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*destroys evolution*

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that's a monkey

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How can we destroy evolution?
Natural selection happens whatever you do or don't

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Man does not blend in with the lines of nature. Clearly we are not monkeys. This is plain to see, but you are blind.

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Love chesterton for his wit and paradox, but i think he was wrong about evolution.

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*converts atheists*

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ear muscles and fangs
just sayin'

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You're a nigger

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Youre right we aren't monkeys,
We're apes, dipshit.

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I chase tail all the time.

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holy shit that's awesome

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Only a man in love with falsitudes could be so blind. Only an austist triggered by his own world view could be so inept. But I forgive you, with grace that can only come from our lord. I will pray for you tonight, because I love you.

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found the pedo

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This is dope. My guess is that the the hair and skin is a result of sun? The swimmer body is somewhat convincing.

In some /pol/ threads I’ve laughed at the retards who claimed that black people came after whites but this does give some credence to the idea. Like the whole Aryan origin shit if anyone’s seen it.

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