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More people die of obesity related problems than COVID-19. America has more blood on its hands because of McDonalds than China because of bat soup.

Prove me wrong.

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Which country in America? Canada? Argentina?

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And even more people die from aging.

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ok go die then

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Are you retarded? Which one?

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The fucking America man

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>haha american you mean the continents america and not the country? this is really original and im really funny

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More people die of the flu (so far) as well.
Imagine if we all actually washed our fucking hands every time we left a restroom, we could save tens of thousands of lives per year. But the 2 minutes it takes to wash and dry your hands is too much of an effort, rather the old people just die.

No one "just gets the flu". Some fuck didn't wash their hands and infected someone who works with lots of people, then one of those people visited nana and she died.

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The only one that matters.

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??? They are all trash holes

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I have proof aliens are here. So much proof I'm shocked it hasn't gone viral

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Nothings infinite in the grand scheme of things due to heat death.

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Name a country that doesn't have McDonald's. Ill wait

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People eat garbage by choice. Being infected isn't a choice.

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Have sex

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obesity existed before mcdonalds

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>Cancer and Heart disease
not contagious, I don't have to worry about everyone else

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Yes this makes obesity more dangerous now since it's known to be contagious and to clog up hospitals... Retard

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The number of people in italy dying every day to coronavirus is larger than the number of people dying every day due to every other factor combined.

Very wrong OP.

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volenti non fit iniuria

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The one people mean when they say "America". Not the ones not called simply "America".

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You don't really need to search very hard to pin blood on America. They've been warmongering around the globe since 1945.

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The duplex of continents you are referring to is called, ‘The Americas’. Not simply, ‘America’. The nation (The) United States of America in popular-culture is referred to as America; colloquially.

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I can't.