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/sci/ BTFO and will never recover

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Can you /pol/ fucktards not stay on your containment board?

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Why don't leftists believe in nuclear?

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>scientist man say nuke bomb big bad, mean fission plant bad, me am cultist of science, but misattribute words of my prophets intentionally to make scary thing I no understand go away.

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Eloquent rebuttals! I just can't understand for the life of me why the quality of /sci has plummeted recently, when persuasive posters such as yourselves discuss scientific findings so intelligently.

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it's not that they don't believe nuclear power generation is possible, they believe the risk is unacceptable.

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We're neither left nor right here. How about you post something not /pol/ instead? Fucking retard. I hope you get banned.

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Where are the scientific findings in the article you posted?
All you are saying is that the enemy of your team, the left, denies science, so your team, the right, is better
Both teams are bullshit

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>Lysenkoism(Russian:Лыcéнкoвщинa,tr.Lysenkovshchina) was a political campaign led byTrofim Lysenkoagainstgeneticsand science-basedagriculturein the mid-20th century, rejectingnatural selectionin favour ofLamarckismand exaggerated claims for the benefits ofvernalizationandgrafting. Lysenko served as the director of theSoviet Union'sLenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

>Joseph Stalinsupported the campaign. More than 3,000 mainstreambiologistswere dismissed or imprisoned, and numerous scientists were executed in the campaign tosuppress scientific opponents. The president of the Agriculture Academy,Nikolai Vavilov, who had encouraged Lysenko, was sent to prison and died there, while Soviet genetics research was effectively destroyed. Research and teaching in the fields ofneurophysiology,cell biology, and many other biological disciplines were harmed or banned.

>Other countries of theEastern Blocincluding Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the German Democratic Republic accepted Lysenkoism as the official "new biology", to varying degrees, as did thePeople's Republic of Chinafor some years.

Keep seething. Leftists are science deniers since the beginning of leftism. They deserve the same contempt as the nazis who believe relativity is wrong because da jooz.

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based satan

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>Why don't leftists believe in nuclear?
because it's science and leftists don't believe in science, since the very beginning of radical leftism.

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Why don't leftists believe in gender or race?

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Because the waste has to be stored somewhere and some countries just dumped the shit into the ocean.

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>Why don't leftists believe in gender or race?

because they don't believe in biology. first thing they did when they came into power of a country was hunt down all the biologists.

>Lysenkoism (Russian: Лыcéнкoвщинa, tr. Lysenkovshchina) was a political campaign led by Trofim Lysenko against genetics and science-based agriculture in the mid-20th century, rejecting natural selection in favour of Lamarckism and exaggerated claims for the benefits of vernalization and grafting. Lysenko served as the director of the Soviet Union's Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

>Joseph Stalin supported the campaign. More than 3,000 mainstream biologists were dismissed or imprisoned, and numerous scientists were executed in the campaign to suppress scientific opponents. The president of the Agriculture Academy, Nikolai Vavilov, who had encouraged Lysenko, was sent to prison and died there, while Soviet genetics research was effectively destroyed. Research and teaching in the fields of neurophysiology, cell biology, and many other biological disciplines were harmed or banned.

>Other countries of the Eastern Bloc including Poland, Czechoslovakia, and the German Democratic Republic accepted Lysenkoism as the official "new biology", to varying degrees, as did the People's Republic of China for some years.

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>needing a handbook to avoid accidentally engaging in wrongthink
do leftoids really?

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Why are you talking like a faggot?

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>fact check sites
What are a good boy you are! I bet your gpa is high!

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>Why are you talking like a faggot?

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>the Left are the Real Science Deniers

Do not engage this thread!!
It is an ad hominem trap with the potential to devolve scientific fact into partisan politics and/or opinion based fact.

Science denial isn't about left or right politics. This is the ad hominem. Science denial is about science denial and no mater which side is forced to defend against it's existence the fact remains science denial is real and continues to persist in today's era.

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If race has nothing to do with IQ, then why is there is a constant of blacks doing god awful on average in all nations? I mean you would expect black academics to be better in their homeland but its actually even worse than the minority in America or the UK.

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>Eloquent rebuttals!
Engaging this nonsense is just a waste of precious seconds

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>I bet your gpa is high!
Genius level

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>ask the librarian
what is this, the 90s?
Other seven points are actually good ideas though

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Not a leftist, but the Soviets were hugely pro-nuclear and built power plants in some of their most impoverished satellite states (like Ukraine).

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no u

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bringer of light, offering logical fruit

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And don't forget to tie your showlaces, or you may trip and kill yourself.
This helpful flyer was mde for fucking morons.

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Funny how /sci/ only gets upset about science denial by one political ideology. When the opposite political ideology denies science, suddenly the conversation must be stopped. Yes, they're all stupid but only one of them gets called out by /sci/, the other gets ignored or handwaved away.

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Reminder that posts that assume entire boards or threads are singular opinions are shitposts to be disregarded.

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Because both are social constructs.
A female macaque would never be called a woman.
Notions of race are inconsistent across groups and time, and based upon approximate phenotypes.

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Yet all three of you engaged in the thread. high IQ gang

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I posted this >>11581916

since my posting of this there has been only 1 new poster in this thread.

Let that sink in, every post after >>11581916 is a same fag. This is classic technique for controlling a forum. In the face of logic they will post inane non-sense in the hopes of drowning it out. If they can obfusecate and confuse enough then when a new poster arrives they can engage with that new poster on their own terms and not on the terms set by >>11581916

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You do know violent crime and abortion are also highly corrated right? There have even been decent documentaries on it. Oh that's right of course you don't because you are an idiot. What kind of fool would think the way a child is raised would have any outcome on their personality, what quackery ha ha r-right guise.

The correlation between single parent homes and crime rates isn't even a controversial position you absolute tool. This is your brain on leftism

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>I posted this >>11581916
>since my posting of this there has been only 1 new poster in this thread.
>Let that sink in, every post after >>11581916 is a same fag. This is classic technique for controlling a forum. In the face of logic they will post inane non-sense in the hopes of drowning it out. If they can obfusecate and confuse enough then when a new poster arrives they can engage with that new poster on their own terms and not on the terms set by >>11581916
ok schizo

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>Let that sink in
No, it's giving me weird looks and makes me feel really uncomfortable. I don't wanna see it anymore.

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Look at this delusional motherfucker. Is this the leftoids version of schizo Jesus? You did messiah! You saved the peons from posting in this thread with your infinite wisdom and I insight!

Fucking schizo stfu wet brain

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>No stop in invading my safe space!
> You can't jsut point out hypocrisy with statistics and science!
>You can't just make me face reality by challenging my cult programming!
>schizo,meds,/pol/,/x/, arguments are Stoopid!
Rent free

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>Aborted ghost babies commit violent crime
Based and /x/ pilled

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Both the "left" and "right" have anti-science elements in their groups. This is not new to anyone who people who aren't literal retards.

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The correlation was between unwanted pregananices/children and a sruge in higher crime rates wet brain

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commitards need to go back to facebook.

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Leftover sentiment from a time where global warming wasn't obviously an existential threat.

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Leftist here
I believe in nuclear communism and the arming of all nation states.

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Leftover guilt from the Soviet jewnion dumping reactors into the sea more like

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OP fuck right off

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Back to pleebit little fren. Please be sure to remind them to never come here

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>Muh plebbit

U wot m8?
Kindly fuck off
Come back
And then fuck right off into a constellation of monumentally retarded atmospheres

Otherwise post sources , say something witty, posit a theory, state why and /sci/ anons will probably gangbang you academically

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sadly retards abound

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Oh salty, we struck gold desu, let's mine this and see how deep it goes. Give me more daddy uwu

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I have a hypothesis that white boys wanted to blow their dads when they were kids, and not being able to is why they shoot up schools so much. What does /sci/ think?

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Why does this politics thread still exist?

>> No.11583019

Case study here for you: See -

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If this isn't the most cringe inducing thing I have ever read on 4chinz it is right up there. Don't ever try to be funny, pathetic bird chested incels can't be funny. You were pasty autistic and nerdy looking for people to laugh at you not with you incel

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what is /pol/ worthy about this? It literally says "science" in the headlines

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Man, you really are just a dumb white bitch inside, huh?

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The ape like hominid larping as a man has something to grunt everyone, quiet he thinks it is funny and insightful so it probably took him all day to think of it

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Haha, maybe if we laugh at niggers being niggers enough it'll save our non-race from its self-imposed extinction. Fuck chinks, fuck kikes, fuck niggers, fuck natives, and fuck you.

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All indpendent thought is pol you dumb goy why can't you understand? Report back to the truth ministry for re-programming

Ope the negro is getting emotional and confrontational

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I meant white bitch for the fact that you talk like a white bitch and not a white man, white bitch.

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I have a hypthesis if niggers a dually had dad's who themselves weren't niggers they wouldn't be responsile for 52 percent of all violent crime, most of which the victims are white, depsite only being 6percent of the population. Plot twist mine isn't a hypothesis mine is actually true

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Niggers are violent because they're dumb and have broken homes because of how stupid they are yeah, but white boys get violent because they're little bitches with complexes. And keep in mind that's all niggers and most white boys.

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Also learn to type nigger I'm two beers in and I'm still more coherent.

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Before I get banned I will tell you of a dream I had: an old woman stood amongst the stones in some shallow water on the edge of a great lake, a cat and its kitten stood in the water, the kitten's head submerged, neither moved. A man went to startle the cats into action, to save the kitten, and then a big pink penis monster ate the stones, and the woman, and sprinted towards us on a path of wanton destruction.

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kek if OC

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Shut up nigger, don't reply to my posts.

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Fuck you and all yer bell-end

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It is bold to say that gender is completely a social construct. Sure, modern notions of gender are arbitrary, like girls liking dolls and boys liking action figures, but to say that gender arrived completely from social constructs is asinine. Our primal ancestors did not arbitrarily choose men to hunt and women to nurture. There were differences in phenotypes such as testosterone that simply followed the rules of evolution and natural selection to ensure the survival and path of least resistance of our species. To say that the foundations of gender are social constructs is to say that we are the only species in the world to have gone against the principle of evolution and natural selection, and that is a bold assertion that is beyond ridiculous to even believe in the first place. I can't say much about race, but evolutionary differences like the Epicanthic fold are also evidence of racial differences in groups of people. Overall, I reject the notion of race and gender being completely founded on social constructs, and much of biology agrees with that sentiment.

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r/the_donald it is, then

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>Sure, modern notions of gender are arbitrary, like girls liking dolls and boys liking action figures,
That has a pretty strong biological basis too. Women take care of kids, so girls pretend to take care of dolls. Men hunt or protect their society, so boys pretend to hunt or fight with action figures.

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I don't think any leftie refutes those

>> No.11583493

Sorry to be glib but have you left your basement recently? I mean back before everyone was on lockdown?

>> No.11583510

You say this as if 99% of the global population isn't actively ignoring every single one of those tips and swallowing everything they read hook, line and sinker.

If this most recent pandemic has taught us anything, it's that stupid people are a danger to society and must be either educated or destroyed

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no... please.... stop saying that I am uneducated... I really am science enthusiast...nooo...NOOOO!!! STOP SAYING WE ARE SCIENCE DENIERS DON'T U SEE THAT I HAVE SUBSCRIPTION FOR IFLS?!! NOOO!!

>> No.11583815

Scourge of the ignorant and credulous

>> No.11583894

No, stop shitting in my kitchen, you fucking child. I didn't invite you.
It's very obvious propaganda and used by OP as bait, brainlet.
Nobody said that, retard.

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rent free stfu cuck

>> No.11583970

Le what.

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based and red pilled OP

>> No.11584356

>Political ideologues deny the science that hurts their agenda, promote science that validates it, other news at 11
The key is to not be a political cuck and just believe in facts.

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Because scary radiation bad. >>11581666
He thinks if projects his own faggotry onto those he disagrees with it will win the argument, and while I agree that nuclear power = very good and based, the above poster is still a massive faggot
Political ideologues only know how to follow a handbook, in leftist groups they use pseudointellectual buzzwords, in rightist groups they tend to use picture books
Man this guy is a huge GAY BOY, probably an ENGINEER lol
Based *seekrit heil Hitler hand shake*
>Picture book proving my point
Very funny picture lol, it implies killing all brown people would be beneficial haha, very funny and based wow
Political fags need to be rounded up and put on trains. I'm leaving sci forever now, bye bye faggots

>> No.11584398

>The key is to not be a political cuck and just believe in facts.

The key is to call bullshit on your political leaders when they lie to you, or just call bullshit on them when they lie about anything in general. You can't go over to somebody else political leader, start insulting them then expect them to listen to reason and logic. Once you start insulting them their emotions take over and they become incapable of logic. This has been the failing of the left, and has helped create hard lined deeply entrenched Trump supporters.

Really the only reason it's on /sci/ is because OP wanted to troll lefties because he feels an anger against them. This is OPs partisan politics programing kicking in and overriding his rational brain. I say OP but to be fair almost all Americans have this partisan programing at this point.

>> No.11584484

ah yes, the movie chernobyl and the movie fukushima

>> No.11584498

How about just do science and shut the hell up about this dumbass left/right horseshit

>> No.11584507

Don't let the door hit you on the ass when you leave.

>> No.11584519

we /pol/ now bitch go back2reddit
jannies have all but confirmed it by protecting this thread

>> No.11584651

ROFL @ this faggot thinking he is Sigmund Freud. You fancy yourself a psychic mate? I will bet you don't have the first clue why OP made this thread, why don't you try asking in the future so you completely discredit yourself and make me ignore anything else you said now that might actually have been worth reading

>> No.11584660

Leftie does not mean anybody left of center. It generally means left in relation to liberal, which is center left at best

>> No.11584667

>rent free
You showed up with the link, it’s hardly “rent free.”

>> No.11584669

rent free nigga stop trying to cope it is pathetic

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>why don't you try asking in the future so you completely discredit yourself and make me ignore anything else you said now that might actually have been worth reading

Did you have a stoke? WTF is he trying to say?

>> No.11584951

Rent free nigga

>> No.11585078

>ask a librarian

>> No.11585169

the great thing about nuclear waste is it's concentrated in such a small amount of material it actually can be stored. Just bury it in the same mines it was taken from, which are already dangerously radioactive anyway.

>> No.11585222

How the fuck is this shitty thread still up?

>> No.11585292

rent free mothafucka

>> No.11585693

Ya got me there. My current strategy is to ignore these people, hoping they will soon die in a tragic garden hose accident.

>> No.11585747

liberals don't hate nuclear power, capitalists do.

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>Evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa at the the London School of Economics and Political Science correlated data on these behaviors with IQ from a large national U.S. sample and found that, on average, people who identified as liberal and atheist had higher IQs

poltard utterly BTFO

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/sci/ is a centralist board

>> No.11585973

I wonder if he did a survey in Detroit

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>> No.11586022

Let's be honest here a moment. The amount of science denial on the right is far more pervasive and dangerous than the science denial on the left.

The author is conflating a minority of extremists on the left with a majority of voters on the right. They are also conflating gender stereotypes, psychology and economic science with climate denial and medicine.

Further more they are over valuing the level of 'denial'. Many people on the left agree with racial stereotypes being true, however they disagree on the cause, which, unfortunately for the neo Nazis of the right, has not been clearly established by sociologists, which I must remind you again is not a hard science.

Your argument and source is pure bait. This is a science board, lets talk science.

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>> No.11586038

imagine seething so much about less than 0.01% of transgender population

>> No.11586044
File: 126 KB, 625x677, Gay HIV stats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Young children are being chemically mutilated, hormonally altered, and eventually sliced apart in horrific transgender mutilations, because of this garbage science on the left.

This is the power of ideology, which is more like a deep religious fanaticism.

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File: 875 KB, 2500x3452, charles-darwin-portrait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am currently reading through Darwin's book "The Descent of Man", which you can read right here:

In this book Darwin:
>Openly advocates Eugenics
>Says that once the savage races are killed off, the gap between humans and apes will be wider
>Quotes skull measurements to justify his claim that the Caucasian race is intellectually superior
If you Ctrl+F for the word "savages", you get 248 hits

He devotes a huge chunk of this book to drawing comparisons between the "Civilized races" and the "savage races", and uses these comparisons to justify his ideas.

He also says that savages are mostly governed by natural selection, but that civilized races are governed in part by social pressures and religious mandates. According to him, these things are part of what have elevated the civilized peoples above the base savage state. So although he denies the existence of god, he praises Christianity for it's role in upholding morality, which enables the proliferation of civilized people (higher quality people)

>"A most important obstacle in civilised countries to an increase in the number of men of a superior class....
>The careless, squalid, unaspiring Irishman multiplies like rabbits: the frugal, foreseeing, self-respecting, ambitious Scot, stern in his morality, spiritual in his faith, sagacious and disciplined in his intelligence, passes his best years in struggle and in celibacy, marries late, and leaves few behind him. Given a land originally peopled by a thousand Saxons and a thousand Celts—and in a dozen generations five-sixths of the population would be Celts, but five-sixths of the property, of the power, of the intellect, would belong to the one-sixth of Saxons that remained. In the eternal 'struggle for existence,' it would be the inferior and LESS favoured race that had prevailed—and prevailed by virtue not of its good qualities but of its faults."

>> No.11586106

Again, the amount of people 'on the left' who commit to that is tiny compared to the amount of people 'on the right' who deny climate science and medicine and while a handful of children's lives may be upended by these decisions tens of millions are threatened with actual death by climate and medical denial from the right.

It is incomparable.

>> No.11586117

bullshit mate, this is government policy all over the world now. Taxpayer funded transgender mutilations, preferred pronoun speech codes, transgender ideas being mandated in children's classrooms.

>> No.11586120

the most nefarious thing on this list is
>check the date
>reposting old news stories doesn't mean they're relevant to current events.


>> No.11586172

Again, the number of people affected by this is tiny compared to the number that will die by right wing denialism.


>> No.11586186

It's referring to people who post old news as if it's new news. Like "Hillary announces presidential run" shared in 2019.

>> No.11586189

This is /sci/, you should already understand the importance of first and second derivatives.

>> No.11586306

Just completely disagree. By not using eugenics, and letting lower IQ third world populations explode, we are literally sacrificing the stars. The reason we haven't developed new fuel sources, cured aging, invented flying cars....etc is because of this. We need more smart people.

Imagine if we had thoroughly colonized Africa. Instead of being a backward, savage, brutal continent, today they might be landing spaceships on Mars and inventing new cures for diseases, like America. The amount of lost human potential because of these left wing ideas is absolutely incalculable.

And now it's getting so bad, the world is on the verge of going down the tubes. It's malaise, stagnation, and then a general decline

>> No.11586361

>Therefore they can't engage in denialism, or be generally anti-scientific

>> No.11586490

See >>11585895
Poor people in Africa at least have excuse for being deadweight, they're poor and born under unfortunate circumstances.

Conservatives in western countries were born privileged, but decided to be dumb on climate change, stem cell research and economic issues such as having a good social safety net and collective bargaining to encourage innovation and not make the masses into wage slaves.

>> No.11586517

Egalitarian pseudoscience completely ruined the third world and may soon ruin the first world. (You obviously don't share this belief, but are still willing to admit it's possible, just unknown. Ok so it just risked the whole world, which is still a big deal.) Anti nuclear nonsense may very well have ruined the whole planet.

That's totally comparable to some rednecks protesting evolution being taught in school 30 years ago. How dare those rednecks want to preserve their religion in the face of modern science! (But we'll overlook islamic and orthodox jewish schools doing the same stuff, that would be culturally oppressive.)

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File: 255 KB, 589x562, people-of-the-highest-iq.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Libertarians have the highest IQ. If you just care about IQ you should be a libertarian.

Conservatives have higher IQs after controlling for education/class. Political tribalism is almost completely divided across class lines so. No shit urban upper middle class people are more likely to be democrats.

I'd also like to point out all the high IQ communists back in the 20th century. Virtually everyone who was cool or smart was a communist. Universities were packed with them. Way overrepresented compared to the general population, where they weren't an outright majority.

If you just want smart educated people to run the country, you would have gotten communism. As many unfortunate countries found out.

>> No.11586627

Dumb fuck, nuclear is an adjective, not a noun.

>> No.11586981

Uh yah you must live inside in asshole somewhere since you aren't aware that comparing 2010 politics to 2020 politics is like comparing Mars to venus sweaty

>> No.11587009
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>> No.11587017

For people who aren't politically illiterate identifying as Democrat is basically the same as identifying as a literal retard


These people have serious issues

>> No.11587034

Imagine unironically assigning IQ to groups of people with differing political interest.

We in the west value individuals you fucking fascists. This is Nazi-level bullshittery. Fuck you all, brainlet is not even close to describing what you are.

>> No.11587051

stfu onions cuck you stupid faggot, you don't have the first clue wtf is going you sound like a child. The world has changed you dumb fuck this is chess and all you know is checkers. God look being an "individual" againt a mob of schizo communists that want you to cut your dick off or be arrested for a hate crime for misgendering them

>> No.11587145

>stfu onions cuck
>you stupid faggot
>you sound like a child
>mob of schizo communists
kek, apply cream to butthole to soothe the pain.
Do you feel like they're following you?

>> No.11587155

Yes having your head in my asshole is giving me hemorrhoids. I will rip off your head and shit in your mouth you beans eating faggot. I will cum all over you when I beat off afterwards too. THIS NIGGA EATING BEANS

>> No.11587157

>librarians are experts


>> No.11587170

They are. Their field deals with how to collect and manage information.

>> No.11587203


>> No.11587225

STFU words can be used in more than one way. Nuclear is used as a noun all the time. Every president has addressed it as nuclear, and therefore it's perfectly fine to say "nuclear." Take your disinformation back to Russia, babushka.

>> No.11587258

Nice oxymoron. 80% minorities are libs. So even if that image were true, which it isn't, it wouldn't be true for long as Hispanics become the majority over the next decade. In fact I already pointed out the reversal has already occured. Here is the thing about retards, their politics are w/e is popular at the time. Yes the religitards were dumb asses and dropped the IQ of the right quite significantly in the past however they either died out or are dying out. All those retards that would have become religitards in the past are now in the pseduscience SJW cults and scientism cults (like 90%of the people on this board) are now all on the left. Cope,seethe, fail mate

>> No.11587271
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Leftist ruined western world but so did western people by believing in their lies. Now in quarantine people realize how pointless their life is and are waking up spiritually.

2020 is when angles reveal themselves in people dreams. We will reach the stars. It's our destiny.

>> No.11587281
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>> No.11587313

This study is actually pretty interesting, even though it's only looking at verbal intelligence which is kind of a meme as it's basically just a test of how much you read, it finds that socially conservative republicans score significantly lower than democrats, but the mean is brought up by fiscally conservative republicans who score higher than both.
In a nutshell bible thumpers are retards, while wealthy people who vote so they don't have to pay taxes are smart.

>> No.11587316
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>See daily threads on consciousness
>See daily threads exposing einsteinian spacetime quakery
>Often see EU threads
>Often see Tesla threads
>Often see threads questioning the (((official))) narrative and more and more people seeing and exposing the shills here
>Every thread see cucks like you crying about /pol/
>Do you feel like they are following you

>> No.11587324

Consciousness is retarded shit and has nothing to do with the Jews
Einstein was a retard but his theories weren't bad, yes he's a jew but he's not fucking wrong in his theories, just retarded
EU threads have nothing to do with science retard
Tesla is an actual great scientist I admire but I don't want to see him everytime, maybe create a /scientists/ general?
Meds? Not taken. Wall voices? Hearing em. Something bad happened? Mossad. Yep its schizo time.
This sentence proves that the word cucks has lost its meaning, cucks meaning girlfriend helper retard. Also see below on what I'm about to say about /pol/
I believe there should be a /pol/ general, anh thread that's /pol/ shall be removed. How does that sound? /pol/tards have a place where they could talk about science with a bit of politics without spamming their shit.

>> No.11587326

generals ruined 4chan.

>> No.11587336

You are delusional, low consciuouness and low intellect, you are simply way behind the curve you will be one of the last too see even when you had it spoon-fed to you here. Only once it is thrust upon you will you bow before the avatar in humility because you are full of ego and you are lazy, but you will see, just later rather later than sooner, but when God reveals himself to you, you will know what was offered to you that you turned your nose up too because you are enchanted by demons and you will feel like such a fool you will want to die from emberassment, you will learn humility child I promise you

>> No.11587339

They're the ones that keep cancerous over repeated threads in one instead of many. Add /scig/ board and you're good to go.
You wrote that yourself? wow congrats dude, really, that's very cool. i just told everyone in my family about it, my creepy uncle, my alcoholic father, my suicidal sister, and my retarded brother! Everybody thinks that's very impressive and asked me to congratulate you. they want to speak to you in person, if possible, to give you their regards. they also said they will tell our distant relatives in christmas supper and in NYE they will ignite fireworks that spell your name. i also told about this enormous deed to closer relatives, they had the same reaction. they asked for your address so they can send congratulatory cards and messages. my friends didn't believe me when i told them i knew the author of this gigantic feat, really, they were dumbstruck, they said they will make your name echo through years and years to come. when my neighbour found out about what you did, he was completely dumbstruck too, he wanted to know who you are and he asked (if you have the time, of course) if you could stop by to receive gifts, congratulations and handshakes. with the spreading of the news, a powerful businessman of the area decided to hire you as the CEO of his company because of this tremendous feat and at the same time an important international shareholder wants to sponsor you to give speeches and teach everybody how to do as you did so the world becomes a better place. you have become famous not only here but also everywhere, everybody knows who you are. the news spread really fast and mayors of all cities are setting up porticos, ballons, colossal boom speakers, anything that can make your name stand out more and see which city can congratulate you the hardest for this magnificent feat.

>> No.11587344

What in the actual fuck are you on about? What kind of schizo writes a novella of schizo ramblings? Is this tooker? You weirdo little freak

>> No.11587350

Holy shit I have never seen someone so clueless to this degree you are a legitimate schizo that has no idea wtf they are talking about having a complete different conversation than everyone around you. Nothing in this post is accurate or on topic. You seriously need to get back on your meds

>> No.11587351

The hello fellow kids meme personified

>> No.11587446

So this is where the soijack meme comes from, this is legitimatelty disturbing

>> No.11587449

That's not the argument I was responding to. Anon said that the Soviets didn't 'believe in nuclear', which is obviously not accurate since they built tons of nuclear power.

>> No.11587451

Why is this thread still up? Jannies asleep?

>> No.11587453

Modern day freak show

>> No.11587459
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>> No.11587654 [DELETED]