

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You're welcome. Please abstain from such bullshit in the future. Thank you.

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>Let there be light
Jesus used parables to teach, why wouldn't God?

But this is /sci/, not /his/, so we should stay focused on the topic at hand.

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Use of fire by hominids is much older than Modern Human hair distribution

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>Jesus used parables to teach, why wouldn't God?
Jesus never used parables that are an obvious contradiction of blatant common sense. Plants can't survive millions of years without the sun. The person who wrote that book knew that. Why would he get something so simple totally backwards? The story is not a parable of evolution. There is no way to rectify it so that you can interpret it as such...

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THEY sound pretty based

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Please show me it's ancestor. If you will show a prokaryote, don't bother.

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dangerously based

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it all makes sense...

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How long until these things made the jump to eukaryogenesis? It looks like a population of these wouldn't last long at all. They're not very "robust" looking.

Compare to pic related simple coronachan it's like a drop in the bucket.

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>some lizards and monkeys created humans

Bible's explanation is more logical, intelligent design makes more sense

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its the truth my brother, may Jesus bless you and save your soul from eternal damnation

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My ancestors :)

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basically logs of poo but they dab on the atmosphere

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Well they did fuck up everything after all.