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holy fuck why is statistics so boring? all the stamp collecting of biology with none of the cool animals, all the formalism of math with none of the insight. does anyone actually like statistics?

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Only Jew slaves like stats, think they'll get rich

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Probability theory is awesome, stats is pretty trash not gonna lie.

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I'm loving probability and information theory. Learn these well and get yourself a 500k ML job.

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I have the same feeling about Tasmania. I have no idea what it is like there, but I am sure that it has to be boring.

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Every stats lover I ever knew always had an agenda behind their interest. Wanting to use stats to prove some personal narrative, which is kinda the big cancer with the field as a whole

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I took up statistics to prove that most statisticians are complete retards

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If you find statistics boring, you are applying it to a boring field. Statistics can be fun if you are using it for interesting research questions.

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No stats is cool. I like the optimization problems. Very interesting to see how a process with like 10 factors can be reduced to only 3-4 important ones.

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This. I found stats courses boring, but I love applying them. One recent example I encountered was the use of the chi square to evaluate the goodness of a fit, interesting and useful topic.

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Now you talk about statistics as if it is all about applied statistics. How about the theory of statistics? That is the exciting stuff.

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