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Why wouldn't aliens exist you idiots? Why would you be so naive to believe this reality and planet is the only one to have life? Mathematically it's highly unlikely given that numbers are infinite.

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Rick, y-y-you're drunk.

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You know there are aliens in Rick and Morty?

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still wouldn't change the fact Infinite realities exist

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>infinite realities exist
Tell me how to get to another reality or interact with it in any meaningful way. If you cannot, then they effectively do not exist

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dark matter

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Your consciousness is already capable of reaching the alternative realities which are nothing more than states of being. The question is whether not not you can unlock your power to access them

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This would be nice if I could recreate this in a laboratory. If you aren't capable of this supposed advanced form of consciousness, then those alternate realities don't exist at all.

Kind of like how philosophy doesn't exist for bugs.

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When I learned ventilators don't save people and basically anyone put on a vent for covid ends up dying.

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Gee it's almost like universe isn't infinite and life and a habitable planet are both extremely rare.

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Sadly, clinical studies into the states of consciousness achieved during psychedelia have been limited to "how illegal should this be" and "no we can use this to treat addiction you guys we're serious please let us keep our license for it" and mysteriously skipped over the "so what the fuck does this stuff do, anyway" question we should have started with.

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It's entirely possible that the possibility for life to randomly emerge is so low that it would only happen one in every trillion trillion trillion universes.

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So where are all the aliens that came before us? Surely with infinite possibilities there is one species that has godlike traits which can allow interaction with us. There is not, which also debunks the theory of infinity, therefore the universe if finite. Have fun sleeping tonight.

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I like this.

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But not impossible.

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There are infinite numbers between 3 and 4, yet the probability of any of them being 5 is zero.

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>There is not

Says who? The ant isn't aware of when it's getting interacted with

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The rules change depending on the universe in question. However, here is this ones theorized breaking point:

You will have to build a large gravity manipulating machine. Crash the waves in on each other in overlapping crashes.
Bare in mind this machine must be built to scale and to open a roughly door sized hole will require a near solar system to galaxy sized machine for perhaps only a brief time, in exchange for a galactic ton of resources.

Now a hole will crack in reality, most of them are empty space, but fine tuning the depth of this void will eventually lead you to parallel -verses- and beyond. The ideal being that it doesn't randomly find a dimension made of dark matter and incinerate us all in the attempt, and rather leads to a universe filled with oil or a universe with free electricity instead, but also it has a small percentage chance of being blocked by "something else", I'll leave that "thing" to imagination.

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The gateway to new dimensions

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In short, you will need a massive, MASSIVE amount of manpower, all of them crystal clear on what they are building and with a near zen like dedication to building such a behemoth to retain still have even a small hope of seeing it within your lifetime.

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Prove that there isn't a species like that.

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You remind me of the mayor of imaginationland- "just because it's imaginary doesn't mean it isn't real".
Yes it does. That's exactly what imaginary means. It's not real. And since your imagination happened in this universe, what you imagined is a product of this universe. Turns out the call was coming from inside all along.

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Which numbers are infinite?

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your mom's vagina is not actually a portal to new universes, no matter what you heard me screaming last night.

But yes, that was a galactic effort satisfying the ol she-whore

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Everyone keeps talking about how "infinity means everything imagineable happens" so either everything has happened and we're still alone or their concept of infinity anything being infinite is bullshit.

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Greek letters are not infinite.

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I think you mean "black lives matter"

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If you want to be taken seriously, never use the word “consciousness” when discussing physics.

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