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Racism is basically inductive reasoning on a massive, societal scale. Sure inductive reasoning can be falsifiable, but if cultural inductive reasoning like racism perpetuates for hundreds of years, there must be relation to truth for it to keep existing. For instance the reason people don't trust black people is because of niggers. There is like 15% chance when you run into a black person they'll be a nigger. They'll have an attitude problem, they'll be quick to violence, you can't trust them for shit. Is the other races natural inclination to not trust black people, in general, therefore justified? Once you gather more information, you should adjust of any individually different, naturally. But as a starting place, isn't it rational to treat races differently based on stereotypes?

I mean, there is a reason, there are no "niggers" of other races. Whites don't have a massive fear toward asians or indians. We create other stereotypes for them, and those stereotypes persist because they reflect reality.

I know I should have posted this during non-eurocuck hours because they have never lived in a society where literal niggers are everywhere for hundreds of years, so maybe they have not created this stereotype in their culture.

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not a thing outside of america
your viewpoint is extremely biased, you do not speak for people who have a pale skin complexion

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I’m a nigger and I’ll say this. Racism is a tribalist mindset but there’s truth to it. Your statement about niggers is correct. Most racist fail to see though, there are exceptions. It’s like saying all white people are white supremacist. There are bound to be outliers. For this example we’ll say Neil degrasse Tyson. Neil is a genius Harvard graduate but he’s black. You can’t judge shit on a mass scale but they stem from seeing the stereotype so often it feels true.

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White guy who lives in one of the Blackest cities in the US here - you’re just retarded. More specifically you’re looking for some “scientific” justification for being a racist, specially the pseudoscience of evolutionary psychology, which is too retarded even for psychology as a whole. Just deal with your weird fear of black people instead of going “oh thank god, there is something unique about blacks, thank god I don’t have the change”

> Whites don't have a massive fear toward asians or indians. We create other stereotypes for them, and those stereotypes persist because they reflect reality.

White Euros spent centuries writing about asiatic barbarians, americans spent a good century on and off getting scalped by injuns and freaking out about mexicans. You people rioted over zoot suits and worried about getting cucked by filipino men. Not to mention yellow peril and the british chimping about the irish, the english the scotts, etc. There’s documentation of absolutely insane barbarism by columbus on the first natives he met in the carribean who provoked nothing.

But whatever, go post to /his/ or /int/ or /pol/ about your insecurities, I’m not going to help you feel better

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Also to continue this.

>I mean, there is a reason, there are no "niggers" of other races?
Middle eastern people in the EU, and Latino’s
>Whites don't have a massive fear toward asians or indians. We create other stereotypes for them, and those stereotypes persist because they reflect reality.
You are right about the reflecting reality part such as the white blonde chick stereotype. A lot of white blondes are dumb but that doesn’t mean they all are obviously. Also whites have fear of chunks right now and obviously Arabs because of fear of being raped. Same with blacks. The problem is they get judged off the drop of a hat before people even get to know them.

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And this guy
also has the right idea too.
There is some justification but mainly it’s just you having a boogeyman in your head. Black people can be into all sorts of ideologies and hobbies. You’re just not open minded enough to see it. A lot of people on every board are black, asian, hispanic, etc. stereotypes are not definitive and ultimately are judged on such an unreasonable scale it’s completely retarded.

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Racism is a low IQ cope.
Anyone could basically become the person poltards hate when they grow up in a shitty environment.

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You have to consider whether stereotyping someone is worth it in a given situation, otherwise you'll be doing more harm than good (an example of this would be refusing to hire someone just because they're black without bothering to consider other aspects of their character and resume) Stereotyping is rarely justified when you have so much more information at your fingertips. Additionally, there is the question of nature vs nurture which differentiates cultural racism and biological racism (the former can be fixed, the latter can't) which you need to consider as well. Basically the point I'm trying to make is the "racist/not racist" dichotomy is stupid and there is a wide spectrum of beliefs between the two.

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>Is racism ever justified
Yep. It is no longer justified when you know someone. Then, you have more specific reasons to trust them or not. It isn't really race that people dislike. It is culture. General judgement based on experience is not wrong. It would be wrong not to do that.

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>white guy here
>you people

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I meant dumbass racist americans since I immigrated to your shithole country when I was 7 from another white country, with a different racist tradition, dumb /pol/ faggot. go be edgy in traffic.

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He’s clearly referring to Americans. Fucking Christ I’m American to but I’m not going to pretend not to understand him.

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>dumbass racist americans
>your shithole country
>another white country, with a different racist tradition

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why do /pol/ bait threads always go the same? they never come back to respond or argue or anything. what’s the point, was this supposed to redpill /sci/?

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I live in France. Believe you me I have come to believe niggers are a biological weapon. Anyone who argues for more blacks is a criminal who should be tried and summarily hanged by a jury of their peers.

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The promotion of your own genes and those that are more likely to share them over those less related to you is the most basic evolutionary strategy.

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>Racism is a low IQ cope.
Ingroup preference is the most basic state of humanity, if you don't prefer your own group over others you literally go extinct.

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This. I dislike these formulations of the question, because they pre-establish that racism (bolchevik newspeak for in-group preference) has to be theoretically defended by the person before we grant him the most basic right, the first dignity of self-aware beings: of living among his own kind.

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If you mean racism as the acknowledgement that different races exist and you are naturally inclined to constant discrimination on bases which include it then yes. If half of the times you passed someone wearing jogging boots in the street, they turned and spit in your face you would start discriminating against people wearing jogging boots by avoiding them if you were sane. It really is no different when it comes to things like race. The problem is when you can’t acknowledge jogging boots, and race, are not the be all end all. Most rational people know that divisions even within races are two sharp and deep to be mutually intelligible and so absolute discrimination on that basis wouldn’t be sane.

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>Racism is basically inductive reasoning on a massive, societal scale.
I would define racism as treating people differently based on their race.
There’s lots of grouping options that lead to significant differences that have nothing to do with race.
Using inductive reasoning is statistically useless anyway. Let’s look at violent crime stats for example. If you compare the perpetrators, they are most likely to be black males. But if you look at black males, almost none commit violent crimes. For some predictive power you need to find the mediator variables like aggressiveness, IQ, psychopathy etc.

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Racism is an evolutionary response to something that might kill you

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>It isn't really race that people dislike. It is culture.
distrust toward outgroups is a real and measurable effect, even towards people with the same culture. Tho it would be interesting to know how it compares to racial and cultural differences in humans.

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the ape walks among us and they force us to pretend it is a person

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I agree, see my next post
racism is clearly an evolved trait, but so is abstract thought.
I would like to go back to OP’s statement that we don’t show similar awareness towards asians for example, so there seems to be a cultural/learned aspect to it.

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They also force him to pretend he's a person. Imagine the hellish existence.

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It's a different response, asians are devious

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> towards Asians
People who live in formerly European, asian-colonized cities tend to be pretty anti-asian. There is obviously a stressor that is colonization (justified) perception.
I like Chinks, I can't abide nigras. I think the Chinese are objectively more intelligent and mind their own business, but I also feel the negro colonisation every day looking out my window. What I'm trying to say (poorly), is that negative feelings towards another race has both objective and subjective elements, and the subjective elements don't necessarily mean it's wrong.

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Nice pseudo science.

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This should be an obvious conclusion for anyone with a functional brain.
Who are the ingroups that you align with anon?

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Your shitty hypothesis doesn't make sense in the 21st century.

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>Whites don't have a massive fear toward asians or indians
lel. White fear over Asian/Indian is due to intellectual/existential fear over being replaced as the "master race". The fear over Blacks is due to cultural/primal fear over violence.

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I see, you have no idea what you're talking about and the discussion is going over your head.

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>master race

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No. Viscerally negative reaction is first and foremost due to seeing an invasive species shitting up my ecosystem. Your simplifications are useless.
> Make no sense in current year
Real talk: did I miss something or you'd be more comfortable in plebbit. You can be so wrong in so many levels using so few words, I'm impressed.

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It would help if you at least had a source for your stupid claim.

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It doesn't work like that, asshole. You can't just mash together soft-headed platitudes with no substantial statement, and then demand a learned essay deconstructing your dhiarrea. With sources.

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>make a claim
>can't back it up

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>Ingroup preference is the most basic state of humanity
i.e the most natural in its primitive, undeveloped, and uncultivated state. Civilization > Tribe

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I'm always pro-racism

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It would be fun idea to put flags in these posts for a week or so to see which countires are making these posts. It could very well be an Israeli, in a humorous way.

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so can you explain jewish parasitic banking and usury?

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I dont know. Can you give an account of the rise of jewish bankers consistent the principle of ingroup preference?

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they are pretty much the case study

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>case study
Where is the study?

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ask /pol/

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