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Could injecting disinfectants cure Corona virus?

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Yes. Go ahead and try it.

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Sure. Right after it cures you out of your cells

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For anyone not caught up
>trump actually suggests this
>drumpfanzees spend the entire day going full damage control claiming it's a good idea and libs mad
>trump says he was being sarcastic then tries to defend it again

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Only if your corpse is burned after that.

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The virus cant reproduce if you are dead

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So what's the current damage control tactic

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>trump actually suggests this
Nice bait. Have a (you)

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Yes but so would jumping into the caldera of an active volcano. Viruses aren't difficult to destroy. They're just difficult to destroy without also destroying useful things in the process.

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>what I think he meant is the only thing that matters! there is no independent meaning to words!

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Only a brainlet can watch that clip and unironically believe he's suggesting America's shoot up with Clorox to "cure" coronavirus. Un-fucking-believable.

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The current tactic is has now switched to "He's been playing the leftist media into admitting that all vaccines are dangerous"
Trump can literally say/do anything and they will always come up with their conspiracy theories to defend it.

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What a small-brained smear-merchant... describing this like its some psy-op by Trump supporters, as though they've organised with tacticians and strategists to push the new angle. They're haven't and they're not; you only have to go on /pol/ to see that this is not the "tactic" being pushed, but is something that a small handful of retarded Trump supporters might have asserted, owing to their faulty political reasoning. Reasonable Trump supporters know that 1) the comments were taken out of context to undermine Trump (as has been the norm. for American political "journalism" for almost 4 years now), and 2) he should have doubled-down on his comments but, instead, blundered and pushed the notion that the comments were made sarcastically (which everyone knows they emphatically weren't), thus demonstrating insincerity. The better line of questioning is why didn't he double down, and what does this mean for Trump supporters who voted for him overwhelmingly because of his straight-talking and cavalier attitude towards the press? Honestly, I think that it was a pure and simple capitulation owing to him being tired and a little embarrassed.

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Trump said so. So it must be true.
Everyone knows that Trump drinks 1 liter disinfectant every day and he never was sick.

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Reasonable Trump supporters can admit he says stupid things now and again. I don't understand the need to defend every single thing he says, even if it's something really silly.

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>reasonable trump supporters
Kind of an oxymoron at this point, the election was one thing and I didn't exactly want Hillary in office but his fanbase and his own actions have been inexcusable forever now

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>Trump supporter

Ok hold on a min.....*inhales deeply*


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Only a brainlet would pretend it was anything other than this. How entirely believable. Kill yourself, now.

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Perhaps he should be more concise with his words if he doesn't want to be misinterpreted. Brevity is the soul of wit and ol donny loves to go on and on.

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Orange man:
>It's amazing how some disinfectants eliminate the virus in like a minute, it would be neat if there was a way to do something as efficient as that in the body

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Isopropyl Alcohol is non-toxic and the human body can sustain quite a lot of it in acute usage.

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You do know he's going to win reelection?

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Forcing sick people to inject disinfectants sounds like how Arthas would cure coronovirus.
I mean technically it's a very effective way of stopping the spread of the virus but that's only because dead people can't cough.

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I'm pretty sure he's talking about some kind of hypothetical substance that would kill the virus without hurt people.

To say "he's telling people to drink bleach" is just twisting shit around to make him look as bad as they can even though they know damn well that's not what's being said. Then they troll and pretend he was actually saying that all along.

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And yet he said he was being OBVIOUSLY sarcastic so you're a fucking retard anyway

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It's a dumb comment by an ignorant old man that's getting desperate about a situation where he's completely out of his depth.

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He tried to pretend it was merely a ruse because he was embarrassed. But he shouldn't have it. It was obviously a serious but minor offhand comment.

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In the same thread

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I think you don't think. also, people don't think, your head may overheat and explode, or perhaps you could end up harming someone else if you "develop" your thoughts a bit too much

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>can't tell obvious sarcasm

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>I was only pretending xd

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>le 4D chess le just pretending
Thread is a self fuffiling prophecy

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Do you really think a billionaire business man would be so stupid he thinks injecting bleach is a good idea?

I think you're the stupid one.

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The guy doesn't read, he's said that himself. I think he's ignorant, yes.

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>billionaire business man
do you always associate money with intelligence? do you really think the guy made it all himself? how difficult is to make money by renting land/houses/hotel rooms? not at all... and there are those who believe he's only lost some of the money given to him by his dad.

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>cognitive dissonance
>the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

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Corona covers your lungs with "debris" and lung washing exist though.
Maybe he didnt choose the right words? Fauci Technically told the press to fuck off because he also said something controversial.

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yeah a health briefing is a great time to make a joke like that

trump is either retarded or malicious.

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>Dad gives you his billion dollar business
>pays for you to """""graduate""""" with a business degree
>some clown you ripped off defends you as being a billionaire business man

At this point, I'm willing to believe that he actually might be smart and he really does want to see the scum of society defend the dumb ass shit he says as a joke. He's the Palpatine of frat bros--I guarantee he made a bet in college saying "Hey, watch me constantly blast the lowest tier of American society while simultaneously robbing them blind, become their leader all the while they literally cheer me on. Oh and as an added bonus I'm going to hold RALLIES as they do this instead of sitting in Washington doing my job."

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3oz of bleach is what my doctor said

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wtf I thought he'd actually said something about injecting disinfectants but now that I see the actual clip it's not the meme people are making it out to be

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Do you know how did disinfectants work anon? Yes or no?

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gop is breaking up over this crisis, Clorox vs Lysol

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sure bud, smooth sailing all the way

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Trump got this dumb idea from the miracle mineral solution guy so it's gotta be clorox.

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They work very well.

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Only if you support Trump, otherwise stay at home.

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He's still doing his business-and-press-question dance to distract from the massive fuckup on hand while sabotaging what little semblance of mitigation strategy was thrown together by 50 separate states.
While preventing honest testimony by experts.

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elect a clown, get a circus

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everyone already knew he was a retard, this whole thing has just been super entertaining because it lets us watch trump supporters jump through infinite hoops to explain how he's a genius. Seriously, what's so fucking hard about admitting you voted for him because he hates niggers and spics? Literally nothing else matters.

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>Thinking Trump, and not the Democrats, fucked up the response.

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take your lysol, schizo

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>still defending this """"sarcastic"""" claim by dadda oranga
You gotta give orangana credit though: his group of cultists are the most well trained damage control idiots on the planet. They do it for free too (Trump would never pay them even if promised anyway)

Everything makes sense when you post-rationalize it innit.

>He got successfully sidetracked from the statement by the longer filler video
Literarly says inject disinfectants into the lungs. You can read the entire post. It's there.

>Literally baseles pivot the post
Sniff more bleach pls

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>no u
The absolute cope

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fuck off with your conspiracy bullshit

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>*deliberately misinterprets literally anything someone left wing says*
>blindly defends a billionaire for free who works for a party that only benefits other rich people
>voterbase is largely impoverished retards in third to second world states
I thought nobody could one up the cognitive dissonance of Apple's fangirls yet here we are

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>>voterbase is largely impoverished retards in third to second world states
those impoverished retards make the food industry work so you can feed your ignorant mouth

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I love this thread

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>his group of cultists are the most well trained damage control idiots on the planet.
Not really. They don't make convincing excuses. Just retarded logic they got off some retarded news source

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>cure Corona virus
Death cures everything, so yeah.

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It's more left wing = bad. Anything bad = left wing. It's beyond retarded

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>Do you really think a billionaire business man

A 'billionaire business man' whose inheritance, invested into index stocks, would have him much richer than he is after a lifetime of "deals"

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this thread is exactly why i'm not tired of winning, maga 2020 4 more years

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>this thread is exactly why i'm not tired of winning, maga 2020 4 more years

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No but Trump seems to think injecting bleach cures coronavirus.
He has the lowest IQ

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cope harder

try this thread >>11624757