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Ask a chemistry graduate student anything.

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That's a cool molecule

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how do i cook crystal meth

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fuckin magnets, how do they work?!

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thanks, I made it myself.

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take methylphenidate and reduce the benzylic alcohol to an alkane.
photon is a guage boson that acts as a force carrying particle for electromagnetism.

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Why the fuck didn't you pay attention in high school chemistry?

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does that even exist?

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What happens if I cover my roommate's door frame with fulminate of mercury, and he slams it closed?

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It is a tetraphenyl porphyrine with a copper(II) metal at its center.

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you get to live alone

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I fucking love organometallic compounds. That's what I'm currently doing research on as an undergrad.

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How severe of an explosion? Like, just a noise, or frame-blown-across-hallway-with-burns-to-face explosion?

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is the molecule depicted in OP's picture aromatic?

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actually is a very nice red color. had a hint of purple that may or may not have been from uncomplexed TPP.

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Organic chemistry is hard.


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when do you graduate? never?

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Physical chemistry is harder.


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depends on how much you use, but I would imagine that you two would no longer be friends in any case
yes. it is Hukle aromatic.

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True story.

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Physical organic is fun

I should be done in the next 3 years.

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chemistry is physics' retarded half brother

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What do you want to do with your degree?

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OP, your compound reminds me of the glorious corrin in cobalamin.

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Chemistry is 1/4 of physics

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Physics is the crazy old aunt that keeps hanging around long after it served its purpose. Much like Helen Thomas.

Are you antisemitic too?

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served its purpose?

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why does metal powder dissolve in toluene???

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your porphyrine ring is missing a carbon
I currently am researching organic synthesis and surface science. I'm doing a fair amount of analytical too. I will eventually get a job in industry until I make enough to retire. then I will teach.

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The only place physics is really breaking new ground is in high energy particles that serve no purpose in the real world. all the useful bits that physics ever discovered has been taken over by other sciences and engineers. modern physics has no practical applications and is just a waste of scientific funding.
does it? I have never observed that. I can think of no reason that it should happen either.

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Have you ever synthesized anything...illegal with the knowledge you posses? Have you ever thought about it?

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>a waste of scientific funding
I'm not a physicist, so don't start thinking I am saying this out of spite. But I hope you get hit by a car. You are the problem with world, and the reason why scientists are ignored.

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That's what they said circa 1900, too.

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you clearly dont know shit about physics
what about nano technology faggot
quantum dot transistors?
advanced superconductors leading to better ways of transportation and medical uses?
we dont even know what kind of technologies the research about higgs boson will bring up

and these are just from the top of my head with 20 hours of no sleep

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I could, but I wont because the penalties are increased for me since I am trained. I may do some molecular imprinting for sensor development soon and I will have to order some target molecules. all I need is 2 signatures and I can get the active ingredients in almost any drug.

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oh thought of another one: quantum teleportation (in the scientific sense of the word)

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What do you have OP?....B.S. or M.S. in Chem?

think it would be too hard for someone who never took Chem in HS?

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only because i bound it with phthalate.

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superconductors are materials science (chemistry/engineering)
quantum dots are made and studied by chemists
and the vast majority of scientists that publish in nanotech journals are chemists

hell, the only reason physical chemistry exists is because physicist are too damn lazy to work with condensed matter.

with the money that was wasted on the LHC, just imagine how much basic chemistry and biology research could have been done. funding is a precious resource and it needs to go to projects that will actually produce usable results.

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Are you a master or PhD student? Quite frankly, I do not place much value on a master degree at all, and by extension, most of its students. Often, the degree seems to push a fraction of the scientific training but sold at 110% of its value. That and I am heavily critical of my school's master program a.k.a. undergrad + 1 semester research--pity.

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>hey guys let's divert money to some shit high school chemistry project instead of discovering the origins of the universe

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Could you synthesize LSD with equipment and reagents you have access to on a daily basis?

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Not OP

But i found high school chemistry nothing but balls out easy. I practically slept though the class with an A.

It went over nothing but crap that you could learn out of textbook in a day with a little 7th grade math.


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well then it was chelated into solution
yes, teleporting photons. very useful. that merits a unanimous who cares.
Ph.D. most chemists don't bother getting a maters as it is really less than useless.
B.S. I don't think there is anyone in my program that got a M.S.

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I'd assume not. LSD requires ergot to be made.

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do you seriously believe that you are well educated and knowledgeable enough to come to the conclusion that physics is a waste of funds?

have you ever even talked to a real physicist about this? how the fuck did you come to there conclusions? you have 3 years left to graduate in you own field, what makes you think you know enough about physics to sprout this bullshit?

let me take a wild guess, one of your EDGY professors probably talked about how physics is a dead field and as a dim-witted wishy washy uneducated faggot you immediately 'took up his cause'

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almost. I don't have any ergotamine

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>yes, teleporting photons. very useful. that merits a unanimous who cares.
not photons, atoms

faster communication, faster computers etc etc

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Are you going for Masters or Ph.D.?

What is your thesis going to be?

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Is this used for anything, or does it just look pretty?

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You have NO idea how things work. NONE. I'm not even going to explain to you how deeply you err because I want you to go through life completely ignorant.

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At least I don't try to justify my field's existence with false promises of 'origin of the universe' and attempts to steal the research of other disciplines. Do you honestly think that society will benefit from learning what happened before the first plank-time of the universe was over?

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So you laugh at the physicists, the physicists laugh at the mathematicians, and the engineers laugh at everybody. But if any of those fields disappeared, the others would be fucked faster than you can say "I didn't mean it!"

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Stop talking, you know nothing about science clearly.

Anyway, if your school wasn't shit tier, you'd be required to take at least one physics course for your Bachelor's, and you'd at least be informed about the field and how much more useful it is than chemistry.

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Hit it with the right UV light in the presence of oxygen and it will generate singlet oxygen that chews up damn near every biological molecule. a lot of cancer research uses similar molecules. I just made it for fun though.

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again back to my question retard: what do you base your accusations on?
how the hell do you know that knowing what causes mass will have no significance in our daily lives? how the fuck can you just assume that it wont lead to new technologies when you dont know SHIT about the field.
how do you even know that they are false promises?
seriously, who do you think you are? some kind of revolutionary genius who will save the world of science from the tyranny of physicists?

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I did take physics. it is required to get an ACS certified degree. my physics teacher told the class that all the useful physics had been taken over by engineers. I disagree because there is still some use for it in computational chemistry, but the point remains.

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Don't start a dick fight with him saying physics is superior. That's not the fucking issue. He is ignoring the how all scientific theories are structured, the way the entire modern fucking process works. He is slime and deserves to be bottom of the barrel where no one will notice him. Just leave him to rot. Stupid piece of shit.

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you physicists are so cute when you rage about the insignificance of your field.

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yes because electricity is completely useless.

and so are newtons laws.

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im assuming you have no answers to any of my questions?
so you ARE a retarded butthurt nobody, what a surprise

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I never said they weren't. They are very useful. Now name something from the last 40 years.

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Hey guys,
I have to find the molecular mass of this chemical compound. What field of science defines the mass of every object in the universe again?

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OP, I think that your remarks are unfounded. While it's true that it seems that theoretical physics reasearch is at a dead-end (inb4 string theory--theory without experiment is just hypothesis), scientific knowledge should not be limited by how "applicable" is to some socially relevant end--scientific achievement often blossoms with siencere scientific curiosity, which is science for science sake. Physics is that that point this time it seems, but it is unknown where its developments will take us (although that's not the main point at all).

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Maybe the bunch of quantum effects used in CCD chips and such?

>> No.1164940

Just all electronic devices and circuits. No big deal.

>> No.1164942

don't bother, OPs not a scientist
you should have realized that from his comments

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I base my accusations on my reading of scientific literature as well as my observations of all recent developments in physics that have impacted society in any appreciable way.

I know that finding your 'god particle' will not some how negate its existence. objects will still have mass and gravity will still work. and there will still be a big ring under Switzerland that is wasting a lot of helium.

I am a chemist. I work with condensed matter under ordinary conditions. I contribute to society through my research.

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? Just because physics isnt shitting out major applcable breakthroughs every x years doesn't mean we should give up on it..

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We just had a level-5 faggotry breach. A new super strain of engineering seems to me making it way around /sci/. Engineering is very contagious, and if not treated properly, victums could remain homosexuals forever.

I'm gonna have to check all of you out...
Do anyone of you fell dizzy? upset stomach? A sudden craving for gay sex?

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sorry, circuits and electronics are the product of EE's and philosophers (they developed the logic)

>> No.1164964

>implying philosophers developed Boolean algebra
>implying electricity has nothing to do with electronics

>> No.1164974

And discovery for discovery sake has its place, but it should not be pursued at the expense of applicable research. The money wasted on physics research would be better spent on developing more sophisticated methods for detecting cancer or preventing the transmission of HIV.

>> No.1164977


Of course not--we had no idea what a molecule was for thousands of years and no scientific knowledge at all for hundreds of years and yet the Earth didn't fall out of orbit, or the sun stopped emitting in the visible range. Science offers models of nature along with the explination behind the model, but the model is impotent against nature and can never impose its will on her or do anything at all, in fact. The "god particle" or by whatever other bullcrap they sensationalize it will not cure cancer, or make the sun blow apart, but it will pave the way for the refinement of a model of the universe, whether it fails or not. The abandonment of science for the sake of science is the real threat to progress.

>> No.1164980

What does an Analytical chemist do?

>> No.1164989

>I know that finding your 'god particle' will not some how negate its existence. objects will still have mass and gravity will still work.
wow ok it's pointless to argue with you since you don't even know how scientific and technological breakthroughs are obtained.
fyi, newton didn't know that his physics laws could lead to the invention of airplanes, advanced mechanics or tall buildings, though he kept on going even though he knew gravity wouldnt change

wow youre talking like a 12 yo

>> No.1164993

>implying that electricity was developed in the last 40 years
I gave you a 40 year window. That is an entire career. When you can't give one useful development over that time scale then you are just wasting resources.

>> No.1164996


Something you won't even get to do to your wife after years of marriage.

>> No.1165002

analyze stuff. they get to play with some cool instruments. my friends are synthesizing mixed metal nanoparticles and looking at them with AFM (one is inorganic)
you mad?

>> No.1165006

not mad at all fag
though seeing as that's your only defense against logical arguments, ill humor you
yes i mad hurr durr

>> No.1165016

newton studied macro scale effects. unless you are looking to build a sky scraper that is femptometers tall, you are barking up the wrong apple tree.

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yes that was my whole point and now you've proven me wrong

>> No.1165029

What school are you in OP? Do you have any friends? Is your school fillled with chinese graduate students?

>> No.1165033

Whew. Sorry, that took a bit. These are summaries from the wikipedia page on Nobel laureates in physics. Any of them sound familiar?

>for their experimental discoveries regarding tunneling phenomena in semiconductors and superconductors, respectively
>for his basic inventions and discoveries in the area of low-temperature physics
>for their contribution to the development of laser spectroscopy
>for his contribution to the development of high-resolution electron spectroscopy
>for his theory for critical phenomena in connection with phase transitions
>for his fundamental work in electron optics, and for the design of the first electron microscope
>for their design of the scanning tunneling microscope
>for the invention of the separated oscillatory fields method and its use in the hydrogen maser and other atomic clocks
>for the development of the ion trap technique
>for discovering that methods developed for studying order phenomena in simple systems can be generalized to more complex forms of matter, in particular to liquid crystals and polymers
>for development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light
(BTW this is being worked on right now in the physics lab where I work--so that biochemists, of all people, can use it! Funny how that goes...)
>for developing semiconductor heterostructures used in high-speed- and optoelectronics
>for his part in the invention of the integrated circuit
>for his contribution to the quantum theory of optical coherence
>for their contributions to the development of laser-based precision spectroscopy, including the optical frequency comb technique
>for groundbreaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibers for optical communication
>for the invention of an imaging semiconductor circuit -- the CCD sensor

All of these were awarded after 1971. I realize that some of them were developed before that time, but I figured it was a good cutoff point just for the sake of argument.

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GT. Yes. Yes.

>> No.1165047

PS in case anybody's confused I picked out those with the closest relationship to an easily recognizable, widely used technology... or to something that OP will probably use in his lab as a chem grad student.

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Ever heard of reductionism? For example, human system physiology is based on cell biology which is based on chemistry, and chemistry is based on particle physics. This is how people form solid theories in all sciences, and it is how we generally try to apply Occam's razor to the observable world.

Everything you know about chemistry is absolutely dependent on particle physics theories being correct. If it turns out that through extensive research (like that being done at the LHC) turns over previously held theories, it would implicate not only chemistry, but all the sciences that depend on chemistry because physics is at the absolute bottom of the reductionist pyramid. Think theory of relativity and what that did. The repercussions of discoveries in physics are enormous. To say physics is not important shows great ignorance in how science works.

>> No.1165067


Not OP, but sorry to say that my ethene hydrogenation will occur and salt will dissolve in water whether particle physics has the right model or not. Empirical evidence is not dependent on subsequent models--I already stated this somewhere back on this thread.

>> No.1165072

hey guys op thinks technological advancement can only be achieved through things we ALREADY KNOW, we know nothing about the higgs boson yet so that means we wont be using it in the future for developing new technologies

cause as we all know scientific research should only be done on stuff we already are well informed on. i mean what could we possibly do with the information on the origin of mass? i can't imagine anything so there must be zero uses for it!!

science is fun!

>> No.1165076

seems to me all that was around before I was born.

>> No.1165080


Does mixing synthetic oil and pure oxygen present the same spontaneous combustion danger as does hydrocarbon based oils and pure oxygen?

>> No.1165089

You're 40 years old? And with 3 years of grad school left to go? Man, that seems like a bad investment...

>> No.1165090

last ones were after 2005 faggot

>> No.1165093

what happens if anhydrous copper sulphate and hydrated copper sulphate are dissolved in water?

>> No.1165099

see this is where you lose the rest of the scientific community. when I tosylate an alcohol it does not matter if physics managed to get the standard model right. physics at this point is only learning about things that don't matter. and if it doesn't matter it is a waste.

>> No.1165100

Don't be a FUCKING idiot. Think about what you just posted. Think fucking really fucking hard. Did you know I could throw a fucking rock and measure shit with Newton's laws? I give up on this shit fucking board.

>> No.1165105


u mad

>> No.1165106

probably. It would likely depend on the pressures involved.
they dissolve so long as they don't exceed the Ksp for the salt

>> No.1165114

so you stopped responding to people with legitimate claims that youre a faggot?

>> No.1165120

Also retarded. That's like saying I live in a cup of water and I am completely oblivious to that fact, but that is fine with me because current models estimate shit just fine. I will continue to progress in my fucking cup, without acknowledging that my standards are based on horse semen.

>> No.1165124

yea i mad.

>> No.1165127

by the logic if u dint know that earth didn't revolve around the sun but visa versa you wouldve been completely fine with it?

sure are alot of kids here

>> No.1165131

1.Rate the difficulty of LSD synthesis
2. If you were given the right equipment & materials, would you be able to pull it off?
3. *Same questions but for DMT*

>> No.1165134

did* sorry

>> No.1165136

Quite so. However, when you contemplate synthesizing a new organic molecule for use in optoelectronic devices, you better know some fucking QM. And not just the old stuff, but the new details as well.

In fact, you'll probably find a promising material, send it off to the physicists to characterize its electronic properties, and get back some suggestions on how it could be made better. You'll do more experiments and provide them with feedback (and the synthesized molecules) in exchange. The cycle will repeat until you have something viable, at which point it will start getting shuffled around to the engineers as well.

Welcome to science, where things are connected.

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So just Chemistry OP, or did you focus on organic or inorganic?

also, I present you some Motexafin lutetium. just cause

>> No.1165146

and your the guy who wants to use 10,000 digits of Pi to find the surface area of a beach ball. One of us has the time to enjoy a beer because we finished our work.

>> No.1165163

>implying chemists have more free time
What planet do you live on?

>> No.1165172

I don't want to do shit other than fuck whores, I leave it to the physicists to be physicists and chemists to be chemists and so on. I want them to do their job right, understand the scientific process and better our understanding of the world. I want you to get hit by a large truck.

>> No.1165176

>look at me i can oversimplify things to make them sound retarded

>> No.1165183

The lab next to me works with modified fluorcien dyes and polythiophenes for solar cell research. they characterize their own materials. They never bother to consult with physics because all the math is well known. plus QM calculations are getting better, but it is easier and more accurate to just make a compound and test it than to compute it.
nominally I am an organic chemist.
LSD is easy. I have all the equipment, I would only need the precursor. Same goes for DMT.

>> No.1165189

We have more free time than those who waste their lives trying to perfect a model that the rest of the world will never care about because it will never affect them.

>> No.1165191

so op, wheres your response to the list of nobel laureates?

>> No.1165200

>stars are not just shiny dots but they are giant balls of gas and plasma fueled by fusion of hydrogen and some heavier elements?
>oh i dont give a fuck it doesn't effect me

>> No.1165206

What if you came here (Aruba) on vacation, and you eh, made some for me? :3

>> No.1165208

Well they had to give the prize to someone.

>> No.1165211

is it legal to make it there?

>> No.1165213

no you fucktard im talking about the technological advancements
so much for "research in physics doesn't effect shit hurrdurr"

>> No.1165215

I disproved the existence of god! I kept praying, but you're not dead yet.


That works

The above does not. The base does not extend to provide for the crap above it. So then there's something plus something = more than something plus something. You know what else is more than something plus something? Religion. I'm trying to lower everything a toddler level so you can better understand, but that's hopeless. So I'm done, wikipedia the rest.

>> No.1165219

At least astronomy serves a useful purpose. It is nice to know when asteroids are going to buzz us. or when sun spots will kill the power grid.

>> No.1165225

I suspect the OP is not what he says he is.

I can tell from reading replies and having been a chemistry graduate student in my day.

>> No.1165230

Good for them to be self-sufficient! That lab probably has people in it who have a decent physics background along with their chemistry. Either that, or they're working on refining things that aren't at the most basic level of research right now (at which point yes, it does often make sense to experiment rather than calculate). My assumption would be that they publish in both chemistry and physics journals (just like the lab where I work publishes in both physics and chem, depending on the exact topic).

tl;dr Just because a chemist happens to do it doesn't mean it's not physics.

>> No.1165233

neither of those have anything to do with the stars
former can be observed with a telescope and latter is about the sun not the other stars, we dont "need" to know that the sun is just like those shiny dots do we?

>> No.1165234

>has anyone really be far as decided to use even go want to do look more like

>> No.1165242

they don't waste time publishing in physics journals. they want people to read their work.

>> No.1165249

still no response about those physics nobels eh?
seriously op just admit youre a faggot so we can all go home

>> No.1165254

And it is physical organic chemistry. If physicist knew shit all about condensed matter then they could do it themselves. The whole lab is chemists who make fun of physicists. at least that is what they do when we go out drinking (among other things).

>> No.1165255

>Well they had to give the prize to someone.

I don't know how I can express my response to this in words.

>> No.1165264

No it's not, but the control is really loose on any drug; I doubt they know what LSD even is, let alone their precursors.

>> No.1165268

>The whole lab is chemists who make fun of physicists
>let me take a wild guess, one of your EDGY professors probably talked about how physics is a dead field and as a dim-witted wishy washy uneducated faggot you immediately 'took up his cause'
Now I understand.

>> No.1165273

fine, if only to get you to shut up about it, those are tools that some chemists and engineers use. congrats on being the designers of glorified screw drivers. But most of those inventions happened in the first half of the 20th century. The nobels were awarded because engineers had managed to make the theories useful enough that Stockholm noticed them.

>> No.1165282

As the person who posted the list, I'd like to know this too. And no, "they had to give the prize to someone" isn't an answer.

>> No.1165293

physics has come to the point where there is no everyday use tool can be invented ofcourse theyre going to make tools for engineers chemists biologists etc faggot
no branch of science advances on its own what the fuck do you think this is, a race?

>> No.1165315

OP the gigantic faggot status:
[ ]Not told

>> No.1165324

>those are tools that some chemists and engineers use

YES, THAT WAS THE ENTIRE POINT. THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ALONG. The Nobel list was meant to illustrate that physics develops things with actual uses. Your response is that things with actual uses are "just tools" and that they didn't revolutionize anything. From this follows a couple of things:
1) to make you happy, physicists would need to wake up in the morning and create fully formed theories with a built-in implementation already in mind, rather than theories which lead to technologies which lead to benefits for everyone.
2) Apparently fiber optics is not revolutionary.
3) The entirety of chemistry is victim to the exact same problem--they too create tools. This is why it's idiocy for one pure science to bitch about another pure science. It takes time and luck for any idea to find a viable practical use, including your precious chemistry.

tl;dr: first you want proof that physics leads to viable technologies, then you scoff that physics only leads to viable technologies.

>> No.1165336

ill just report the latest state of the thread
OP the gigantic faggot status:
[ ]Not told

oh it hasnt changed

>> No.1165359

What do you like the most about chem?

>> No.1165363

Sorry sir, I was busy writing while you were posting.

>> No.1165366

>giant faggot appeared!
>faggot uses logical fallacies!
>it's not very effective...
>anon uses logic!
>it's super effective!
>faggot ran away

>> No.1165394

fucking fanboys! get a life, your fields are equally vag lacking. enjoy your worthless research no one will ever read about.

>> No.1165408

almost, not quite.

>> No.1165411

the only fanboy here is op and one or two other fags
rest of us are neutral, we were defending physics because op is an asshole not because were fanboys

>> No.1165440

ok bro i feel you.

im going to be in chemistry grad school soon concentrating on org chem but i love all chemistry and physics. my ChE roommate does some incredible research and has a lot more interesting classes than I've had in chem.

we need one of those images like /v/ has, uniting all /sci/ fields.

>> No.1165463

Hey OP, what does a capacitor do?

>> No.1165481

Is Nickel metal hydride an acceptable substitute for Lithium Aluminium Hydride?

>> No.1165770

well done

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troll'd hard

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god damn it faggot this thread died hours ago why the fuck did you bump it

>> No.1167263

also,OP claims he invented this molecule, which is completed bullshit.

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