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Also: pencils or pens?
What kinds of pencils or pens?
Slate chalkboards or steel chalkboards?
Is there anything better than Hagoromo?

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Paper and pen

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which brand of pen?

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I don't give a shit. You think a certain brand will make you less of a brainlet? That's a brainlet thought right there. It's what you do with the pen that matters.

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You didn't answer the question.

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based crayonposter

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pilot g2 pens/inkjoy

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Pilot. No question. Use Pilot and you will never go back. Pilot is the official pen of /sci/.
Are you a Marine?

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>tfw no marine bf

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pencil and notebook, doesn't matter what kind but i prefer composition notebooks

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Chalkboards. Nothing beats finding a clean chalkboard in an old physics/engineering building classroom.

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good chalk + board > whiteboard > bad chalk + board
pilot pens suck ass, use a pencil

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I own a whiteboard but prefer chalkboard
>What kinds of pencils or pens?
Pic related

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these fine tip pens get smushed after enough use

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which chalk do you like to use? hagoromo?

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White boards.
They have a smoother surface and you don't get chalk all over your clothes

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White boards are shit in two years and the markers are always dry. Chalkboards dont have that problem

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That rotring is fucking horrible. I got memed into buying it by Germanphile cunts. Honestly a terrible design. The graphite sheath doesn't even retract, so it gets bent really easily. It's a piece of shit.

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There is nothing more based than pic related for your complex mathematical machinations.

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Slate chalkboard > whiteboard > steel chalkboard if lecturing. For personal use, chalk is too messy.

Pen > wooden pencil > crayons > mechanical pencil.

Seriously nothing says 'engineer mathlet' like a mechanical pencil. The only reason you use a mechanical pencil is because your mongoloid brain gets so frustrated with your homework or exam that you break a wooden pencil tip, while simultaneously being so prone to logical or computational errors that you can't trust yourself with a pen.

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>crayons > mechanical pencil
i kekd

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In pooper?

The ones that go round like a big treadmill.

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I like chalkboards because they don't have the marker fume but whiteboards work very well.

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i prefer marker fumes to the lungful of chalk dust that comes with shitty chalk used half the time

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Pencils and pens of different colours.

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enjoy lung cancer

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>colored pencils
writes horribly

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How does Hagoromo original compare with Umajirushi, and Hagoromo new, as well as what else?

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>You think a certain brand will make you less of a brainlet
i think he's wondering what brands are high quality regarding what they're made for.
Why are you reading into it?

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/sci/ and scholarly things aside, when you get into the work world, get yourself a heavy all metal pen. Something thick, shapely yet smooth, and make sure it writes heavy and smoothly.
>Why do you like phalic objects in your hands?
You're on the right track. Everyone's used to those cheap little pens. Then you hand them yours to sign the agreement and thats exactly what's going through their minds.

These stupid subconscious games work on like 99% of people.

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Chalkboard for tinkering and latex for results

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>not using groff

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Whiteboards over chalkboards
Any pen
I literally cant touch chalkboards create friction on that kind of surface and the chalk without it triggering a physical reaction. The rough and unsmooth surface gives me goosebumps and makes me feel sick to my stomach and I have to cringe irl.
>mfw even thinking of rubbing over a chalkboard with chalk on it

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I have a chalkboard in my room. Ise Bic pens and Kurutoga pencils. LaTeX is good sometimes.

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Fuck all this. Once you switch over to an iPad or whatever worthy tablet with a note-taking app, you'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier.

Trust me. The organization in filing is let alone worth it. Fuck paper/pens/pencils

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Eqn is ugly, looks like word

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Unironically? Expand on this a bit

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I'm being srs yes.
The day I got an iPad with Apple pencil and the Notability app ($11, but worth), it changed my college studies forever.

I don't carry books, rarely carry my laptop, and hardly any paper.

The tablet and app are so versitile. I've converted 4 friends already to do the same, which is remarkable because the average college student will frown on spending $$$ for something this.

Watch a youtube on the app, and it'll do a better job at explaining anything I can in detail.

pic related, some shitty problem for kinematics class

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Smells of s o y

I think I'll stick with the manly pencil, thank you

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I type everything in LaTeX because I'm a massive faggot.

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>latex for tinkering and chalkboard for results

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kuru toga pencils are a god send

fuck apple but i'm seriously considering buying into the meme and getting the remarkable 2. not in the budget right now though

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Pen or die. Being a man means living with your mistakes.

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Not lindy.

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based talebposter

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>remarkable 2

Yo I don't like Apple either, but I'm taking advantage of the tools that are helping me get ahead.

Whatever tablet you get, just make sure you can use a good app like OneNote or Notability for the features and organization.
It's so good to be able to download the power point PDF's then write on them in like 20 seconds while the class struggles to speed-write the whole thing

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this is why I can't stand being on this board for more than 10 minutes. thanks.

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there is another about penis sizes you might find more of your taste faggot

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BIC pens and a box of pencils because I'm not autistic.

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pilot precise v5
not sure, but I've read that being well-made with quality materials matters more than slate vs steel specifically

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Both are obsolete

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why the homophobia

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I use uniball signos. They're retractable gel pens but they're so goddamn smooth they feel like using a fountain pen. Only downside is they run through ink like mad, and they're not all that cheap.

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