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Is this why /sci/ says biology related jobs are memes

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Who cares what she does with her life?

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The opposite of based is basedless. This is so baseless it makes sad legit in a non-nigger-sass "honey no" kind of way.

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He name ia boot boot mcstinky buns

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based stroke anon

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>wet lab
lol brainlets

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>white people dancing
that's an automatic cringe

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She clearly just wants to find an excuse to whore herself. If she's willing to sell sex she could've just set up an onlyfans. But this is /sci/, I'm not suppose to make moral judgements here.

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thats a man

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The modern world truly is a disgrace

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>I don't like girls being sexual because I'm involuntarily celibate

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Thanks to feminism

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Why not just date some guy instead of being a dancing whore?

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Clamped and early Brave New World societal degeneration pilled.

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Nice strawman and ad hominem, not an incel tho, literally had sex less than an hour ago.
Girls being sexual is awesome, as long as its in an intimate context with their long term partner.
Girls and people as a whole being publicly sexual is distasteful and inmoral.

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pretty based

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This just approves how fucking ruined Academia is, and how the title of "PhD" is fucking useless

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pretty based

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Go back to Redd*t

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>Girls and people as a whole being publicly sexual is distasteful and inmoral.
Why? It's a dance performance, sex appeal has always been a part of art. It's just another form of appreciating female beauty, unless your a religious fag who tries to suppress that

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>Comparing broads shaking their ass pole dancing for a drooling bunch of horny men under flashing lights, to the Greek and Roman works of old.
Yeah.. no.

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>being a whore

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oooh touched your sore spot didn't it
go rape the pillow again, it'll calm down

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oooh, touched your sore spot didn't it
go rape the pillow again, it'll calm you down

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go home, achmed

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>Prostitution in ancient Rome was legal and licensed. In ancient Rome, even Roman men of the highest social status were free to engage prostitutes of either sex without incurring moral disapproval, as long as they demonstrated self-control and moderation in the frequency and enjoyment of sex.
Everyone knows men enjoy women being sexual and women enjoy being sexual. Trying to draw a moral boundary here seems super arbitrary and suspect

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there's a woman involved so it's cringe by default

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>mfw all the simps itt defending this dumb bio major skank

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>they said i couldn't do both
yeah everyone always says that it's impossible for a student to go dancing at night

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>Everyone knows men enjoy women being sexual and women enjoy being sexual. Trying to draw a moral boundary here seems super arbitrary and suspect
this is sci trying to discuss morality

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Please don't lump this brainlet in with the rest of /sci/. Most of us have taken at least an intro to ethics or metaethics class.

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>that thing

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She'd be a tinder slut before settling down with some decent guy. Probably already is

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>that nose

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looks like she doesn't need that 8 year degree after all

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>implying she won't be bouncing on the carousel then get smacked straight into the wall and have to settle for some betoid or commit sedoku in front of her cats

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Guys, those are clearly two different people. They look nothing alike

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That would be a perfectly reasonable position to take. Women being worthless whores is entirely to blame for the rise of incels.

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>hair not tied back
>no safety goggles
Yep, that's cringe.

The lack of goggles I can understand in some cases, but she should absolutely be in a ponytail at least. I'd report her honestly.

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Also not math or science.

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Imagine thinking celibacy is a bad thing in any context. What a backwards world you live in. "Stupid retarded virgins! Women are never to blame because they are never virgins!" holy shit

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typical reddit simp

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Based retard

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go see an ophthalmologist anon

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>Imagine thinking celibacy is a bad thing in any context
the human species would die out if everyone was celibate, essentially your whole purpose is to reproduce and pass on your genes

>"Stupid retarded virgins! Women are never to blame because they are never virgins!" holy shit
What is this even supposed to mean

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Neither based or cringe. I don't give a shit and neither should anyone.

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t. cuck Mc.cum guzzler

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I hope she sees these posts bro

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>le 56%
you poor thing

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hi newfag

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This triggered all the retards good job

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She's kinda fat

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Clubbing is pretty fun and since she's in a PhD program, most of the guys she's around are probably a bunch of undesirable turbodorks

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money, attention

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my sides

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She's the daughter of first generation Italian migrants.

Italians are white.

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What about unbased?

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simp alert

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>they said I couldn't do both
Literally who?

Pretty much everyone in my research group had a side gig. The smart guys did programming stuff and some of them ended up actually abandoning the PhD because they got paid more and better career prospects programming.

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>still samefagging hours later

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> Which leads me to add one Remark: That the Number of purely white People in the World is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawny. America (exclusive of the new Comers) wholly so. And in Europe, the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes, are generally of what we call a swarthy Complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal Body of White People on the Face of the Earth. I could wish their Numbers were increased
Ben Franklin

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Porn star pepper hart used to be a lab assistant, or so I have gathered from my research.

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>that nose


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No. hers is jus a big smelly stanky BOOT that looooves to party. If she sat on your FACE u would be complainin!

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Kinda fat ass that would sit on my smeller if yah known what im sayin

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>Neither based or cringe. I don't give a shit and neither should anyone.

As you masterbate furiously. ANGRY MASTERBATION!!!!!!

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Hedonism is always cringe

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Listen to all these incels shriek

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I can tell ur an ugly lonely bitch just from this

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Wow she can study and dance holy shit, absolutely impossible

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good for her. PhD stipend pays like shit and she's working a second job through her doctorate.

$90k/yr is easily doable by stripping at a popular club. with that kind of cash, you don't care if neckbeard /sci/tards think you're a whore.

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>77% of republicans say they're having sex once a week

only if you're counting cousins

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>its the neckbeards who don't like this!
I wonder if this is actually the mindset of women who do things like this.

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neckbeards or religious fundamentalists

either way, not the people whose opinions should concern you when you're sitting on a pile of easy cash

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>neckbeards or religious fundamentalists
kek, where do you grow up to think like this? Or is it just an age thing. Real life isn't internet memes. Vast majority of men don't want a stripper wife and most women look don't like sex workers of any kind. I have no doubt the majority her colleagues think less of her for this.

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ok achmed

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She's kinda over 6y old
kys pedo

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>Vast majority of men don't want a stripper wife

pretty big difference between not wanting a stripper wife and dumping your angry diatribe essays on /sci/ just because you saw a video of a phd candidate making some side cash showing her ass

I probably wouldn't date a stripper but you won't ever see me sperging out like the replies to this guy's incel-bait (>>11637964)

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Would you eat her ass 4chan? Would you take all that in your mouth and then trust your tounge deep into her cunt while she rides your face?

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i dont associate with biology shitters

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You're talking about prostitution now, not art

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>still samefagging

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>cope: the post

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>kek, where do you grow up to think like this?
Reddit. You're replying to a literal redditor. Just look at their reply to your post.

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>dumping your angry diatribe essays on /sci/
you sound young
> incel-bait
They respond to the bait because that bait is a real argument that people put forward in western culture. It's hard for me to believe it sometimes too but there are people who really think sex work is just normal work and that everyone who looks down on it is either a

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>you sound young

I am 22, so yeah?

>It's hard for me to believe it sometimes too but there are people who really think sex work is just normal work

Sex work is normal work, and if you /really/ care whether someone sells sex for cash, odds are that you're a fundie or a neckbeard.

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to the mind of a ledditor, anything but fawning praise for a literal whore is "religious fundamentalism"
that's how much they've been fucked in the head

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>disregard le redditor XDDD

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maybe if you rant more about degeneracy you'll attract the attention of one of those 'trad girls' you're so into?

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>odds are that you're a fundie or a neckbeard.
Sounds more like a cope for your own life choices.

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>Sounds more like a cope for your own life choices.

I don't sell sex. What clientele would I have as a skinny-ass white guy? Probably old women. But seriously - why do you care if anyone sells sex for money? STD transmission is relevant, but can be counteracted by government regulation (like in Amsterdam and Las Vegas)

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so is it you are your girl that's the whore. You constant bringing up of sex usually suggest women. Although sometimes its a man who is arguing that with himself, as he uses having sex with the whory women as justification for his actions.

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>so is it you are your girl that's the whore

>You constant bringing up of sex usually suggest women.

>Although sometimes its a man who is arguing that with himself, as he uses having sex with the whory women as justification for his actions.
this post is written in english but I have honest-to-god no fucking idea what you're trying to say

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she's not wearing proper protective eyewear

>> No.11638610

I don't think I've ever seen someone wearing protective eyewear in a biological research lab. We share a bay with some folks that do chemistry and they'll use it for some of their more energetic reactions - but never just out on the benches.

I have had some SDS shoot into my eye before though, so I won't say that the safety guidelines are unnecessary. Just ignored.

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>why do you care if anyone sells sex for money?
I wouldn't say I care, I would say I think less of them and the men who date them.

why do you feel the need to defend this behavior? Does it make you feel superior to the other incels?

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intelligent enough to get a degree and in the path of getting a PhD, not smart enough to find a good job or some rich guy to take his money/scam
her problem, though.

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>I wouldn't say I care, I would say I think less of them and the men who date them.
Why? Who cares?

>why do you feel the need to defend this behavior?
I'm ambivalent towards it. It's just a job - but not a particularly good one. If you can do a different line of work, you should do it out of safety concerns. Same advice I'd give for repairing cell towers and lumber-jacking.

>not smart enough to find a good job
typically PhD candidates aren't employed full-time while they're doing research. you get paid a pretty measly stipend for 4-7 years.

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imagine being this perpetually stuck in pre-2010s.

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verbal IQ is a meme and the study in question worked by giving people a list of 10 words to match definitions too

very /sci/entific - go find the fattest, dumbest Bubba in the Florida everglades and ask him whether he's a Democrat

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She is so hot bros
my nuts gonna explode

>> No.11638657

cope harder. dems used to be the party of high iq liberal centrists but now is just neolib middle management biden boomers and retarded sjws.

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Neither based nor cringe she is just a whore. I wouldn’t date her. But who cares what I think she doesn’t.

>> No.11638668

virtually every scientist I know is liberal af - even the conservative ones are either libertarians or independents.

it's almost like basing intelligence on a 10 word vocabulary test is bullshit. "muh party is smarter because dumb-o-crats couldn't define hog-wrastlin, AR-15, and Dale Earnhardt Jr."

>> No.11638672

sjws aren't liberal. they don't uphold liberal principles, actively argue against them.

>> No.11638677

in my experience, SJWs are rapidly vacating the democratic party because it's perceived as too centrist and neo-liberal

>> No.11638682

that is a good sign if true.

>> No.11638686

washington was right when he warned america about political party bullshit. make primaries open nationwide

>> No.11638689

>Why? Who cares?
I just said I don't care. Go get pooped on and eat semen form money. just don't think you won't be judged for doing degrading acts for money

>SJWs are rapidly vacating the democratic party
no. to where? there is noonewhere to go. They are instead turning the democrats more into them

>> No.11638693

>that nose

>> No.11638697

>no. to where?

to democratic socialism. they aren't relevant on the nationwide stage yet but they're canvassing quite heavily for local elections

>> No.11638698

Why do people live such lives of lust. Is sex that good? Times I have had sex it wasn’t that great. It’s not worth whoring myself out to get. I could easily afford prostitutes or go on tinder and find some whore but I don’t. Why would you? It seems like such a big hassle for such a small award. Companionship is the best part of a romantic relationship not sex. Plus if you are in a long term relationship it’s easier to get sex since you sleep with someone that can give you it any day. I don’t understand.

>> No.11638699

>doesnt matter
>had sex

>> No.11638702

Sounds like your describing a European parliamentary system. That's not have the US political system works.

>> No.11638708

literally no one said she couldnt do both, some of her friends from each side have told her the other was lame though.

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not on the nationwide stage, but things are more variable in local/state elections. remember that the policy that affects your day-to-day life the most is city and state.

>> No.11638717

Excellent incel bait

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How do we see depth? The common meme is to say binocular vision is the cause of it, but cover one eye and the world doesn't suddenly become a flat painting, so I'm sure there's more to it. I imagine color(via the lighting) is involved as well, for one.

So how come brain/eyes are able to accurately judge depth/distance.

inb4 point perspective, i mean the actual biological way it happens, not how we can model it in art.

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Imagine thinking biology is a science.

>> No.11638741

She's ugly

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This whole thread

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title of the cited paper
>Verbal intelligence is correlated with socially and economically liberal beliefs
Would you describe yourself as socially liberal?

>> No.11638763

Eh, they don't get very far anyway so who cares.
The merely hedonistic mentality with no depth of thought never goes beyond learning for the sake of working. If I had 10 cents for every smart person at my Top Uni who really has a real love for knowledge I would barely have enough to buy myself the simplest meal at McDonalds.

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>still samefagging

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yes saying focusing your life in coom is an incel thing okay retard coomer

>> No.11638778

as a classical liberal i don't care what anyone does in their bed room and don't want to control what anyone can say in public.

>> No.11638781

God I wish that were me

>> No.11638782

btw incels are the complete opposite they focus their lives on sex but aren’t able to get it. I’m pretty sure most people who call someone an incel are actual redditors.

>> No.11638789

Makes me care less to aspire for a qt scientist girl because despite how it may seem, its no guarantee she isnt a complete whore

>> No.11638839

I'd give her my PHD desu

>> No.11638862

Having a contrasting lifestyle is based

Using it to be an attention whore is cringe

>> No.11638864

She cares what you think. That's the whole point of this social media post

>> No.11639227

why isn't she wearing safety specs?
Are all biology labs this shit at GLP?

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Total retards. It's debased.

>> No.11639361

she is so hot bro
it dont even matter

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I would describe my self as a National Socialist

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fuck off back to /pol/ failed abortion

>> No.11639497

>not being a simp makes you a virgin

>> No.11639535

> u must be an incel becuase u don't like PHD's bragging about being strippers }:^B

>> No.11639541

Can confirm
>t. ex-clubber turned turbodork

>> No.11639551

Have you ever met one of these sluts? They're chronic liars. My roommate was dating one. She had a nice ass and my roommate said the sex was good. Midnight strippers are crazy in all ways.

>> No.11639560

Honestly it's hard to blame her, phd candidates are treated like shit and paid like shit and while she could do something a bit more tasteful the fault lies firstly with a shitty university system.

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>> No.11639602

>fuckin lmao

>> No.11639616

what the fuck did he mean by this

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>> No.11639629


>> No.11639633

I wish these weirdos had picked libertinism as their weird creepy philosophy instead of catholic self-hatred and redemptive suffering


>> No.11639645

guess who has more kids
a future without you

>> No.11639650


>> No.11639663

Absolutely seething

>> No.11639674


Although, I don't care what she does tbqh. We live in a 'free' country. I think she is a hoe, and I'm allowed to have that opinion.

>> No.11639679


Tell me in words why a smart person attends university, i am waiting.

>> No.11639684

This, how does this thread have 170 replies? What the fuck is there even to talk about?

>> No.11639697

I see nothing cringe about it.

Unless you apriori reject any kind of self-celebration, which indeed can bee seen in that clip.

Otherwise it's well done and more or less informative.

>> No.11639713

i agree, when she settles down to have kids (she will want kids) i know the man she chooses will be tasteful, progressive and therefore HAPPY that his wife used to (and hopefully still does!) moonlight as a stripper. "look sweety, mommy was showing her sweaty smelly ass at the strip club in between pipetting! it's actually art and self expression rolled into one!" well, at least i imagine the lucky fella saying to his five year old daughter as she stares at mommy on the screen with wide open eyes - not out of shock and disgust, but awe and admiration. well, it's the type of wife i hope to one day have the privilege of supporting myself, anyway (currently am homeless incel, but a man can dream, right?)

also i know her phd work in the byzantine field of biology which features many dead end open questions is extremely important and i need my wife to compete in the bloated, fetid corpse of academia for scraps/the slightest modicum of status to fuel her narcissism (which is really just positive self esteem, it doesn't need the negative connotation.) the future is female!!!

>> No.11639718

Well, at least for math. Being around a research group allows you to bounce off ideas of each other and advance your understanding.

>> No.11639724

Yeah man, just let society burn man

>> No.11639802

Oh my! Good thing none of this affects you whatsoever.

>> No.11639807

I thought this was America, a free country. You should be willing to put your life on the line to protect her lifestyle, even if you don't personally approve.

>> No.11639808

she's cute
>implying you don't want cute slutty gf

it would probably fit in perfect with your cuckold fetish

>> No.11639812


>> No.11639826

STFU incel! She has the right to look however she wants while she documents her work during this crisis for future generations. She is a HERO.

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>> No.11639867

Correlation yes. Didn't say positive or negative.

You have very bad verbal intelligence. Let me guess, a liberal?

>> No.11639953

Absolutely dangerously based.

She weighted the financial gain and potential career and social compromises her decision will make. You're all retarded for not realizing that and not being able to competently replicate the same thing.

>> No.11639965

>implying society cares about you
society is a lot like evolution, it does not care what is good or bad, it will change to whatever the current variables dictate

>> No.11639994

Found the problem.
Looking at microbes and learning about animals is neet, but imagine doing it for a job where you aren't rewarded for your efforts.
Although, trying to make it in that field while being a """dancer""" for money will come back to haunt her later. Even if we're all supposed to pretend that we approve, in the back of your mind you will doubt her (initially) because of her history and I imagine high achieving academics are the same.
She could do literally anything else and not flaunt it, but the fact she is a stripper and chose to flaunt really speaks to her character.

>> No.11640008

Thank you Dr. Stripper

>> No.11640011

I'll be honest, this pisses me off. Why? Because here I am, a 22 virgin male who isn't very attractive or good with people. My only redeeming quality is that I can get good grades in esoteric math classes for some sense of superiority over socially developed, attractive individuals. However, when people like in OP are achieving the same intellectual feats as I am, but are also desirable to other people both sexually and intimately, it pisses me off that I don't have that and makes me realize the world isn't fair. I wish only ugly autists like me populated the scientific community, but that is unfortunately not true.

>> No.11640046

>is sex that good?
Gave sex and find out

>> No.11640060

>Society is burning because of strippers
Why are you larping as a 90s soccer mom ?

>> No.11640080

Crying about isn't going to change your situation

>> No.11640095

Yeah I know I'm a little bitch about it and it's something I'm trying to work on.

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>literally had sex less than an hour ago.
you fucking wish, who in their sane mind visits a nepalese cartoon bulletin after sex? pic related, that's you

>> No.11640132

>achieving the same intellectual feats
>'PhD' in bio or some shit
Don't undersell yourself anon

>> No.11640365

>women being more promiscuous and having sex with more men somehow means that 80% of men end up being incels
Shouldn't people being more promiscuous mean that the likelihood of you having sex is higher than ever in history?

>> No.11640380

Apparently she set up a cash app and is receiving thousands of dollars. Why is being a woman so easy?

>> No.11640385

you made the puritan morons seethe for sure

>> No.11640387

why are you gay

>> No.11640404


>> No.11640466

Please please please, /sci/, stick to your autism and 0.999999999... = 1 threads. You are in no position to debate morality (because you can't apply a fourier transform on it lmao). All women are whores.

>> No.11640535

opposite of basedic is acidic

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>hmm, a Jewess, wonder where this is going...
>promoting degeneracy as "fun" and "cool"
But of course, of course.

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>da joos
Every time.

Prove Jews aren't white though.

>> No.11640675

judging by the number of replies I'd say this struck a nerve