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How can you spread this disease while not showing symptoms? If you aren't coughing or sneezing you're only releasing fluid by exhaling. When you exhale the moisture in your breath floats up into the air and quickly disperses, not landing on any surfaces like the thicker fluid from a cough or sneeze.

Also what happens during the 2-14 day incubation period? The virus just decides to take a break for a few days after entering a human body, then gets to work taking over cells?

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I hope another anon can correct me if mistaken, but I'm unaware of any published evidence of asymptomatic human-human transmission of covid19. In the strictest sense it is theoretically possible for a person without symptoms to pass the virus to someone else, but this is a low probability, so low that it's not worth worrying about. Of course the news gets a hold of a comment like that and writes "Scientists confirm asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus"

The primary method of infection is being within range of someone showing symptoms. This virus is VERY contagious and you should take social distancing seriously. Also wash your hands frequently when out and avoid touching shared surfaces.

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You inhale and exhale air, right?
THat's fucking how.
ALso, it spreads through feces.

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I love how everybody is getting to see them for what they are now :)

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watch this: https://twitter.com/209TimesCA/status/1244768513199206400

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I genuinely never made the connection that coronachan has bat wings because of the bat vector until just now, I always assumed it was demonic license.