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Can you prove otherwise without using limits or derailing the conversation by saying something about rings or wheels?

Also does putting an anime girl on the image make it so people will look at the post?

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0/0 is undefined.

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christ just use the definition you dumbfuck

ax = b
if a = 0 then x can be any number in R not just 0 so their is no one solution

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>0/0 is 0 and so is 1/0
In which wheel?

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You're a fucking retard.

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Let me find the contradiction to that give me a minute, i already wrote out the funny thing.
A classic, "you are wrong because I am right"
I am going to say the normal one

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its a contradiction that you can have so low IQ and still breath

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Contradiction if its any number but 0

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this idiot doesn't know about l'hopitals rule

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No i don't, care to explain? I specifically asked for NO LIMITS though. Can you disprove it via contradiction?
You're clearly dumber if you can't refute my point and are just hurling insults because your too stupid to actually prove me wrong/

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>A classic, "you are wrong because I am right"
No idea what that means. I just stated an axiom that OP ignored.

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Care to prove that axiom?

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*ahem* let me introduce you to null numbers
[math]\frac{1}{0} = n[/math]
[math]\frac{x}{0} = xn[/math]

Every "contradiction" that comes after this is pure distilled cope. This is objective reality.

>b-but what's [math]n[/math] supposed to be then?
what's [math]i[/math] supposed to be then?

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You are a goon and a dumbfuck. i is the square root of negative 1, it has useful properties. What is 2*1/0? You literally showed jack shit, just put a random symbol to represent 1/0 that nothing supports. My proof doesn't even NEED 1/0

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>What is 2*1/0?
ummm bro hello it's [math]2n[/math]?? 90 IQ post lol

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So logically, (1/n)*n = 1 correct? And I assume 2n*0=2 yes?

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no, and I'm not going to. you have a phone in your hands dumbass or better yet learn calc

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based nullposting


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Apply it to what i am saying please

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apply my balls down your throat please

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No thank you

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take your meds anon

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Nothing divided by nothing is nothing.
If one doughnut exists but no one takes it, one doughnut still exists.

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>proving an axiom
You are either a non-STEM undergrad or never visited a university apart from getting shit faced with your cousin phil and his trashy gf

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assume 1/0=0=0/0, 1/0=0/0, 1=0

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This is why everyone thinks math majors are space spergs

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>Can you prove otherwise
It's literally trivially easy.
0/0 = 0
1/0 = 0
1 = 0
Oops! We have a problem! Both can't be true.

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You can't just substitute them nigs because they are both undefined.

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>Can you prove otherwise without using limits or derailing the conversation by saying something about rings or wheels?
If you think 1/0 equals 0, you probably have down syndrome. Whatever 1/0 is, it's obviously bigger than 1/1

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Please don't post my wife ever again.

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The /sci/ server link is https://discord.gg/uQr9PQ
We will interview Bill Nye this week, join.

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op said prove by contradiction so we can assume the given statement..

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zero (0) is shorthand for minus one (.000...1) infinity definition

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not really.
0/0 = 0 in [math]S^{-1}A[/math] being the quotient ring where [math]A,S = (0)[/math]

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By saying 0/0 = (1/0)*0, you're implying that 1/0 is defined, which it isn't.

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>Can you prove otherwise without using limits
"can you prove me wrong without using the key concept that makes me wrong?"

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I can assure you that OP is not a math major, in fact I doubt he's even passed middle school.

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>OP says 1/0 = 0
>Use basic multiplication to show that can't be true
>Nuh-uh, you can't do basic multiplication to it, because it's undefined
>Somehow this means it might NOT be undefined

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The post I replied to wasn't disproving 1/0=0. They were trying to prove 0/0=0, by assuming 1/0 is defined in the process.

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a * 1/a = 1, but
0 * 1/0 != 1

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It's clearly undefined

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look again

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Thank you for defending out Scifu Waifu

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Yeah just graph it retard

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actually that looks like it's clearly defined at infty

now plot 0/x

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1/inf ==! 1/0 are you retarded?
Of course 1/inf is defined. Its 0.

y=0/x Is just a straight line. Y=0 when x=0

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Why can't I prove it using limits? How is that valid? It's like asking me to prove that 1+1=2 without using addition.

Also, don't ever post my wife again, brainlet.

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you need to disprove it without resorting to using aparatus which can disprove it. that's the game.

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Well its graphed above, which proves it. Although graphing is just a visualized limit.

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There is nothing to disprove. Its all a childish fantasy. Zero does not exist and has no place in mathematics. One might as well ask "What is 1 divided by Unicorn? Its nonsense.

Yes, just nonsense. And one day we of the true faith will EXPUNGE that GOD CURSED nonsense from the textbooks. WITH OUR SWORDS! WE MARCH! IN THE NAME OF GOD! WE MARCH!


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You are also a brainlet.

The number 0 revolutionized mathematics.

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*Defines the symbols 0/0 & 1/0. Disprove these definitions.* You have to give assertions. All you've done is define symbols. It's like arguing about the definition of a made up word.

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OP's assertion is that this definition is consistent with the rest of math if you ignore all the instances where it's not consistent with the rest of math. it's not wrong, but it's also completely retarded.

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