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Seeing as most of people on this board are into mathematics, I would like to ask:
What draws you to maths? Why do you want to become a mathematician?

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sorry I don't take questions from anime posters

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Being smarter than asians and white people, it's not very good motivation.

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I study established math because I’m too lazy to formalize my intuitions myself

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It’s more fun than crossword puzzles.

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Further understanding of the universe/reality, better logistics skills and clearer understanding of observed events.

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I find thinking mathematically, boolean logic, proofbased logic, bininary thinking help me spiritually coprehend logos in greek new testament and my understanding of christ. Also I have taught teens for 3 years and I'd like to get a math endorsement to teach that rather than english.

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idk its fun, I like to think that I'm like some based ancient Greek guy having a blast learning about shape relations and shit, hehe

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>Reason (1) is harmless; but one doesn't refer to entertainment as a "worthwhile endeavor"; it's just a pastime.
such a satisfying semicolon
tell me you didn't feel good when the pause hit
seeing such a skillfully executed semicolon made me realize why my own attempts felt so lacking
i feel to self conscious to even punctuate this post

but what a shame that the second semicolon felt so overused and pointless. really made me feel bad for the first one.

do any fellow seekers of semicolon sense this too or am i delusional

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I want to have at least a glimpse of God's mind.

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yes it must be the length of the sentence. "Reason (1) is harmless" if you just remove the "(1)" returns into the purest predicate form, the addition of the "(1)" somehow disrupts the phonetic rhythm as if it was a punctuation mark itself, and then the next sentence begins "is harmless;"

is harmless;

there is much neatness in such a curt expression. there is a sense of confidence and security in hearing "is harmless;" as if i am being spared by the judge, he delivers a short sentence and then strikes the hammer as if to wordlessly signal "next!", not even looking at me as i am escorted away from the court room.

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I went pursuing the truth.

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I like solving puzzles, which is basically what math is

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It is the path to get out of the world of becoming and into the realm of pure Being. God and transcendence is at the end of all mathematical endeavors. I want to taste the sublime.

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This. Also many fields are saturated so a high risk high reward approach is optimal

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