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Scientifically speaking, is Occam's razor true?

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It evidently is not true in every case and, interpreted as a rule of action, it has no truth value.
"Scientifically speaking" is a shit framework for "truth" anyway.

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Its not a true false thing, its just a means of checking that one is not trying to force a square peg in a round hole unnecessarily.
If your pet theory requires a conspiracy that needs everyone in the galaxy to be in on it then you might be barking up the wrong tree.
Think of it as troubleshooting, if you don't know whats wrong you eliminate all the simple possibilities first before you move onto more involved and elaborate tests.

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Occams razor is based on "all things being equal", the problem is all things are rarely if ever equal so it is rarely proper to apply it and it is mostly brainlets who attempt to. When one person has a tenth of the knowledge on a topic or even sometimes no knowledge at all, what they think is the simple explanation for something can be hilarious retarded.

TLDR, just like dunning-kruger 99% of the time it is drooling brainlets that reference it and use it incorrectly believing it gives them a trump card in an argument they can't win on actual knowledge/facts.

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1. If you have little knowledge and you are on mount stupid, you might think of wrong explanations and wrongly estimate the simplicity of said explanations.
2. If you have infinite knowledge, only one explanation (the right one) will seem correct to you and you won't have to make any assumptions to reach it
3. As your knowledge increases, you will have to make less assumptions for the right explanation and more assumptions for the wrong ones, as your confidence in your explanations approaches their limit
4. It follows that as long as the "rightness" of explanations are convergent, Occams razor will always be correct, if you are above a certain level of knowledge

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occams razor; for the dull minds!

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