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Why didn't the cat just observe itself?

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Why didn't the electron interact with itself?

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Why do people take this silly thought experiment so seriously? It's a fucking metaphor yet idiots draw all these weird conclusions from it

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I'm sure it made a five-course meal of its asshole.

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Well that one is easy, the cat didnt had a mirror to look at itself. No mirror, no self observation.

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how will quantum """""scientists""""" ever recover from this????

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This was a thought experiment to attempt to show how dumb QM was, but retards just accept it uncritically.

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Its making a statement about the nature of electrons. The cat, a specifically crafted macroscopic object, is shown to illustrate what the implications of nature of electrons are. Retards like you fail to see the issue because you either believe quantum mechanics is fake news and its just a tool, or you believe quantum mechanics is just another reality that we as humans can't interact with.

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>to show how dumb copenhagen interpretation was

Einstein's example is when he asked whether the moon cease to exist when we look away.

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>It's a fucking metaphor
Not really.
Schrodinger came up with the thought experiment because he didn't like the implications of QM and wanted to demonstrate why it was nonsense by making a quantum phenomenon manifest on a scale where your intuition steps in and says "Wait... Thats fucking stupid a cat can't be alive AND dead."
QM was such a solid theory that makes predictions that have panned out that it is used now as a convenient explanation for superposition.

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Cats don't have souls

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>because he didn't like the implications of QM
WRONG. He didn't like the implications of Copenhagen Interpretation, just like Einstein. He didn't hate QM, just the COPEnhagen interpretation that Bohr was spouting.

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They don't, only physicists do

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well your wrong it is meant to be 100% literal the cat is in a superposition until it is observed

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The actual answer is that, in QM, interaction and observation are literally the same thing. So all the constituent particles of the Moon "observe" each other so we don't have to.

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Is there something in the universe that's not being observed, so it's always in a superposition of states?

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He did, hence why he's alive. Which is the whole point of the thought experiment. The thought experiment says that it's impossible for the cat to be simultaneously alive and dead. Its intent is to demonstrate the apparent absurdity of superposition and wavefunction collapse.

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>OMG I love Schrodinger's Cat

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the only answer i can think of to this problem is the many worlds interpretation

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>many worlds interpretation
t. redditor
Copenhagen is the standard interpretation accepted by most scientist other than popsci who keep their redditor audience amazed with stories of multiple universes and shit

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>Appeal to popularity fallacy

The people you are referring to are not quantum field theorists. There's no practical difference to them whether Many Worlds or Copenhagen is correct, they're just simply repeating what they learned in school as they do in most subjects they are not experts in. Maybe there's a world where you are not a huge retard, but I'm afraid it isn't this one...

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quantum physics. it all makes perfect sense now. genius. no objects. nothing is real.

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>gets called for being a redditor
>replies with reddit spacing
nice going retard

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t. I watch Rick and Morty therefore many worlds interpretation is the realest truest form of universe

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I wasn't the person you responded to, your post isn't an argument, and using a space to separate a direct quote from mockery is fairly standard on 4chan.

Reddit spacing is two spaces to separate a paragraph, not one. Like this.

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